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“I Want to Know” is an interview style podcast that is all about curiosity and asking the unanswered questions in order to take an in-depth look at any given subject. An audible falling down the Google hole. It’s about all of those times you hear of something interesting and then you look up and you realize you forgot to take your hot pocket out of the microwave two hours ago. The topic for each episode could be just about anything: from talking to an expert on a ghost town to interviewing a WWII vet or maybe a survivor of a cult. Hosted by podcast veteran Greg Jones (The Charity Strike, Awkward Apocalypse), this show will become your inquisitive departure into audio wisdom.




IWTK Allan Misner: Understanding Ketogenics

Allan Misner joins the podcast to talk Ketogenics, nutrition, fitness and more. Allan is an NASM Certified ‪Personal‬ ‪Trainer‬ who specializes in Fitness‬ Nutrition‬ and Corrective Exercise‬. He is the head trainer at Forever Fitness and host of the 40+ Fitness Podcast. After living the athlete's life in his twenties, Allan started to slip in his thirties and by 37 had gone from fit to obese. Long story short, the next ten years he rode the weight loss roller coaster. Up and down, up and...

Duration: 01:25:14

IWTK Dr. Joanny Liu: Sports Medicine Physician and Brain Expert

Sports Medicine physician, author, speaker and brain expert Dr. Joanny Liu joins the show to discuss concussions, sports medicine and so much more. Dr. Liu is an international leader in Chinese Sports Medicine & Chinese Sports Psychology and the author of "Heal Your Concussion: How to Quickly and Effectively Get Back in the Game." She has appeared in the USA and Canada on FOX, NBC, CTV, & Global TV & at venues including Brain Injury Canada. Some of the topics we covered include: concussion...

Duration: 01:14:58

IWTK Elliot Katz: Being the Strong Man a Woman Wants

International best-selling author Elliot Katz joins the podcast to talk about his book "Being the Strong Man a Woman Wants: Timeless Wisdom on Being a Man." After the end of a relationship, Elliott Katz sought to learn about being a man in a relationship, but books on marriage and relationships said very little to him. So he wrote this book and is joining IWTK to talk about what he learned through-out the process. Elliot talks about: The 3 things a man needs to be in a successful...

Duration: 00:39:13

IWTK Felice Cohen: What Papa Told Me - Surviving the Holocaust

Felice Cohen returns to I Want To Know to discuss her grandfather and what he went through while trying to survive the Holocaust. She was able to sit down with her grandfather and over the years write about his experience in this tear-jerker of a story in order to help preserve history. "What Papa Told Me" is the story of Murray, a young Jewish boy from Poland whose courage and sheer will to live helped him survive eight different labor and concentration camps in the Holocaust, start a new...

Duration: 00:23:44

IWTK Ed Opperman: Private Investigator

Private Investigator Ed Opperman of the Opperman Report podcast joins the show to talk about his life as a PI. Ed has been involved in some very high profile cases including: Tiger Woods infidelity scandal, the Charlie Sheen/Trump hotel domestic abuse investigation, George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin, Sarah and Todd Palin, the secret service Colombia scandal and more. Ed also talks about why Ashley Madison hates him, how the media spins the news stories to benefit them, why the government...

Duration: 01:06:14

IWTK Dr. Duana Welch: Love Science

Welcome to the show Dr. Duana Welch, self proclaimed relationship science nerd with a psychology doctorate to back it up. Duana joins the show not to just give love advice with the what's and hows, but brings the science to answer the why's. She's so effective and fun to listen to because she leaves opinion out of her advice and relies solely on research and science. Dr. Welch joins the show to talk about many topics including: why married people are so happy, what increases the odds of...

Duration: 01:08:10

IWTK James K Lambert: Conspiracy Theorists Lie

Conspiracy Theorists Lie! James K Lambert joins the show to talk about his new documentary "Conspiracy Theorists Lie" which is about the assassination of President Kennedy and the way people have fallen for so many lies surrounding the case. James states that there was no conspiracy and that the Warren Commission got it right. The first two thirds of the film lays out some of the biggest JFK lies and how they got into the general public while the final third of the film is James...

