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Super Joel Sunday (feat. Joel Waggoner)

We are in the room this week with musical genius and hilarious glamourpuss Joel Waggoner (School of Rock!) Joel is one of the most specliest and talentedest people we know and we are so honored to be lounging in his decadent pad on Central Park West. We’re talking everything from fave food stuffs and people we’d lick guacamole off of, to the vulnerability of stepping into your true self, living your dreams and finally feeling worthy of all that has been worked for and manifested. It is equal...


I Beat Judy Davis?!?! (feat. Penny Fuller)

We are head over heels to be in the room with Steven’s great friend, Emmy Award winner and Tony nominee Penny Fuller (Cabaret! Applause! A New Brain! Sunday in the Park With George!) How lucky we are to be hanging at her divine apartment on the Upper West Side in NYC, listening to her reminisce about her illustrious career. Sit back, relax, and join our dinner party conversation as Penny tells stories about the legends in her life such as Lauren Bacall, Elizabeth Ashley, Robert Redford,...


Moisturize. Moisturize. Moisturize. (feat. Josh Lamon)

Today we are in the room with the hilarious Josh Lamon (Groundhog Day! Finding Neverland! Elf! Hair!) We cover a swath of stirring topics such as adoption, vegetarianism, San Diego-ism, the highs and woes of the entertainment business, Josh’s job as a female phone sex operator (wtf?!), how he got his Equity card (savage!) and his brilliant creation of “Bloody Bloody Jessica Fletcher.” Steven also can’t let him go before reminiscing about the Shakespeare in the Park production of “Into the...


One Podcast Moment In Time (feat. Kevin Smith Kirkwood)

Say “Yeah!” We are coming to you from the Al Hirschfeld Theatre with the deliciously talented Kevin Smith Kirkwood (Kinky Boots! 25 Annual…Spelling Bee!) to talk about his incredible live show coming up at Joe’s Pub January 29th, “Classic Whitney: Alive!” KSK inhabits the body of Whitney Houston for one night only and recreates her legendary live performances. And we LIVE for it! We get into Whitney’s legacy and play not-to-be-believed trivia, cover Hooters orders, investigate Canada Dry...


Fade Out. Fade In. (feat. Natalie Joy Johnson)

HEY, TUESDAY NIGHT! We are in the room with frequent correspondent and friend of the podcast Natalie Joy Johnson (Kinky Boots! Legally Blonde!) for our year end wrap up! We cover some of our favorite movie & tv moments of the year, talk about our ideal mugshot attire, and get personal with the Day Planner Game! We get into the realness, so we suggest adhering to the 2 drink minimum. Cheers to kicking 2017 to the curb, and see you weirdos in 2018! Don't miss Natalie LIVE at Joe's Pub...


Are You Coming To Karaoke Tonight? (feat. Bonnie Milligan)

We are in the room this week with the deliciously belty Bonnie Milligan (Search Party on TBS! Kinky Boots 1 National Tour! 54 Below Concerts! Fancy Workshops!) Oh what a Christmas miracle! Bonnie is one of our favorite people of all time. We talk at length about all things Dolly. Hello & Parton. We also get into the important stuff like what Parker Posey is like IRL, very very legit accent work, party tricks, how social media can set your career ablaze, that showing up to an audition can...


I Had the Wautoma My Life (And I Owe it All to You)

Y'all. We wanted to get this to you sooner, but let's be real...we were too distracted by Culver's curds and A&W floats. Steven & Dana are BACK from a stint in Wautoma, WI where Steven met the entire population of Wisconsin. Here's a recap! Back to your regularly scheduled programming next, next Tuesday!



HOLIDAY ANNOUNCEMENT! This week's episode is a bit delayed because we have some surprises up our sleeves for the holiday weekend. So hang tight, buckle up, and see if you can figure out if Dana is ACTUALLY in the room or not. STAY TUNED!!!!!! 'Twill be worth it. *We really appreciate Addams Family Values for this contribution.


Who’s Like Us? Damn Few. (feat. Lonny Price)

We are in the room with director and actor Lonny Price (Merrily We Roll Along, Dirty Dancing, Lady Day at Emerson’s Bar & Grill, Sunset Boulevard!) What a delicious treat to be in the presence of one of our favorite pals! Dana worked with Lonny on the Merrily film “Best Worst Thing That Ever Could Have Happened” and grills him on the leading ladies in his life. Steven gets the lowdown on the more niche-Price projects and has a heart to heart about the realities of having a career in the...


Make Like a Nail And Press On (feat. Orfeh & Natalie Joy Johnson)

Without further adieu – Tony nominee Orfeh is in the room today (and "Everyotherday")! (Pop duo: Or-N-More, and Broadway: Legally Blonde! Saturday Night Fever! Fascinating Rhythm! Footloose!) We are also joined by frequent correspondent Natalie Joy Johnson (Broadway: Kinky Boots! Legally Blonde!) and OMG OMG YOU GUYS spoiler alert: at 1:04:00-ish we cold call Taylor Dayne. Both of these gorgeous women have played Paulette Buonofonte in Legally Blonde, so naturally, we play a game we like...


