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Episode 25: Andrew Huang

Andrew Huang started his career doing weird song comissions. He's an extremely prolific musician, but he has also found success sharing his song-making and production process and pulling back the curtain a bit with complex, beautiful, inspiring, and educational videos. I was really excited to talk to him about his strategy, how he never seems afraid to change things, and try new formats. We also talk about slowing content down...not needing to be going at 150% speed all the time, and how...


Episode 24: Sabrina Cruz

Sabrina Cruz is both a college student and a professional YouTuber. And while she's studying math and economics, she’s teaching history on her YouTube channel. So, like, not really normal stuff for a 19 year old. It’s a little intimidating how together and talented she is. Hank and Sabrina spend some time talking about everything from brand deals to demonetization and beyond.


Episode 23: Hannah Hart

Hannah Hart is, according the world, an "internet video mainstay"—but even after years of building a community online, Hannah feels like she is at the mercy of the algorithm, with views on videos ranging between 50,000 and 500,000. What does she have to do to make this computer program happy?! This episode will be a bit of a departure from our previous episodes in that Hannah and Hank spend a lot of time talking about things that aren't Hannah. Particularly, they talk about, y'know, the...


Episode 22: Rob Scallon

Rob Scallon has developed a great toolkit. Part of that is that he can play a lot of instruments very well, but he's also worked very smart in creating tools that go beyond that. His understanding of what audiences want, his relationships with other musicians and YouTubers, as well as the production and business team he's built are all part of how he's kept his channel growing into a successful business. We're going to talk about how he consistently comes up with great ideas for...


Episode 21: Evelyn Ngugi

In this episode of Creator Chat, Hank talks with vlogger, thinker, and digital story teller Evelyn Ngugi - better known as Evelyn From the Internets. Evelyn has a remarkably broad range, making non-fiction journalism, funny and poignant blogs, all while working a day job in social media and social video marketing. Evelyn talks about shifting from journalism to video, what she wants to do more of, why she makes online video, taking hard topics, and going viral on Facebook.


Episode 20 Vi Hart (Rebroadcast)

[REBROADCAST from ICG's Member Archive] Vi Hart is a mathematician who makes videos that get millions of views, but she has never turned advertising on. Her mathematical way of looking at the world has ended in the conclusion that advertisements, at least the way they're currently done on YouTube, are so massively inefficient as to be almost immoral. So we're going to talk about that, and also about brand deals, being weird, sharing what you know, training your audience, and why YouTube's...


Episode 19: Akilah Hughes

Akilah Hughes has been making people laugh on YouTube years. And while her biggest videos have millions of views, her average video garners respectable, but not huge numbers—meaning that making a living just through advertising isn't a thing. Akilah considers her YouTube channel as a series of audition tapes for potential work in traditional media, and she's been very successful in doing that; she has lots of hosting work under her belt, a new project with Crooked Media, and a full time...


Episode 18: Jack Conte

Jack Conte is the CEO of Patreon, and thus, probably doesn't need that much of an introduction. In this episode, Jack and Hank discuss some difficult topics, including content policy enforcement, how to be (or not be) a sociopathic CEO, what Patreon's competitive advantage is, how to create cultural change from the free web to the paid web, and what is the secret ingredient to creator success on Patreon.


Episode 17: Anna Brisbin (Brizzy Voices)

Anna Brisbin (Brizzy Voices) has a YouTube channel with over a million subscribers that focuses mostly on impressions, and as with many creators who started out with a channel focused on one kind of content, she was initially hesitant to branch out into new genres. Now, Brizzy Voices posts music and cosplay tutorials, sketch comedy, vlogs, and collabs—a strategy that has brought longevity to her channel that you can't get with just viral hits.


Episode 16: Joss Fong

Joss Fong is the Senior Editorial Producer at Vox Video, and as their second employee working on Video, she has fascinating insights into how Vox works, how their content is created, and how they empower people to be amazing explainers. Joss dives into some of the fundamental factors that decide what is or isn't a Vox video, why Video can never be just decoration, how they imagine their audience, where they find their footage, and how they maintain a solid brand while their content roams...