Duration: 00:42:09

IWTK Jeff Rasley: From Lawyer to Mount Everest

Jeff Rasley joins the show to tell his motivational tale of going from mid-life crisis to head of a truly great nonprofit organization. After 30 years of successful law practice, Jeff's wife kicked him out of the house and made him go on an adventure. He took his forced excursion and trekked up Mount Everest and along the way connected with the Nepalese villagers and is helping to better their lives without forcing western culture on them. On the podcast we discuss his background in law,...

Duration: 01:04:17

IWTK Drag Queen Comedian

I Want To Know About being a drag queen comedian. Mona Lott aka Todd Simmonds joins the podcast to discuss what it's like being a drag queen stand-up comedian. We discuss Todd's early life and growing up a performer all the way up to the transformation in to Mona. Her first performance was in Las Vegas after reading a "how-to" book on being a stand-up comedian and she now hosts "Mona Lott's Big Fat Dirty Game Show" and "Ball Bustin' Bingo." You'll get a taste of what her shows and stand-up...

Duration: 00:29:47

IWTK September 11 Media Hoax

I Want To Know About the September 11 Media Hoax. On this podcast, I sit down with Markus Allen to discuss what he calls the 101 minute movie known as September 11. Markus believes that the events of 9/11 were completely made up and spoon fed to the American public in order to push a larger agenda and he has evidence to back it up. The conversation takes many turns and topics covered include: Navy Psychological Operations, the Oklahoma City bombings, the John F Kennedy scandal, paying...

Duration: 01:33:50

IWTK Psychic Readings & Afterlife Communication

I Want To Know About Psychic Readings and Afterlife Communications. On this episode, I sat down with Lorna Adams to talk about her life and career as a psychic and afterlife communicator. We discussed everything from her background and beginnings as a psychic to predictions on Donald Trump, astral travel, communicating with celebrities, deceased relatives, and so much more. She explained what spirit guides are, talked about how she prepares for communications, and even her strangest...

Duration: 01:37:32

IWTK Robbing A Train

On episode 5, author Casey Wilson joins the show to talk about his book Bedlam on the West Virginia Rails: The Last Train Bandit Tells His True Tale. The books is a culmination of the three years Wilson spent with train robber Lu Ramsdell getting to know him and his life story while trying to debunk the myth that Jessie James or Butch Cassidy was the last train robber in America. The books is all about Lu Ramsdell and his exciting story of robbing a train, how he did it, being shot down in...

Duration: 01:07:04

IWTK Living With A Transgender

Author Bobbie Thompson, cis-gender spouse of a transgender woman, joins the show to talk about what it's like living with her now female spouse. Bobbie is the author of My Husband Looks Better in Lingerie Than I Do...Damnit!, a book chronicling the challenges of moving from disgust to acceptance with her transgender lover. She joins the IWTK podcast to talk about how disgusted and disappointed she was when Alan became Alana, the internal battle of gaining acceptance of the situation, the...

Duration: 00:53:17

IWTK About Domestic Abuse

Welcome to the first official episode of I Want To Know, and we're starting things off huge! Our first guest is Suzanne Perry of Love Shouldn't Hurt.TV, 22 year victim of domestic abuse, and all around bad-ass! We talk about what it's like living in proverbial war zone, being afraid to wake up, alienating friends and family, protecting your kids, what it takes to survive, the post-tramatic state of mind, starting your life over and so much more! A "no punches pulled" look in to the life of...

Duration: 01:02:44

I Want To Know Preview

Listen for a short promo on some of the upcoming guests we have booked on the show for the first few episodes. We have a domestic abuse survivor, a survivor of Jonestown, a psychic and afterlife communicator, the spouse of a transgender woman, and many more! Please get us your suggestions for a topic or questions for a guest at iwanttoknowpod@gmail.com, www.facebook.com/iwanttoknowshow, @iwanttoknowshow on twitter and www.iwanttoknowshow.com.

Duration: 00:01:13

I Want To Know Introduction

Welcome to the brand new podcast "I Want To Know." I Want to Know is an interview style podcast that is all about curiosity and asking the unanswered questions in order to take an in-depth look at any given subject. An audible falling down the Google hole. It’s about all of those times you hear of something interesting, get sucked and then you look up and you realize you forgot to take your hot pocket out of the microwave two hours ago. The topic for each episode could be just about...

Duration: 00:01:03