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#33.5 Golden Globes Wrap Up w/Jess and Kelly

In a very special episode of IMDweed, Jess and Kelly just discuss their opinions of the Golden Globe winners and losers. Was Kelly happy that James Franco won? You betcha. Were there upsets? You bet your Ladybird ass there was. But we can all agree on one thing: Natalie Portman is the fucking Queen. Have a listen and tell us who you were excited to win/lose!

Duration: 00:40:07

#33 The Disaster Artist w/Vivian Martinez

Wow, the year just few by! In #33, our last podcast of the year, Jessica and Kelly took pal of the pod Vivian Martinez to see The Disaster Artist. Kelly, as we know, huge James Franco fan, did it live up to her expectations!? Did it impress the other two!? Do you think Vivian makes a great Tommy (YES)? Who did the best Tommy impression? Find out on this great pod. Happy holidays and see you in 2018! Follow Vivian Martinez on twitter: @vivianizcool Follow Jessica on twitter: @jessandrosky...

Duration: 00:54:02

#32 Coco w/Myke Wright

In #32 Jessica and Kelly had on friend of the pod Myke Wright and the three of them went to see the latest, cutest family film Coco. Pixar always crushes it and this one proves it. Did they laugh? Did they cry? Did they feel all warm and fuzzy inside after the movie? Listen to the pod and find out! Follow Myke Wright on twitter: @ohmykegod Follow Jessica on twitter: @jessandrosky Follow Kelly on twitter: @hollyweirdo Follow IMDweed on twitter: @imdweed

Duration: 00:38:07

#31 Murder on the Orient Express w/Dave Waite

It's #31 Jessica and Kelly thankfully are back! Hope you all had a great Little thanksgiving. The two of them were joined by their fave bro dad, Dave Waite, to see see Murder on the Orient Express. While the movie was a little lackluster this pod is a GUTBUSTER, get it? Get it? I promise we're funnier on the pod. Listen and enjoy! Follow Dave Waite on twitter: @davewaitecomedy Follow Jessica on twitter: @jessandrosky Follow Kelly on twitter: @hollyweirdo Follow IMDweed on twitter: @imdweed

Duration: 00:43:19

#30 Thor: Ragnarok w/Alana Jordan

In #30, Jessica and Kelly had on friend of the pod Alana Jordan. Alana is a super good friend that enjoys a good superhero movie, that's why they all saw Thor 3: Ragnarok. Unfortunately, in their opinions, it was not a good superhero movie. But would they still fuck Thor? Or The Hulk? Or Thor's brother (I forget his name who cares)? Find out in this SUPER fun pod. Too many super's? Probably. GET OVER IT. Follow Alana Jordan on twitter: @alanajordan Follow Jessica on twitter: @jessandrosky...

Duration: 00:44:11

#29 Happy Death Day w/Rachel Evans

Happy Halloween! in celebration of Halloween for #29 Jessica and Kelly decided to treat everyone with a spooky scary pod. We had on Rachel Evans and watched the new horror movie Happy Death Day! It was a fun talk about scary movies in general, the movie, and all that fun stuff. So, take a break from your trick and treating, grab some candy corn, and tune into a festive pod! Follow Rachel Evans on twitter: @rachelsamevans Follow Jessica on twitter: @jessandrosky Follow Kelly on twitter:...

Duration: 00:47:05

#28 The Craft w/Miranda King

In #28 Jessica and Kelly were joined by their pal Miranda King watched a Halloween beloved throwback The Craft. Miranda, arguably one of the best guests yet because not only did she bring her bong but also some wine and her pup Ivy Winters! Was it as good as when they originally saw it? (Mehhh) Who got the most stoned? (Kelly) Did they all get too stoned to take a picture? (Done) So many questions that are answered in this pod. Fun times, super stoned times. Listen and enjoy! Invoke this...

Duration: 00:48:24

#27 Flatliners w/JC Currais

In #27 Jessica and Kelly were joined by their pal JC Currais and saw the new Flatliners. JC told the two of them immediately before it has a zero on Rotten Tomatoes so they knew what the were in for! And man what a hot garbage movie it was! Very fun to watch when you're stoned and a super duper fun podcast. Let's all start flatlining bros. Listen and enjoy! Follow JC Currais on twitter: @jcstandup Follow Jessica on twitter: @jessandrosky Follow Kelly on twitter: @hollyweirdo Follow IMDweed...

Duration: 00:47:42

#26 The LEGO Ninjago Movie w/Zach Heltzel

In #26 Jessica and Kelly were joined by their pal Zach Heltzel and saw the new Lego Ninjago movie. Unfortunately this film was the case of "the trailer is actually better than the movie" and was not the best, but they did have a heck of a lot of fun talking about why it was trash! If you like the previous Lego movies, this one is not nearly as good, but don't worry, this podcast is very fun and awesome! Give it a listen! Follow Zach Heltzel on twitter: @zachheltzel Follow Jessica on...

Duration: 00:38:59

#25 mother! w/Jamie Loftus

In Episode 25, Jessica and Kelly had on Jamie Loftus and saw the psychological thriller mother! by Darren Aronofsky. Was it as good as Black Swan? Questionable. Was it like a crazy rollercoaster of emotions and like living your worst nightmare? Yup. Definitely very creepy, definitely very interesting to talk about. Listen and enjoy! Follow Jamie Loftus on twitter: @hamburgerphone Follow Jessica on twitter: @jessandrosky Follow Kelly on twitter: @hollyweirdo Follow IMDweed on twitter: @imdweed

Duration: 00:51:04

#24 It w/Kyle Clark

In Episode 24 Jessica and Kelly faced their fears by watching the remake of the film It. In case you didn't know, Kelly is terrified of clowns and Jessica is just terrified of scary movies. In the end...they liked It! They had on Halloween and It expert Kyle Clark and he dished about the differences between the old, new, and book! Don't worry though, he loved it too! Listen, love, and who knows? Maybe you'll float too! Follow Kyle on twitter: @kyleclarkisrad Follow Jessica on twitter:...

