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Faith & Cancer Month - Michelle Diekmeyer

Episode #23 - Michelle Diekmeyer We continue our series on Faith & Cancer as we are joined by cancer survivor, Michelle Diekmeyer of Cincinnati, OH. She shares her beautiful story of God's grace and how "cancer saved my life." Enjoy! If you have any episode suggestions, please send them to


Faith & Cancer Month - Gilbert Kimeng

Episode #22 - Gilbert Kimeng This week we launch our series on Faith & Cancer as we hear from disciples from around the globe whose lives have been affected by cancer. This week we travel to Lagos, Nigeria to hear the inspiring story of Gilbert Kimeng and how his battle with cancer guided his faith journey. Enjoy! If you have ideas for episodes, please send them to


Restored Faith In Adelaide - Kaylee Alo-Emile

Episode #21 - Kaylee Alo-Emile Hear the inspiring story of restored faith and courageous steps as we are joined by Kaylee Alo-Emile. Overcoming fears from her past, Emily, and her husband Dave, moved (back) to Adelaide, Australia to be a part of replanting the church. So inspiring! Enjoy! Thanks for checking us out! If you have stories that you think would be good for the podcast, please send them to


Send A Man, Not A Plan - The OYC Guys

Episode #20 - The OYC Guys This week we are joined by three young missionaries, Brian, Kevin & Sam, who are not only serving Christ by preaching the good news internationally, but are also sounding the call to their generation to join them in the harvest field! The OYC Guys are a group of young people that are using video to inspire their generation to engage in Jesus’ call to go to all nations. You can check them out at any of the places below. Enjoy! Blog:...


She Wrote The Book On It - Mandy Kelsch

Episode #19 - Mandy Kelsch This episode we are joined by author and domestic missionary, Mandy Kelsch! In the interview she shares about her life and her work on two books, Heart, Soul, Mind, Strength and People Pleaser. Please check her web site out below. Enjoy! Elshaday Press Facebook Be sure to send in episode ideas to


Music With Meaning - X-Narcotics

Episode #17 - Music With Meaning - X-Narcotics This episode we talk to Jared Bridge and Callum Crist of the band X-Narcotics. Based in Seattle, WA, X-Narcotics spreads a message of recovery and healing as they share their own experience of overcoming addiction. Below are all of the information to find out more details and support X-Narcotics and their partners. Enjoy! X-Narcotic Website: SoberCity Funding Campaign:


Mission Field- Everywhere! - Moses Singh

Episode #17 - Moses Singh Moses shares an amazing story of repentance, faith and focus on the mission through many different phases of life. No matter what stage or phase of life you are in, Moses' story will challenge and inspire you! Please pray he finds a job! Please also send any new story ideas to Enjoy!!!


Healing of a Wounded Idealist - Justin & Irene Renton

Episode #16 - Justin & Irene Renton This episode we are joined by Justin & Irene Renton from Johannesburg, South Africa to discuss their new book entitled Healing of a Wounded Idealist. In the interview they share great Biblical insights and stories from their own journey of growth from naive idealism to faithful realism. Please be sure to check out the book and additional resources below. Enjoy! Facebook Page: Amazon...


Lay Evangelists??? - The Quists (and A Little Sajjan Sharma)

Episode #15 - The Quists (and a little Sajjan Sharma) In this episode, we talk to Jamie & Meaghan Quist who were recently appointed lay Evangelist and Women's Ministry Leaders in the pioneer Valley Church. We start the episode with a brief background interview with Sajjan Sharma who leads the church there and appointed the Quists. This is a compelling story of faith, dreams and God using people's gifts to see His church advance! Enjoy!


Good News From The ACR!

