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IRL Talk is a weekly show that covers the most important things in life: pop culture, technology, movies, comics, tv, etc. We’re here every Friday just in time for your weekend to get IRL. On IRL Talk we tl;dr the galaxy so you don’t have to.






We Forgot Our Coats

You know when you leave a house party and forget something? This episode is kind of like that. IRL Talk is not back for good but we did want to say hi on Back to the Future day.

Duration: 00:51:22

I’m Feeling Things Unsarcastically

This is the final episode of IRL Talk. It's been real. Faith and Jason are going to miss you. Thanks for hanging out with us.

Duration: 00:58:31

Episode 55: Do People Who Live At The Beach Hate Sand?

In this episode of IRL Talk, Faith and Jason talk about New Years resolutions, posture, Back to the Future, domestic robots, and more. Show Notes Mercedes reveals its self-driving car of the future, a lounge on wheels | Motoramic - Yahoo Autos‘Text neck’ is becoming an ‘epidemic’ and could wreck your spine - The Washington PostNike confirms it's working on 'Back to the Future' shoe for 2015 release10 Home Robots to Lighten Your Domestic Chores - NYTimes.comEvery Home Deserves a Personal...

Duration: 00:43:33

Episode 53: The Source of All Good Gifs

In this episode of IRL Talk, Faith and Jason talk about water on mars, wearables, the Blackberry Classic, and their favorites from 2014. Show Notes Bootie - Best of Bootie 2014Curiosity rover finds ancient water inside Martian rockSamsung believes wearables 'will create a new era of power dressing' in 2015 | The VergeNorton-approved jeans could keep your pockets as safe as your PC | The VergeBlackBerry Classic, I can't resist you | The Verge

Duration: 01:03:33