Episode 15: Jackson Bird

Jackson Bird is a professional speaker, YouTube creator, activist, and waffle aficionado. While making his "Will it Waffle" videos, he also discusses gender, social justice, and his own gender transition. While we chatted, Jack said something I really loved, "I know how one should play the YouTube game, but I am not always interested in playing it." Figuring out how online creation fits into our future is different for every creator, and it can be an extremely important part of a person's...


Episode 13: gunnarolla

On today's Creator Chat, Hank talks with gunnarolla, sometimes referred to as "YouTube's Greatest Tragedy" because of his mix of extremely high quality, fascinating content, and relatively small audience size. They chat about when school is and is not useful, the difference between working by yourself and being part of a team, how to know your strengths, where the true value of your audience lies, and how he makes it all work with a small audience.


Episode 12: Lisa Filipelli

Lisa Filipelli has been a manager to digital media creators for about as long as there have been managers for digital media creators. During the recording of this podcast, she received over 300 emails. We talk about where Vine went wrong, whether or not other companies are learning from those mistakes, how advertisement and endorsement dollars are flowing into online media, and whether (and why) the lifespans of media stars are getting shorter and shorter.


Episode 11: Jaiden Animations

In the last year, Jaiden's channel has grown astoundingly fast. Hilarious, relatable animated videos have become a genre all their own and Jaiden is both a pioneer and a master of that genre. Jaiden's videos do a remarkable job of sharing a full story of who she is, all without (until very recently) ever showing her face. In this chat, which we had on stage at VidCon 2017 in Anaheim, we talk about some of the difficulties of her genre, her creative process, how she developed her style, and...


Episode 10: Hannah Witton

Hannah Witton takes on some sensitive topics on her path to making great content about sex and relationships. It's not easy to make content like this broad enough to apply generally without stepping on individual perspective, but Hannah has to hit that balance. Making a living talking about sex isn't easy, as ad rates for this kind of content have always been low. But Hannah has made it work with a combination of publishing, sponsored videos, brand deals, and speaking engagements. Always...


Episode 9: Dave Wiskus

Brand deals are vital income for a majority of professional creators. So while you haven't ever heard of Dave Wiskus, you have probably seen the effects of his work. Dave sells and manages brand deals for a bunch of YouTube creators. How? With a tremendous amount of effort and care. We all have things we can learn from the people who are pioneering this new world, which is why Dave is here to talk shop with us today.


Episode 8: Burnie Burns

Burnie Burns is a legend and you will be unsurprised to hear that he and I can seamlessly talk shop more or less perpetually. Rooster Teeth, which Burnie started with a few friends before YouTube even existed, has become possibly the largest digital-native content company in the world. They make so much fantastic stuff, and have pioneered everything from paid subscriptions to community development. I can never talk to Burnie for long enough, and I'm glad to share this one with you today.


Episode 7: Jana Vlogs

JanaVlogs creates content both in English and Arabic, which gives her a unique perspective on the world of online video. It's fascinating to hear how creator communities evolved in other countries, and how important one person can be to that process. Jana also works for the largest publisher of video on Facebook, Viral Thread, where she somewhat ruthlessly manages and curate video content and /that/ is a fascinating topic!


Episode 5: Satchell Drakes

Satchell Drakes doesn't want to quit his day job. He doesn't want to be strategic, and he doesn't want to "work for his channel." But he does want to make great stuff, and also maybe supplement his income a little bit. His content isn't super well known, but because he's always experimenting with new ways to write, shoot, and edit, he's far more influential than his view counts would have you believe. These are the reasons why I asked him to be on the board of the ICG, and why I was so...


Episode 3: StacyPlays

Stacyplays has done a lot in online video. From working at AOL to managing a variety of popular YouTubers to becoming one herself. Hank and Stacy sit down and talk Let's Plays and more on this episode of Creator Chat.


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