Episode #13 - Good News From The ACR! This episode we hear good news sharing from the American Commonwealth Region! Hope you are encouraged! If you have recommendations for our series on cancer, please shoot me an email at:


A Story Of Healing & Restoration - The Hutabarats

Episode #12 - The Hutabarats This episode is the inspiring story of the Hutabarat family in Central Coast, Australia and the power of God to heal and reconcile. Enjoy! Thanks William for the idea of putting the email in the show notes! If you have ideas for episodes, please email us at Also visit the Facebook page at


A Faithful Family Story - The Hamiltons

Episode #11 - Alex, Carmen, Kayli (11) & Tray (9) Hamilton This episode hear the inspiring story of a family that left behind the "American Dream" to serve with HOPE Worldwide at the Arco Iris Hospital in LaPaz, Bolivia. You will be moved as you hear the story of God opening doors and opening their hearts to make such a faithful move! Below are the resources that are mentioned in the interview. Enjoy! Carmen's Blog: HOPE Bolivia:...


ICOC Weekly Podcast Mystery Man

Episode #10 This week we head to China to talk to a brother who has been on the mission field for years and currently works with the One Year Challenge program. Be sure to check out the OYC resources below!


I Want My (enter your ministry here) To Grow! - Joel Nagel

Episode #9 - Joel Nagel This episode we are joined by Joel Nagel of the Lansing Church. Joel shares the story of how God took a small church and grew it after years at the same size. He shares so many inspiring stories and ideas that will find application in whatever ministry you are a part of! Joel's resources can be found at:


Forward By Faith - ICOC 3.0

Special Episode - Forward By Faith - ICOC 3.0 This week we are doing something a little different. This is a more informational podcast about the leadership discussions, entitled Forward By Faith - ICOC 3.0, currently taking place in our fellowship. This discussion with Ed Anton addresses the genesis of the discussions, the history of the process to this point and the plan moving forward. These are exciting times in our fellowship and we hope that this podcast will inform many and inspire...


Early Morning Coffee With Randy McKean

Episode #8: Randy McKean This is a great interview with someone who has done and seen it all! In the last few years he has decided to share his wisdom and experience by authoring two books (see links below). Enjoy this early morning talk with a man whose life has inspired for decades! Radical Faith: The 10 Faith Secrets Radical Love: 10 Love Secrets (that will...


International Man of Intrigue...Chris Hilton

Episode #7 - Chris Hilton Chris's is an inspiring story of God using people and life challenges to form someone into an instrument for his use. I met Chris as a teen (see link below for incriminating video mentioned in the interview) and my faith is built to now see him serving on the mission field internationally in Bangalore, India. Please join with me in praying for workers in the Indian field, including Chris and Amoga, of 1.324 billion souls! Enjoy! Mythbusters Skit:...


Mystery Solved...Shawn Sommerkamp of DT Connect

Episode #6 - Shawn Sommerkamp DT Connect? What exactly is that? In this episode, we discover that it is only one of the most useful and important ministries that is being built for our family of churches! Reality check: 99.9% of faithful disciples of Jesus will never be on staff with a church! That means you will faithfully and courageously serve our Lord Jesus WHILE building a career, family and navigating the complexities of real life! DT Connect is designed to meet disciples in everyday...


Such A Time As This - Guy Hammond

Episode #5 - Such A Time As This - Guy Hammond This week is a very timely interview with Guy Hammond. Guy is best known for his work with Strength In Weakness Ministry which addresses needs particular to the homosexual community, disciples form a same-gender attracted background and equipping the church to address the same-gender attracted topic in a Christ-like way. Heaven alone will reveal the scope and impact he and the SIW crew have had. Guy's life and ministry has recently been made...


Limin' With The Trinis - Nino Lafleur & Tony Millet

Episode #4 - Limin' With The Trinis We are so excited to have our first international (for me in the U.S.) interview with our brothers from the Caribbean, Nino Lafleur and Tony Millet. Nanieno and his wife, Merlene, currently lead the church in Port of Spain, Trinidad and were trained by Tony and Leslie Millet before they returned to the U.S. It is an incredible story of faith, God opening doors and the courage to run through those doors! Enjoy! More info on the Port of Spain church can be...


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