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I'm the Host is a podcast where we take a deeper look at the media we all consume. Allayne, Kurt and Blake take turns hosting and looking at the deeper themes and meanings in popular culture.

I'm the Host is a podcast where we take a deeper look at the media we all consume. Allayne, Kurt and Blake take turns hosting and looking at the deeper themes and meanings in popular culture.
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I'm the Host is a podcast where we take a deeper look at the media we all consume. Allayne, Kurt and Blake take turns hosting and looking at the deeper themes and meanings in popular culture.






Holidays of Future Past

Ally kicks off our Christmas season with Miracle on 34th St. (1947) and Elf (2003) with these movies in hand she’s asking questions about the true meaning of Christmas, why there are so few memorable resent Christmas movies, and how well the classics really hold up. We also talk about consumerism, capitialism, cardiomegaly, diabities, and how Kris is a communist. Links for this episode: Santa Baby by Eartha Kitt

Duration: 02:09:26

The Pervert’s Guide to the Pervert’s Guide to Cinema

It’s the Wrath of Lacan, as Blake has us watch Slavoj Zizek’s The Pervert’s Guide to Cinema in an attempt to explain Lacanian psychology. This episode is full of phallic symbols, and the fatherly figure you must overcome. Come see which characters represent the id, ego, and superego. We also discuss musicals in the key of authoritarian, the Boy Scouts of the USSR, and which celebrity Slavoj Zizek resembles. Harvey Danger - Carlotta Valdez Huey Lewis - I Want a New Drug Death Wish...

Duration: 02:24:18

Na, na, na, na, na, na Batman

Kurt brings Lego Batman to the show, and we’re looking at what life after grimdark looks like. We also take some time to talk about Batman as myth rather then comics media. We also talk about Nietsche, Billy D Williams, and Bojack Horseman (who coincidently are three people who have never been in my kitchen.) Links for this episode: Death of the Family - Wiki The Real Marvel Agenda - Movie Bob

Duration: 01:29:02

Killer Clown from Space

Its…Pennywise the Dancing Clown here to take us to Killer Clown College. We’re looking at both the 1990 and the 2017 versions of It, because Ally loves clowns so much she subjected us all to 5 hours of clowns. While comparing these two films we also give advice on how to fight children, how a physical bad guy can ruin a chance at supernatural scares, and we discuss how professional clowns need to clean house rather then protest movies. Thats right, we’re coming for you, Big Top. Links...

Duration: 02:02:10

Could You Love a Monster, Man?

Blake is excited for Guillerrmo Del Toro’s “The Shape of Water”, but its not out yet so instead we look at Let Me In. And look at the problems that plauge monster-human relationships. Also discussed What makes a monster? Do Beauty and the Beast need a good counceler? Can a monster ever be a part of society? And most importantly, Could you love a monsterman? Links for this episode: Pool Scene - Let The Right One In Pool Scene - Let Me In Beauty and the Beast [...]

Duration: 01:37:24

Tucker and Dale and the Terrible Horrible No Good Very Bad Day

It’s October time for I’m the Host to start taking a look at horror again, and this year we start that look off with Tucker and Dale vs Evil and the trend of meta-horror movies. What does this new trend mean for scary movies? Kurt’s Notes: Our next episode will be using Let the Right One in (American version). Links for this episode: Sock Puppets - Tucker and Dale vs Evil tra [...]

Duration: 01:26:02

Heroism: Some Assembly Required

Ally has us checking out the first season of My Hero Academia (/Boku No Hero Academia). She asking questions about heroism and what makes a hero, what traits are necessary for one to go from zero to hero? Kurt’s Notes: Ally’s track was echo-y but I don’t think it’s too bad, our recording situation has changed and I’m working on trying to get it back to how it used to sound. Thanks for bearing with me. Also I know in our outro we say the next episode is Lego:Batman, but we looked at a...

Duration: 02:00:52

Your Destination is Out of Left Field

This week we looked at David Lynch’s Mulholland Drive and try to piece together what is going on and what some of the things in this movie mean. We also tell you which is the worst Budweiser product and give name to a new sex act. Links: Silencio! No Hay Conectar! There are no links.

