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Ep. 28 - Pay Attention

Marv & YaYa get into a deep discussion on the AHCA, fake black feminist, racism and much more. Throw this on while you're working and be sure to comment or tweet us your reactions. Marv new book "Unorthodox Logic: An Inspirational Guide" is out now on marvcritt.com Twitter: @politickingpod FB: www.facebook.com/politickingpod mypolitickingpodcast.net @YaYaschool @MarvCritt

Duration: 01:00:13

Ep. 27 - Let's Talk Music....Classic?

Marv & YaYa debate music! Does Drake have a classic rap album? Do Hip Hop need sub genre's? Listen to this fiery debate and chime in what you think! Tweet us @Politickingpod Marv has a new book coming April 4th, preorder MarvCritt.com Twitter: www.twitter.com/politickingpod FB: www.facebook.com/politickingpod mypolitickingpodcast.net @YaYaschool @MarvCritt

Duration: 00:45:13

Ep. 25 - Single & Married

Marv & YaYa discuss their thoughts and ideas on being single, in a relationship and marriage. SURPRISE! Marv has a new book coming April 4th, preorder here > https://www.amazon.com/dp/B06XJ3P525 Twitter: www.twitter.com/politickingpod FB: www.facebook.com/politickingpod mypolitickingpodcast.net @YaYaschool @MarvCritt

Duration: 01:01:50

Ep. 24 - Sexual Child Abuse, Lets Talk!

We're joined by The Prolific to discuss what the black community normally avoids. Just listen Check out The Prolific new song "I don't Know" https://soundcloud.com/nathan-dwayne-palmer/i-dont-know

Duration: 01:20:42

EP. 22 - Politicking With Alternative Facts

In this episode Marv & YaYa are back to politicking about politics! Just over a week and our new President on signing executive orders left and right. Marv has some words for Emmett Till’s accuser in #INeedAnswers and #YaWisdom is insightful! So sit back, press play and enjoy! If you hear something you don't like email us at mypolitickingpodcast@gmail.com IG: https://www.instagram.com/politickingpod Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/politickingpod FB: https://www.facebook.com/politickingpod

Duration: 01:15:22

Ep. 21 - Inspiration And Motivation (w: Tammi Antoine John)

First things first! I would like to apologize for the quality of the audio. We just had to get this out to y'all though! In this episode we get a very inspirational story of how Tammi John went from homeless to owning her own dance studio! I won't put too much in the description because I want you guys to hear the motivating story for yourselves! Bare with the audio and push through! misstammidance.com/ IG: misstammidancestudio mypolitickingpodcast.net @PolitickingPod @YaYaschool @MarvCritt

Duration: 01:28:41

Ep. 20 - Respect Dr. MLK Or F**k You

In this over the phone episode we discuss Dr. Martin Luther King Jr and what's going on even details on a Podcaster arrest! @PolitickingPod Mypolitickingpodcast.net

Duration: 00:51:43

Ep. 19 - Angry Black Man (with Kease)

In this episode we discuss a few current topics then YaYa interview our guest and myself on our latest project. You get to hear a few snippets from the project as well as 2 new segments from Marv & YaYa. Be sure to fill out the survey on mypolitickingpodcast.net for your chance to win free stuff. @Politickingpod @Keasethedon @YaYaschool @MarvCritt

Duration: 01:30:10

Ep. 18 - Politicking with Simone Alexis

We take a short drive to the Queen city to meet with a Queen, future fashion icon Simone Alexis. We chop it up with her on various topics including her rise in the fashion world and what her future goals are. Check her out: http://www.acidcupcakes.com/ https://www.facebook.com/acidcupcakes https://www.instagram.com/simonealexis__/

Duration: 00:58:59

Ep. 17 - You Can't Be Serious

In this lost episode we discuss the Tax x Meek interview, our last statements before the election and much more. So kick back and enjoy your Aunt's nasty ass macaroni salad as we entertain you on this fine Holiday. for all questions and inq email Mypolitickingpodcast@gmail.com visit mypolitickingpodcast.net @PolitickingPod @MarvCritt @YaYaSchool

Duration: 01:02:46

Ep. 16 - Politicking With Salon Talk Podcast

We sit down with the beautiful ladies of Salon Talk Podcast and discuss hometowns, some convo's from their podcast, and even do a late ice breaker! It's a bunch of great convo and laughs tune in! Remember to subscribe, rate and comment not only on our podcast but on Salon Talk Podcast which can be found on all podcast apps. Twitter: @SalontalkPod @Politickingpod IG: @Politickingpod @Salontalkpodcast

Duration: 01:43:10

Ep. 15 - Poetic Thoughts (with Che'Noir)

We sit down with rapper/producer Che'Noir as we discuss the release of her debut mixtape "Poetic Thoughts" which drops November 25th. We also discuss her top 5, Kanye West comments and more. As you wait on your food check out this episode and remember to tweet us feedback to @politickingpod , @marvcritt @yayaschool & @Che_noir visit mypolitickingpodcast.net email mypolitickingpodcast@gmail.com

Duration: 01:13:47

Ep. 14 - The D. Hawks Episode

We sit down with International Piff videographer D. Hawks and discuss how he linked up with Jamal Gasol and the things they've done since then. D. Hawks gives advice on what artist can do to move better and what they have on the way. Jamal Gasol chimes in from time to time as well. Email questions and inq to mypolitickingpodcast@gmail.com follow us on social media @Politickingpod @marvcritt @Yayaschool @realdhawks on twitter & instagram. @dhawkstv on twitter instagram and youtube....

Duration: 01:38:53

Ep. 13 - Congratulations Trump

In this episode of @politickingpod, @marvcritt & @yayaschool discuss what changes we should expect now that Trump is our President. What we need to do moving forward and why Lil Wayne comment don't really matter. Remember to email MYpolitickingpodcast@gmail.com with questions and comments.

Duration: 01:14:42

Ep. 12 - What Is Love? (Ft. Pryzzy B)

Marv & YaYa sit down with their friend Pryzzy B of Pryzz's Playground podcast and they get into an intense conversation on relationships. Also you get to hear some of Marv's and YaYa's music we'd love your feedback and send any and all questions for the show to MYpolitickingpodcast@gmail.com

Duration: 01:21:58

Ep. 11 - Broken Women

WE NEED YOUR HELP! Go to @PolitickingPod and vote in the pole after you listen to this episode! We seem to have a difference in opinions on a particular subject about women. We also touch on a few other issues as well! We would love your feedback and for you to share the show! Enjoy

Duration: 01:20:44

Ep. 10 - Blood On The Leaves

Marv & YaYa sit down and discuss the up to date news. RIP Tommy Just sit back and tune is as we debate a few topics and talk about this we wish to see.

Duration: 01:23:34

Ep. 9 - IDK About These Niggas (W: Jamal Gasol)

We sit down with artist Jamal Gasol (@whoisjamalgasol) and discuss how he's been working lately and drop a few gems for other artist! We also discuss the craziness thats been going on with Meek, Dj Envy and even some Niagara Falls dirt! Make sure you check out "Money Talks" by Jamal Gasol on his soundcloud >> https://soundcloud.com/jamal-gasol/sets/money-talks

Duration: 01:17:30

Ep. 8 - Explicit Stopped By

Marv & YaYa sit down with Explicit and talk about the upcoming showcase that they'll all perform in. Some sports and what it takes to be taken serious as an artist.

Duration: 00:52:02

Ep. 6 - A Bunch Of Different Shit

@marvcritt & @yayaschool sit down and discuss quite a few thing!

Duration: 01:17:36

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