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Episode 7: Kickass Women and All of the Above w/ Sam Ramirez Herrera

Episode 7: Sam Ramirez Herrera is one of thousands of Dreamers in the US affected by DACA, and though unsure about speaking up at first, she knew that her story needed to be heard. So Sam is speaking up and out, sharing her story with the world. She pays a visit to I Look Good Naked to discuss DACA, HATCH, and her KICKASS WOMEN movement for social change, with Terri and Cas in this week’s episode.


Episode 6: “Head To Toe” Fashion w/ Okera Banks

Episode 6: Style expert Okera Banks joins I Look Good Naked to talk fashion and style. Is it okay to repeat red carpet looks? Do you dress for boys or for your girls? Find what celebrity looks Terri and Cas admire as Okera passionately shares styling tips and discusses the do’s and do more’s in fashion. Terri and Cas even get answers to a few of their fashion dilemmas. Okera insists, “Do you when it comes to fashion!” This week we are talking ‘doing you’ from head to toe, and how to keep...


Episode 5: Double Dutch Hustle

Episode 5: Cas and Terri sit down with Actor and Restaurateur, Karon Joseph Riley, who also happens to be…hold the phone……wait for it….Terri J. Vaughn’s husband and other partner in crime! Karon shares an intimate conversation with the ladies, as they ponder the ins and outs of having more than one hustle. That’s right, not one job, not two jobs, but three jobs!!! Listen in and figure out how to get your Double Dutch Hustle on!!!


Episode 4: Hair, Wigs, and Wonderful Things w/ Derek J

In Episode 4, Terri and Cas sit down with celebrity hair stylist, Derek J. Derek delivers tidbits on everything from hair care to underwear! In the words, according to Derek J, “Every girl should have matching underwear!”. This trio is too funny as they delve into the stigmas, the joys and pain of natural hair, weaves, wigs, and beyond!


Episode 3:Getting Naked with DL Hughley

From cracking jokes to straight raising hell, no matter the delivery, DL Hughley is always dropping knowledge. This week he sits down with Cas and Terri in Episode 3, and things are no different! The ladies pull out the best of Mr. Hughley in a very candid conversation about politics, white on white crime, the movie Black Panther, heroes, and educating the black community. Always coming with spot on honesty, DL hilariously declares “Black Super heroes main power should be the ability to...


Episode 2: Life is a Mother

Episode 2: “Life is a Mother”, Terri and Cas explore the wonders of being mothers, and wives. What’s your pet peeve? Is it empty cereal boxes left in the cupboard? “Don’t baby ‘em” says Cas about children, “they need to be ready for the world.” She goes further with partner advice, “Ladies, if you want your man to act right, pull a knife on him! He’ll act right after that, after he thinks you’re Cray Cray”. Do you Cuss your kids? Well you might after you hear Terri’s “Drive me crazy”...


Angels Can’t Help But Laugh

In Episode 1: “Angels Can’t Help But Laugh”, Cas and Terri intrigue us with their world and their minds, as we find out who they are, what they stand for, and what crazy events aligned in the universe to bring them together. From a random film set where the two first meet, to a zany production where Cas literally gets cursed out by Burt Reynolds. The stories are endless and beyond hilarious! In this episode, we see that their journey has truly been divine and filled with adventure....


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