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I'll Explain Later: a Doctor Who podcast

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Episode 30 - Waiting For A Star To Fall

Sometimes, inspiration does just fall from the sky. This 30th I’ll Explain Later explores three mysteries centred on alien threats mistaken as meteorites. The Third Doctor goes topless in fashion-centric debut Spearhead from Space. Public school and planetary peril in 2007 two parter Human Nature/The Family of Blood. And Who does Hammer Horror, as the Fourth Doctor and Leela tackle the Horror of Fang Rock. Along the way, Matt bungs up, Jim is non-plussed and John fluffs his line. Don't...

Duration: 01:28:36

Winter Warmer

Because what says Christmas like honeymoon-based sex cosplay? That’s right, I’ll Explain Later delves deep into St Nick’s bulging sack to pull out, parboil and roast 2010 Yuletide special A Christmas Carol. Jingling along the way, Jim pulls a cracker, Matt spills his port and John goes deep throated. Have a very merry Christmas, and see you on 3rd February at the Blue Posts for our listener drinks!

Duration: 00:45:46

Episode 29 - Hulke! The Herald Angels Sing

A December Dalek double as I’ll Explain Later heads back to 1973. A beleaguered leader inches towards a conflict with her trading allies she knows to be folly, egged on by forces internal and external and lacking the courage needed to face down the populist nonsense of her critics. Meanwhile, we review Frontier in Space. The Third Doctor asks for help from the Time Lords, who oblige by transporting him to a dangerous locale populated by conveniently invisible creatures and sexist militia....

Duration: 01:11:36

Episode 28 - Salamander!

Double trouble for the Doctor and pals in this 28th episode of I’ll Explain Later. Troughton meets his match - literally - in recently discovered deadly doppelgänger demagoguery thriller The Enemy of the World. Frozen in lifeless, arid suspension...or dying of cold in the Tardis? Karen Gillan must act, fast, to make Amy’s Choice. And a Fourth Doctor copyist needles the Tigellans into showing him their dodecahedron in sci-fi horticulture favourite Meglos. Along the way, John vamps it up,...

Duration: 01:13:51

Episode 27 - Land Of Make Believe

How many impossible things can you believe before breakfast? I'll Explain Later's 27th episode whisks you away to unimagined realms and mythical times. Tegan might not be well drawn, but her draughtswoman credentials are not in doubt. A smörgåsbord of cultures let bygones be Bigon as the Fifth Doctor takes Four to Doomsday. Incoming showrunner Chris "safe-hands" Chibnall once again nails a chilling dystopia with his uncanny depiction of a future economy in which a world-leading project...

Duration: 01:26:58

Episode 26 - Airport

Doors to manual! The I'll Explain Later cabin crew are delighted to disembark you into three more terminals of Doctor Who adventure! No perfume counter and no flight-side 'Spoons, but one almighty immigration problem as the Fourth Doctor, Harry and Sarah Jane arrive at The Ark in Space. An overzealous border official goes beyond a cavity search and takes a skin sample, creating excess family baggage for inbound traveller David Tennant in The Doctor's Daughter. And Gatwick takes the...

Duration: 01:17:53

Episode 25 - Taxman

Bikinis and budgie-smugglers at the ready, as the 25th episode of I'll Explain Later accompanies your summer break with another trio of tales! Why have one when you can have two? A duo beating down on them, can Tom Baker and Louise 'Leela' Jameson ride out the heat and avoid the taxman in 1977 yarn The Sun Makers? Oh no, it's clouded over! A typical British summer explored in harrowing depth over New Who Season 4 two-parter The Sontaran Stratagem / The Poison Sky. And the Fifth Doctor...

Duration: 01:24:26

Blue Box Podcast Special: Bad Doctor Who

We're on a summer break so no new episode from us this month, sadly. However, to tide you over until our August return, here's a treat from our archives. Earlier this year we were thrilled to be invited to contribute to the spectacular 250th episode of JR Southall's Blue Box Podcast, and we recorded this minisode where we discuss what makes for Bad Doctor Who. Hope you enjoy it. We'll be back in August looking at The Kings Demons, The Sunmakers and The Sontaran Stratagem/The Poison Sky....

Duration: 00:27:18

Episode 24 - Wicked Game

Roll up, roll up – pay your shilling to play the game as the 24th episode of I’ll Explain Later runs the gamut from intergalactic tag to the grandmastery of an existential chess match! Hartnell & Co take in some costume dramas, dodge Daleks in their cardboard quantum coach and encounter anachronistically-named planets in 1965’s The Chase. Ninth Doctor Christopher Eccleston, Rose and him off Corrie battle the #fakenews media and need a run-in with the The Mighty Jagrafess of the Holy...

Duration: 01:34:36

Episode 23 - Down In A Tube Station At Midnight

Shuffling shag, a horny monster - and the Myrka. I'll Explain Later once again waves its torch at Doctor Who where the sun's May rays don't shine. As much Midnight at the Lost and Found as Down in the Tube Station at Midnight - yes, we examine recently-discovered Second Doctor epic The Web of Fear. Only one man engenders sufficient faith to make us believe he can lead us with courage to see things we never thought we would. No, not Philip Morris this time! Matt Smith stars in The God...

