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An episode by episode critical analysis podcast for the 1999 teen sci fi television series "Roswell", looking for theme, metaphor, and good science fiction.

An episode by episode critical analysis podcast for the 1999 teen sci fi television series "Roswell", looking for theme, metaphor, and good science fiction.
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An episode by episode critical analysis podcast for the 1999 teen sci fi television series "Roswell", looking for theme, metaphor, and good science fiction.








Episode 23: The Motel Premise

We look at teasers, promos, and elevator pitches for "Baron and Toluca" Discussion Topics: The nostalgia factor of music on television. The Jetta as liminal space. Inciting incidents versus In Media Res. The mystery behind a conflict lock. On hiatus for November, we'll return with "Skin and Bones" on December 4th Gmail us audio files, favorite episode moments, or anything else about Roswell to discuss: Illegal Aliens is on Twitter @Alienscast , Chris is...


Episode 22: Nobody Puts Lizzie in a Corner

We look back at Season 1 of Roswell. Contents: Snap Reactions game. Season thesis. Antagonist profiles. Character arcs. Power specialties. Questions about hybrids and aliens. The season 1 credits, in minute detail. What frustrates us about Max and Liz through season 1. Season thesis: Alienated outsiders come together, become strong, and protect each other from the close-minded establishment. We'll discuss Baron and Toluca on Monday, October 30th. Interview with Shiri Appleby from...


Episode 21: They Should Have Waited For the Alien Blu-Ray

We watch Roswell season 1, episode 22: Destiny Discussion topics: Protection and Safety. Tess needs a shapeshifter on a white charger. Valenti wants to be Max's godfather. Max remembers the walkie-talkie. Michael's scared that he's become Nasedo. The Queen gives game-changers as exposition. Does reincarnation come with new life choices? How will they see the evil within? Who has to hit Pierce in the dark? Episode MVP: William Sadler Claire's Rating: 4 aliens Chris' Rating: 10 beeping...


Episode 20: The dental chair from hell

We watch Roswell season 1, episode 20: Max to the Max Discussion topics: Stronger together; teamwork and vulnerability. Humanity versus Inhumanity. The orbs as Maguffin. Nasedo's plans for Pierce. The tradition of listing Nasedo's crimes. Drugging Max as Eucatastrophe. Bloody handprint versus silver handprint. Tess is still out of touch with humanity. Pierce does the villain monolog. Episode MVP: David Conrad as Agent Pierce Claire's Rating: 5 fingerprints Chris' Rating: 2 bloody...


Episode 19: Most of this carnival is on the nose

We watch Roswell season 1, episode 20: Max to the Max Discussion topics: Aliens integrating with humanity. Does Nasedo have a decent plan? Valenti's arc from suspicion to confidence. Just how manipulative is Tess? Michael and Maria don't have peace. The book is a token of trust. Tess and Max fight over who belongs. Genial Nasedo is Earth's cruellest Dad? Rear view mirrors and peripheral vision. Max takes Liz for granted until she's gone. No left turns at Albuquerque this week. Nasedo...


Episode 18: Clarity Dawns

We watch Roswell season 1, episode 19: Crazy Discussion topics: Reality is too complicated for Occam's razor. Does Tess bring out Max's worst qualities?Isabel and Michael both long for more family.Max depersonalizes Nasedo. How outsider Valenti sees the world. Isabel and Tess duel with sunshine. Liz has to say what's printed on the computer screens. The camera is shaky when Isabel is. How to pull an alien book from L-space. Tess knows when they're watching her. The case of the wasted...


Episode 17: Highly Possessive Photo Box of Secrets

We watch Roswell season 1, episode 18: Tess Lies and Videotape Discussion topics: Lots of people are lying. Tess is a spoiler magnet--and walks a tightrope. Rain makes aliens emotionally vulnerable. Digging underneath a kiss in the rain. Liz's heart is her intuition. Max can't explain without making things worse. There's no business like spy business. Tess performs for the camera--which falls on its off button. Michael's protective of Liz: friendship? Valenti is literally in the dark....


Episode 16: Beeping Alien Car Keys

We watch Roswell season 1, episode 17: Crazy Discussion topics: Evoking noir. Different levels of trust. Topolsky unravels. Why impersonate a psych doctor? Special delivery of thunder. A mental link to shapeshifting. No safe place for an alien orb. The Special Unit as corrupt law in a noir world. The list binds them all together. When the others come together, Michael pushes out on his own. Isabel believes that being independent makes her stronger. Michael and Maria repeat old arguments...


Episode 15: The Cosmic Egg Timer Also Does Radio Signals

We watch Roswell season 1, episode 16: Sexual Healing Discussion topics: Dissecting flashes several ways. Who's POV are Liz's flashes from? Max and Liz are stronger together. Michael and Maria's disastrous honesty. Talking about talking. More astronomy nitpicks. Second guessing Nasedo, again. Episode MVP: Shiri Appleby Chris' rating: 5 strawberries Claire's rating: 5 ovoid rocks Discuss this episode on our forums! We’ll discuss "Crazy" on August 21 2017. Gmail us audio files,...


Episode 14: The Bigger Dragon Who Eats the Dragon

We watch Roswell season 1, episode 15: Independence Day Discussion topics: The three helpful voices around Michael. The freedom of having no boundaries. Monopoly rules aren't life rules. Nasedo versus Tic tac man? Love and support leads to alien power control. Three mirrors of parental relationships. Leaving on the Evening Tide, Ron Hynes Brain on drugs commercials: Original 80s version.90s version with Rachael Leigh Cook that Maria referenced.Rachael Leigh Cook's critical 2017...


