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Ep. 8 – The Future of Augmented Reality — INDE's AR Podcast

In today’s episode our CEO Alex, CPO Xava and CTO Norbi talk about where they see Augmented Reality technology and INDE as an AR company in 5 to 10 years. They also discuss being an “augmented human”, whether AR is a product or a feature, and what it will take for future AR apps and solutions to be successful in the long term. We hope you enjoy. Music: Winter Boulevard by Minuit De Lacroix Photo: Mike Wilson


Ep. 7 – Content Creation & Licensing in AR — INDE's AR Podcast

In today’s episode our COO Alex Alanson is joined by Zoltan Sostai, INDE’s Content Director, and our first guest Francesco Fiore, Managing Director of Zen Tiger Live, a Japanese live entertainment joint venture of Sega Live Entertainment and On The Line. They talk about cross-media storytelling, AR content creation and adaption, as well as character licensing in Augmented Reality. Music: Winter Boulevard by Minuit De Lacroix Photo: Mike Wilson


Ep. 6 – AR & Holograms in Entertainment, Part 2 — INDE's AR Podcast

In our previous episode Alex, Xava and Norbi talked about the real-time digital “resurrection” of characters. Today they discuss other interesting aspects of AR-based entertainment such as the importance of content versus technology, and the limitations and misconceptions. They will also take us through some creative real-life examples. We hope you enjoy. Time-stamped show notes & references:...


INDE's AR Podcast — Episode 5 — Augmented Reality & Holograms in Entertainment

Our CEO Alex, Chief Product Officer Xava and CTO Norbi talk about the technologies that allow any existing or imaginary character be brought to life in real time. They will dispute the existence of holograms and discuss the role of character licensing. Time-stamped show notes are available here:


INDE's AR Podcast — Episode 4 — Augmented Reality in Museums and Education

One of the main challenges museums and science centres around the world are facing, is how to maintain attendance numbers and engagement. Younger audiences are clearly more and more difficult to attract, at least by “traditional” exhibits. This is where educational entertainment comes into play. AR is a relatively new technology, however, it has already begun revolutionising the way museums engage, educate [and entertain] their audiences. In today’s episode our CEO Alex, CTO Norbi and CPO...


INDE's AR Podcast — Episode 3 — Augmented, Mixed & Virtual Reality: facts and differences

AR and VR have existed for a long time, however, there’s a lot of phrases flying around in the industry, often causing serious confusion regarding these technologies. In this episode our CEO Alex, CTO Norbi and CPO Xava discuss the differences between Augmented, Mixed and Virtual Reality, talk about the limitations of AR, dispute the usefulness of 3D visualisation in certain cases, and also analyse the role of Pokemon GO in the history of AR...


INDE's AR Podcast — Episode 2 — How we became an Augmented Reality company

INDE began as a digital agency called Appshaker in 2009, and walked into AR by accident. Ironically, our first project never happened as the technology wasn’t ready back then, but from that point onwards we turned the direction of the entire business, and Appshaker became almost purely an Augmented Reality development company. We were working on a project for National Geographic back in 2011 – that is when we came up with the initial concept of BroadcastAR, a standalone Augmented Reality...


INDE's AR Podcast — Episode 1 — Sneak peek at our ARKit, HoloLens & ComputerVision developments

We are excited to be part of this year’s edition of SHAPE, a Tech and Entertainment Expo sponsored by AT&T (Los Angeles, July 14-15), exploring the convergence of technology and entertainment. The public face of INDE usually shows our Augmented Reality installations for big screens, powered by our BroadcastAR system, and we have been lucky enough to travel the world sharing these experiences with hundreds of thousands of people. This travel has helped us gain a deeper understanding on how...


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