Duration: 02:06:14

Welcome to the Jungle

It’s Muhammad Ali vs George Foreman, as Kurt has us watch the Rumble in the Jungle and look at what was going on societly versus how this fight was presented to the general public. We also get into major events of the 60s and 70s. Why this match was held at 4am, and how George Foreman’s dog was a bad ambassador. Come watch as 3 people who know very little about boxing try unravel the story around the Rumble in the Jungle. Links for this episode: Rumble in the Jungle -

Duration: 01:12:00

Good Grief

Ally has us look at the book A Monster Calls, and we talk about grief and mourning not just for kids but also for adults. We also talk about some of the differences between the book and it’s movie adaptation like Jason Isaacs vs Liam Neeson Links for this episode Ally’s notes for this episode Grieving in the Classroom -

Duration: 01:00:40

Best Worst Episode

Blake has us watch Troll 2 and the companion documentary Best Worst Movie so that we can talk about enjoyable bad movies what characteristics do they have? Can you make one on purpose? Why are they enjoyable. Be warned there are no trolls our discussion or either movies. But we do get to the bottom of why that is. Movie mentioned in this episode Good-Bad movies YouTube: trailer - Plan 9 From Outer Space

Duration: 01:02:44

Amazon Primed

Ally takes us to the theater for our first recent release, we go and check out Wonder Woman (2017). Warning: We spoil the movie extensively, but we also talk about blind casting, feminism, and the female gaze (is that even a thing yet?) And because this is a super long episode we get into the troubles of having a historical person be a villian, the horrors of World War 1, and how best to accessorize your sword and shield when visiting another culture. Links for this episode: Wikipedia -...

Duration: 02:16:39


From another dimension (another dimension (another dimension)), a soundtrack for a movie that this world had never seen (Sunset Blood by Starcadian) fell into our hands! We peer into this artifact with our ear-eyes and try and decipher the plot to the missing movie. Who is Ronnie? What is a Pompey Pirate? What is the significance of the floppy disk? The game is afoot! Links for this episode: Now You See It - “How Film Scores Play with Our Brains” Sideways [...]

Duration: 01:56:57

Fantastic Weapons and Where to Train Them

The battle for animation supremesy rages on. In the mean time we’re looking at RWBY and Soul Eater to see how much culture defines these pieces of media. We look at how these shows view weapons, gender, and teams and what if anything this tells us about eastern and western cultures. We also look at how to give items souls, the sources of evil, and if it’s ethical to use your enemies for power. Media for this episode: Rwby Volume 1

Duration: 01:27:19

Trailer Hitches

Coming soon (as in as soon as you download it). A podcast which is sick of misleading trailers will try to figure out the secrets to spotting bad movies with good trailer, and we debate if movies would be better if we ignored trailers. We also do some quick talk about history of trailers, and talk about how these movie ads have changed over time. Plus stick around for a trailer of the I’m the Host movie, coming Summer in Twenty-Neverteen. Links for this episode: Disney’s Snow White and...

Duration: 02:12:31

Petri Dishes

It’s going to be the future soon. And so Ally takes us on a detailed discussion about coming technologies and how vat-grown protein will soon be bringing lab created organs, and food to you. We also talk briefly about the media this week Repo:the Genetic Opera and The Island (although we don’t spend much time on these so you’re probably safe to listen without watching these unless you’re worried about small spoilers). Links for this episode will be found in the following link. Since...

Duration: 01:39:07

Host in the Shell

Blake, the living thinking entity that was created in the sea of information, drops in to talk about the Ghost in the Shell of past, present and future. Along the way, we share data streams about sentience, philosophical differences between individualistic and collectivist societies, and the utility of analog in a digital world. Wikipedia: World of Ghost in the Shell Wikipedia: Ship of Theseus NBC4

Duration: 02:35:57

Old Millennials

Sam from Rocket Punch Radio joins us for our 1st anniversary episode to discuss Natsukashii, with the movies Empire Records and Almost Famous. We discus our own moments in media that make us nostaligic, we also look at generation differences, and if rock and roll can save the world. Link for this episode: Definition of Natsukashii - YouTube: Almost Famous trailer - YouTube: Empire Records trailer -

Duration: 02:05:15

Zack Attack

It’s the end of the world as we know it, and we feel fine. We’re back and Kurt has prepared us for the Zombie Apocolypse by having us read/listen to World War Z by Max Brooks. We discuss how the meticulous reseach and exact details of this book really make the horror for his engineering problem that is the “Zack” Invasion. We also talk about memorable and favorite parts of the book, Kurt’s time in the army, and our Zombie Survival Teams. Articles for this episode: Nerdist: Max Brooks...

Duration: 01:34:37

Mirror Darkly

Welcome to the Future, our first episode of 2017 finds us staring into the void of the near future with four episodes of Black Mirror. We also ask some near future what if questions of our own to see how we think society will progress. Topics include Althletics, prostetics, driverless cars, methods of policing, manufactured meat, vegans, and using apps to lie to your children. How do these all fit together don’t wait for the future download now and find out. Episodes for this…episode -...

Duration: 01:47:25

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