Episode 13: Michael Can't Read His Alien Map

We watch Roswell season 1, episode 14: Blind Date Discussion topics: Drunk Max is fearless, flies too close to his fear and falls to earth. Sober Max fakes amnesia. Kyle as Max's supporting character. Claire runs screaming from Maria's best intentions. More Roswell bad astronomy. Claire rants against Doug and the entire blind date setup. Isabel haunted by Nasedo's situation. Alcohol as a weakness/weapon. Drunk Kyle doesn't pay attention to much. Alex/Isabel (incomplete) blind date...


Episode 12: This Podcast is About Mud

We watch Roswell season 1, episode 13: The Convention Discussion topics: The handprint represents life and death. The menace of shape shifting. Valenti's motive for protecting Max. Using alien powers to discredit witnesses. Why did Jim Senior take the fall for the silo murder? Nasedo is the deadliest prey. The optics of grand gestures. You too can host an Alien Takedown! Tracking Valenti's arc as a protector. For want of a dime, or a match--really? Episode MVP: Tom Bower (as Everett...


Episode 11: River Dog's Beater of a Car

We watch Roswell season 1, episode 12: Into the Woods Discussion topics: Pay no attention to the shapeshifter behind the curtain. Liz keeps growing more backbone. Who's changed by the woods? River Dog believes in debts. Michael longs for a father figure. Nitpicking Isabel's astronomy and fear of intimacy. Max needs to learn to communicate. Liz's cold is a failed metaphor. The ironies of the Valenti family. Nasedo's high-risk strategy Episode MVP: Ned Romero (As River Dog) Chris’ rating:...


Episode 10: Michael Has to Be Stonehenge

We watch Roswell season 1, episode 11: Toy House Discussion topics: It's harder to receive graciously than give. Isabel is the only one integrating this week. The true nature of mothers and daughters. Maria's sense of academic honesty. Bringing Diane into the secret ruins the show? Michael's feelings about tactics. Liz gets empathy for Kyle. Valenti says it straight, for once. Episode MVP: Mary Ellen Trainor (as Diane Evans) Chris’ rating: 2 Tiny Handprint Pigeons Claire’s rating: 3...


Episode 9: Liz Has to Go Stand in the Corner

We watch Roswell season 1, episode 10: The Balance Discussion topics: Everybody defeats fear by coming together, except Liz. Communion symbolism in River Dog's cave. What does that yellow ketchup taste like? Moral judgements on alien physiological reactions. The imagery of Michael's visions. Michael's intuitive leaps and do-overs.. How to write TV shows with cell phones, 101. Max projects his fear onto Liz. Seeing Liz as competent and happy, for a moment.. Our first look at Senor Chow's?...


Episode 8: Isabel's Got Chutzpah

We watch Roswell season 1, episode 9: Heat Wave Discussion topics: What's Alex's motivation? The politics of high-school charm. What if Isabel told Alex the secret? Michael's painful, terrifying honesty. Painting in the Amy/Jim history. Seeing aliens as a weapon Episode MVP: Colin Hanks Chris’ rating: 4 Jell-O Shots Claire’s rating: 5 Glow-in-the-Dark Alien Cocktail Sticks. We'll discuss "Balance" on June 26 2017. Gmail us audio files: Thanks again to...


Episode 7: Can we Dreamwalk Topolsky Yet?

We watch Roswell season 1, episode 8: “Blood Brother” Discussion questions: Why not let Alex in on the secret? Should Isabel dreamwalk Topolsky? Could/Would Topolsky really protect Max? Did Alex have a crush on Liz? Did Liz intend to keep her promise? Is Topolsky bad at FBI computer security? Why does Topolsky need a confession? Episode MVP: Colin Hanks Chris’ rating: 3 test tubes of blood Claire’s rating: 1 forgotten handbag We'll (probably) discuss "Heat Wave" on June 19 2017....


Episode 6: The Party Trick Quote from Ulysses

We watch Roswell season 1, episode 6: "285 South" and episode 7: "River Dog" Discussion topics: Max is the light that shines in the darkness. Menace versus the illusion of menace. Who's running this history class? Valenti has secret backups. If Isabel is Spock, then Michael is McCoy and Max Kirk. questionnaire files: Episode MVP for 285 South: Brendan Fehr Episode MVP for River Dog: Shiri Appleby Claire's rating for...


Episode 5: He's Got a Card Catalog Back There Somewhere

We watch Roswell season 1, episode 5: Missing Discussion topics: Liz's "I'm journalling about aliens" t-shirt, Everybody can read Liz's body language, McCarthy cross-examination, Michael doesn't have Wimsey, The naming of flashes, Isabel brings the sequel hook, Collection of periodic tables Episode MVP: Brendan Fehr Chris's rating: 4 Alien Masks Claire's rating: 1 stick figure and 3 charcoal drawings Episode 6, covering both 285 South and River Dog will air on May 29 2017 Catch-up...


Episode 4: This Is the Overbite You Wanna See

We watch Roswell season 1, episode 4: Leaving Normal Discussion topics: WB Soulmates, the itch trick, and how Max's spirituality affects his healing. Episode MVP: Shiri Appleby Claire's rating: 3 Alien Blasts Chris's rating: 2 Tommy Lee Jones Bacon Baskets Episode 5 will air on May 22 2017 Visit us at Illegal Aliens is on Twitter @Alienscast , Chris is @ChrisKelworth , Claire is @choristerathome Like us on Facebook at Our...


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