Material Not Found In Nature (feat. Kevin Thomas Garcia)

We wig out with the luscious Kevin Thomas Garcia (Broadway: Performer! Photographer! Wigs!) this week. Picture it: Kevin’s new Inwood apt, Steven in his “at home uniform” and a blonde Victorian wig, Dana in a chocolate pilgrim dress and Christina Aguilera Lady Marmalade-era blonde wig and Kevin in a “Bridges Of Madison County" house dress and red "Anything Goes” wig. We cover a lot of territory including coming out stories, a life in the theatre, putting strippers through college, and...


Make Skinny Choices Today (feat. Hayley Podschun

Happy National Dumpling Day to you and yours! This week we are in the room with Broadway darling Hayley Podschun (Hello Dolly! Hairspray! Wicked!) We talk Broadway rituals, Blue Maiz, Skinny Pop, backstage Mama Midler moments, anticipating Bette’s Hulaween Party, having her Broadway debut at 12, Britney updates, really great Cher impressions, and the story of the Bette fall heard round the world. We could just eat her up with a spoon! Cuz she fits in a spoon. @HayPod22 TWITTER...


The Black Ups (feat. James Jackson, Jr. & LaDonna Burns)

This week we are LIVING and in the room with ProFRESHional singers LaDonna Burns and James Jackson, Jr – together, they are The Black Ups! Fun facts: LaDonna has a degree in Microbiology & loves showchoir. James is also a legit masseuse and loves a drapey blouse. Steven went to Denver to see Frozen and a boy. Dana grilled some stuff and finally did her laundry. Join us this week while we chat about how social media is influencing theatre, the fierce gig of back up singers and how to...


That Was A Real Nice Clambake (feat. Ben Sands & Wendell Odom)

LATE NIGHT EDISH!!!! This week we have a legit gigglefest with Dana’s favorite married couple in Harlem: Ben Sands (talent agent, Stone Manners Salners Agency!) and Wendell Odom (court reporter!) Not only are they hilarious, but they have interesting career arcs as former performers. We cover many topics, including how court reporting is very much like dance, Beth Ditto mania, how Happy Endings is the best sitcom of the past 10 years, what agents look for in talent, Kesha’s new album, drag...


Eve Plumb Takes Notes On Brunch (feat. Ryan O’Connor & Natalie Joy Johnson)

We’re not gonna mince words. This week’s episode is a doozy. We just got back from a very Joni Mitchell-inspired vacation in Maine and we are rejuved, repurposed, and rebornt. This week we have a good old fashioned sleepover with Ryan O’Connor (co-host of the greatest lady-podcast of all time: “LadyWatch with Ryan & Jason”) and lady-in-waiting: Natalie Joy Johnson (Broadway’s “Kinky Boots,” “Legally Blonde.”) We experience cities through Broadway musicals, get the scoop on the birth of...


Put a Pin in It SLASH 54 Below (feat. Tyson Armstrong & Dylan Bustamante)

You know how they say “third time’s a charm?” Well they do and they’re right ‘cuz today we have a double whammy for you. First up – the creator of – Australia’s very own Tyson Armstrong! And then coming to you straight from Jennifer Ashley Tepper’s office at Feinstein’s/54 Below – Dylan Bustamante! We learn that Steven hates Grindr and tap dancing, and that Tyson’s dream role is to play Effie or someone who is immobile. Steven & Dana get hot and bothered talking about the...


A Quiet Podcast at Natalie Joy Johnson's Home (feat. Natalie Joy Johnson)

*We knoooow it's kinda quiet. SORRY! We have since improooooved our setup and added a second mic. Pero, like, we see you, we kinda hear you, and think of it as a meditation. This very special episode features Broadway screltress & cabaret stage-obliterator Natalie Joy Johnson ("Kinky Boots," "Legally Blonde") - the woman without whom Steven & Dana would not be a thing. She is our lover from another mother (Hi Dale!), our actual drag mother from the Haus of Joy Johnson, our good friend and...


Changing Our Major to Jen (feat. Jen Bender)

Without further adieu – here is the first episode of IN THE ROOM with Steven & Dana! We are joined today, and also 3 months ago when we recorded this interview, by the wonderful Jen Bender (current Resident Director of Avenue Q and Broadway Wonder Woman) in her Harlem pad! We talk The Lion King, joining the ACTUAL circus, Snoozy Kurtz, and living the New York City dream. We do arts & crafts, some sensible role play, navigate necessary tangents, and drink a lot of red wine. This baby has...


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