Duration: 01:22:34

Episode 22 - Trouble Down t'Pit

Clocking on and plunging deep into the shaft, I'll Explain Later returns with a heavily accented "Trouble Down t'Pit" special. The Doctor dangles, as David Tennant and chums confront evil itself in The Impossible Planet / The Satan Pit. Tyneside tykes and wooden miming as the Sixth Doctor tries to rub off The Mark of the Rani. And we make all the obvious comments about Erato as Tom Baker grapples with The Creature from the Pit. Along the way, Matt embraces his inner Yorkshireman, Jim...

Duration: 01:20:52

Episode 22 - The Cruellest Month

It's 1st April, so what better time to examine three more Doctor Who adventures that have flown under the radar.

Duration: 00:03:54

Episode 21 - The Trumpet Hornpipe

Salty seamen and terrified cabin boys aplenty as we set sail for a pirate-themed 21st voyage aboard the good ship I'll Explain Later. The Fourth Doctor and Romana marvel at the Captain's massive spheres on The Pirate Planet. Plank or catwalk? Tough to tell, as Eleventh Doctor Matt Smith encounters fashion muse Lily Cole in The Curse of the Black Spot. Meanwhile, Hartnell and Co. dodge Brexity brigands in The Smugglers. Along the way, Skipper Jim proves he knows it all, Bosun Matt admires a...

Duration: 01:25:50

Episode 20 - Living In The Plastic Age

Roses are red, police boxes are blue... In this twentieth, Valentine's edition of I'll Explain Later, The Third Doctor muses on tea ladies and gentlemen's clubs in Terror of the Autons, Ten and Rose mix feline and saline during visiting hours on New Earth and Peter Davison is not the first Brit to stagger around Amsterdam in a dazed state of collapse as he stars in universally-adored 1983 classic Arc of Infinity. Along the way, Jim salutes our imbibing listeners, Matt chews over a CSO...

Duration: 01:26:25

Episode 19 - Clair de Lune

Happy New Year! We start 2017 as we mean to continue, with three Doctor Who big-hitters. The First Doctor gets stuck into some Saxon violence in The Time Meddler, the Fourth Doctor smells a rat in The Talons of Weng-Chiang, and the Eleventh Doctor raids the fridge in The Eleventh Hour. Along the way, we admire the Meddling Monk’s methodical approach to task management, lock horns with a sacred cow, and weep for what could have been. Don’t forget - listener drinks at The Blue Posts on...

Duration: 01:33:11

Christmas Stocking Filler!

Christmas bonus time for I'll Explain Later listeners, as this second Yuletide edition materialises. With only sherry, port, stilton, cheddar, a selection of artisan-baked crackers, stollen and mince pies to sustain them, our gouty guides explore Tenth Doctor David Tennant's 2006 nixed-Noël-nuptials spectacular The Runaway Bride. Amid musings on Schrödinger's Doctor Who action figure and blue-blooded spuds, John pops his cork, Jim confronts curmudgeonly correspondence and Matt makes an...

Duration: 00:44:10

Episode 17 - Toxic

Don your mittens and light the sparklers as we run the Gallifreyan gamut from toxic to saccharine in I'll Explain Later's November display. The Ninth Doctor and Rose risk sunburn on a weekend break to The End of the World; The Master sucks on a stogie while Team Third Doctor tackle the origami ogre that is The Time Monster; finally, The Seventh Doctor and Ace are in three episodes of The Happiness Patrol. Along the way, we mull trees' animal magnetism, ponder the 70s salary high-point for...

Duration: 01:34:22

Episode 15 - I Am 16th Going On 17th Century

This month it's a triple history lesson as the Doctor and chums take a trip into the past. The Fifth Doctor reaches for the Mace in The Visitation, the Eleventh Doctor enjoys the fish in Vampires of Venice, and the First Doctor is seeing double in The Massacre (of St Bartholomew's Eve). Along the way, we considered whether the Fifth Doctor's TARDIS crew was a YTS scheme, ponder the baffling symbolism at the end of Vampires of Venice, and consider the ramifications of William Hartnell's...

Duration: 01:37:41

Episode 12 - Beat The Clock

The clock is ticking in this months selection of Doctor Who adventures that feature our favourite Time Lord in a desperate race against time. This month, the First Doctor and pals get a bit stir crazy during a quiet night in as they face The Edge of Destruction, the Tenth Doctor soaks up the sun in 42 and the Fourth Doctor visits the old folks at home in The Deadly Assassin. Along the way, we find out what the TARDIS has in common with Ryanair, hail the mighty Bernard Horsfall, and take...

Duration: 01:37:42

Episode 11 - Deeper Underground

This month, it’s a trilogy of subterranean Doctor Who adventures as we go beneath the surface. The Third Doctor tries to balance the scales in the confusingly-entitled Doctor Who And The Silurians; the Seventh Doctor’s left dangling in Dragonfire; and the Eleventh Doctor has a whale of a time aboard Starship UK in The Beast Below. Along the way, we learn how a friend of Jim’s was scarred by the cliffhanger to Dragonfire part 1, appreciate the Third Doctor’s white t-shirt and slacks, and...

Duration: 01:36:06

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