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How important are mammograms, and why are they controversial? Dr. Terry Kraus explains, and gives his thoughts on how often women should receive mammograms. Website: Facebook: Twitter: @DrTKraus

Duration: 00:17:25

Veterans Day Reflections: An Epitaph Of Vietnam

In a special episode of the podcast, Dr. Kraus reflects on his experiences in the Vietnam War and on the experiences of other veterans he knows. Visit for more episodes and to learn more about the topics discussed.

Duration: 00:14:54

Breast Cancer Risk Factors

What factors increase the risk of a woman developing breast cancer? Dr. Terry Kraus covers these (which include genetics, medical history, and behavioral factors among others) as well as the importance of diet and exercise in reducing the risk of breast cancer, statistical evidence on the prevalence of breast cancer among women, and how men can be aware of male breast cancer. Website: Facebook: Twitter: @DrTKraus

Duration: 00:22:15

What To Look For In A Cancer Doctor

Dr. Terry Kraus goes over his tips for how people who have cancer and their families can evaluate and choose physicians to treat their cancer. He explains why it's important that the doctor and the doctor's staff treat you and your family with respect, dignity, and discretion; why it's important for your doctor's office to maintain a clean and sanitary environment to avoid making you more sick; and why your doctor should respect your time. Dr. Kraus also shares his scorecard for grading...

Duration: 00:25:40

What To Look For In A Cancer Hospital

Dr. Terry Kraus explains what patients who have cancer should look for when deciding on a cancer hospital. Is the hospital staff courteous? Are the facilities clean? Is the hospital accredited with the American College of Surgeons? Dr. Kraus goes over these tips and more in the first episode of I Hate Cancer, a show for patients with cancer and their families or for anyone interested in learning about cancer from a physician with more than four decades of experience in oncology. Learn...

Duration: 00:23:24