Duration: 01:00:16

#23 Brigsby Bear w/Kevin Tienken

Episode 23 is jam packed with voices, stoned ramblings of SNL (hmm I wonder who did that?) and a great review of the equally great movie Brigsby Bear. Jessica and Kelly had on friend of the pod Kevin Tienken who crushed it. There were some arguments, some laughs, but a whole lot of love. Listen and enjoy! Follow Kevin on twitter: @kevintienken Follow IMDweed on twitter: @imdweed Follow Jessica on twitter: @jessandrosky Follow Kelly on twitter: @hollyweirdo

Duration: 00:56:25

#22 It Takes Two w/Lauren Rantala

There's not many good movies out right now in theaters, that's why we had another great throwback with the NEW CLASSIC, the Olsen twin's at their finest: It Takes Two. Jess and Kelly had on their pal Lauren Rantala, as they watched and thoroughly enjoyed the movie still -- yes! it still holds up! Listen if you loved the 90s, the Olsen twins, or just getting stoned as heck. This one is super fun, listen and enjoy! Follow Lauren on twitter: @laurenrantala Follow IMDweed on twitter: @imdweed...

Duration: 00:53:10

#21 First Wives Club w/Barbara Gray

Episode 21, Jess and Kelly did another throwback movie because, let's be honest, there's not many good summer movies out right now. We watched First Wives Club with Barbara Grey! Fun times, fun movie. Did you know they wanted to make a sequel but the studios were like "no it was a fluke this chick flick was a hit" GOTTA LOVE BEING A WOMAN. This one is a good one, have a listen! Follow Barbara on twitter: @BabsGray Follow IMDweed on twitter: @imdweed Follow Jessica on twitter: @jessandrosky...

Duration: 00:45:52

#20 Atomic Blonde w/Adrienne Airhart

In Episode 20, Jess and Kelly had on the always awesome Adrienne Airhart to talk Atomic Blonde. Man, that movie was more like Atomic BLAND, amirite?? But this excellent podcast ep proves that even if the movie is shitty the podcast can still be pretty freaking awesome. We had a lot of fun discussing or trying to figure out the insanely confusing storyline, our personal alternate timelines -- specifically the one where Adrienne is actually a spy, and how Charlize is awesome but still kind...

Duration: 00:49:11

#19 Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure w/Chris Cope

In Episode 19, Jessica and Kelly had on Chris Cope to watch a classic 80's throwback -- Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure! It wasn't as excellent an adventure as they quite remember, but still a fun pod. Did they finish the movie feeling dumber than they already are? Yup, a little bit. Did they play fuck/marry/kill Bill, Ted, and George Carlin? Doyee and it was easy. Is Ted Theodore Logan basically John Wick but in a different timeline? According it Chris, YES. Listen, love, subscribe,...

Duration: 00:45:49

#18 Dunkirk w/Nick Perdue

In episode 18, Jess and Kelly had on Nick Perdue to get stoned and watched the hard-hitting drama Dunkirk. Mixed reactions to the film but you know if a film has enough Harry Styles in it -- Kelly is sure to love it AND SHE DID! Fun times for a serious film, many great points are brought up like: Will Tom Hardy ever be in a film where he ISN'T wearing a mask? Why are British soldiers hotter than our current American ones? AND MORE. Listen, subscribe, and love. Follow Nick on Twitter:...

Duration: 00:53:42

#17 Crossroads w/The Puterbaugh Sisters

In the 17th episode of IMDweed, Jessica and Kelly had not one but TWO incredible guests -- Tiffany and Danielle Puterbaugh aka The Puterbaugh Sisters. The four gals had a nice girls night in getting super stoned and watching the essential "girl's night in movie" -- CROSSROADS. Did they do Britney and that girl from Orange is the New Black impressions? Doyeee. Did they decide that "not a girl not yet a woman" is a metaphor for Britney's puss? Of course. Did they have fun? ABSOLUTELY -- and...

Duration: 01:01:12

#16 Spider-Man: Homecoming w/Frankie Quinones

In the 13th episode of IMDweed, Frankie Quinones joins Jessica and Kelly to watch and talk about Spider-Man: Homecoming -- Kelly was stoned and LOVED it so much that she talked for most of the episode, but the other guys had fun too. It's a great coming of age film, just proving that I guess the story of Spider-Man never gets old. Follow Frankie on twitter: @frankiequinones Follow Kelly on twitter: @hollyweirdo Follow Jess on twitter: @JessAndrosky Follow IMDweed on twitter: @imdweed

Duration: 00:44:44

#15 Baby Driver w/Josh Androsky

In our 15th episode, Jessica's bro Josh Androsky joins Jess and Kelly to watch and discuss Baby Driver. Baby Driver was a super hyped up movie and did it live up to expectations?! Yeah, it pretty much did. Very fun movie even MORE fun on the pod. We talk popcorn prices, Edgar Wright, fave driving songs and more, have a listen and enjoy! Follow Josh on twitter at: @shutupandrosky Follow Kelly on twitter: @hollyweirdo Follow Jess on twitter: @JessAndrosky Follow IMDweed on twitter: @imdweed

Duration: 00:46:04

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