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IWS is a free-flowing conversation between Matt-Man and Jayman and their guest, callers and various imaginary friends and show correspondents.








Season Seven Retrospective: Always Close With Hitler

Believe it or not ladies and gentlemen, because we sure as hell don't, but IWS Radio is celebrating seven long years on Blog Talk Radio. I know...many people considered us dead after show number one back in 2010, but...We have showed them, and have annoyed and entertained folks for seven years. So...suck it you naysayers and idiots who call us, "fly-over hicks." We have put together a LIVE and hilarious retrospectve of Season Seven hilarity and will be bringing the final solution to your...

Duration: 02:04:40

Jesus Forgives So Why Can't You

After last week's heartwarming show the IWS Radio Love Train rolls into National Forgiveness Day. Matt-Man and Jayman are ready to forgive and (maybe) forget insults, slights and hurtful actions by people over the years. We're also hoping to get forgiveness from others who we MIGHT have wronged on some level (allegedly). You know, following that whole "To err is human, to forgive devine" stuff. Or something like that. As always our Canadian Bureau Chief Jamie Mapleleaf will be here to lend...

Duration: 02:02:42

Friends...The Good, The Sexy, And The Toxic

It's International Friendship Day, and Jay, Matt, and the IWS Radio team will be celebrating it in a funny and friendly manner. They'll be honoring their best friends, drooling over their sexy friends, and mocking and ridiculing the friends they wish they had never had. Jamie Mapleleaf will be there as well, and give us an update on her trying to find her first black friend ever. All of that plus good/bad music... a memorial for our friend Corky the Cat who passed away this week...another...

Duration: 02:01:37

Real Life Sucks so Let's Watch Cartoons

Remember when you were a kid and the only concerns you had were what cereal did mom buy and which Looney Tunes cartoons were going to shown on Saturday morning? Well, Matt-Man and Jayman remember those days fondly and are going to share their favorite cartoons with the internet this week. Heck, there's slight chance that Matt and Jay still watch cartoons. They'll talk about the one's they loved as a child and the one's they love today. Plus, "grown up cartoons" ... or are they considerd an...

Duration: 01:58:30

Chaos And Cat Fights Beneath The Angry Sun

The sun has been angry of late, and as the temperatures rise, so do tempers and the level of stupidity in this great nation. Jayman found out this week that at times, he's not a smart man...Apparently Matt-Man has ruined another nice woman...Cat Fights are breaking out in Bagwine, and freak shows are boiling up all over the land in the form of county fairs. Well IWS Radio is breaking it all down for you and cooling you off by hydrating you with some comedy gold, good/bad music, a report on...

Duration: 02:03:25

IWS Radio is Movin' and Groovin'

Summer is moving season. People get restless and move into new homes or apartments or new towns and states even. Matt-Man and Jayman have entirely too much expereince in this area, but are here to help folks with their big moves. Well, "help" in the sense of giving advice and sharing their moving stories. Not in the "do heavy lifting and ACTUALLY help move" sense. It's too hot for that. In fact, our very own Canadian Bureau Chief Jamie Mapleleaf is moving in the next week or so into a big,...

Duration: 02:05:03

Happy B-Day U.S.A. From Low IQ Matt And Psycho Jay

America turns 241 years old this year, and man...her beacon of freedom and democracy is really lacking in shine and luster, however...Jay, Matt, and the rest of the IWS team are going to polish it up and/or make it even dimmer than it already is. Nonetheless, we are going to be celebrating the hell out of the good and bad that is America. We'll play good/bad AMERICAN music, throw some burgers on the grill, give a shout out to Connecticut, talk AMERICAN history whether real or imagined, and...

Duration: 02:03:48

Pride 2017: Matt and Jay are Gay for a Day

It's Pride Month again and that means it's time for IWS Radio let our rainbow-colored freak flags fly! Matt and Jay will be honoring their favorite and least favorite gay people and talk about which people they wish were gay. Plus, they'll scold celebrity frauds who claim to be bi just to get attention or promote their latest project. AAAAAANNNNNNDDD with any luck our good friend, the world famous (infamous?) Angie the Lesbian will joing us! As always our Canadian Bureau Chief Jamie...

Duration: 02:03:52

Standing Atop The Mountain Of Middle Age

In the autumn of life an aging man's fancy lightly turns to thoughts of a Corvette and hot, younger babes, and Jay, Matt, and the IWS Radio team are no different. Jayman is nearing 50, Matt is in his fifties, and they are both struggling with the following question...Motorcycle or an Alfa Romeo sports car? And...Jamie Mapleleaf, the eldest of the trio is asking herself, "Should my new pool boy be local, or imported from Guatemala?" These are serious questions that will be answered as the...

Duration: 02:01:57

Livin' it Up Lakeside at the Lodge

Summer has unoficially started and that means it's time to head up to Hodgepodge Lodge and get in a little rest and recreation. Matt-Man and Jayman will, as always, be your hosts as we spend some time taking in the great outdoors and possibly throwing a couple of parties on the beach. There will be fishing, boating, skiing, golfing, hiking and all kinds of other activities available to all our guests. Plus the buffets and bars will be open 24 hours! Of course Canadian Bureau Chief Jamie...

Duration: 02:01:15

Camping, Cookouts, And Fallen Comrades

Memorial Day is here and IWS Radio is celebrating the unofficial kickoff to Summer. We will be talking cookouts, summer fun such as camping , and of course, talk about honoring the fallen as we somberly trim our hedges, reflectively drink beer, and watch respectful Memorial Day parades full of fez-wearing Shriners in tiny cars. We will also be celebrating the great state of North Carolina, playing some good and bad Memorial Day music, provide cookout safety tips, and breeze naked with the...

Duration: 02:01:06

IWS Radio Is At A Tipping Point

Do you enjoy dining out? Are you a big tipper? Do you believe the adage "If someone is nice to you, but rude to the waiter they are not a nice person?" Well, IWS Radio is here to blow the lid off the table-waiting industrial complex this week. Matt-Man and Jayman will share fine and not-so-fine dining experiences and discuss important issues such as tipping and fair pay for the hard-working waiters and waitresses. We'll even have an EXPLOSIVE interview with the manager of a Sonic Drive In...

Duration: 02:02:09

Good Moms, Bad Moms, and YOUR MOM!!

It's Mother's Day and no one loves mothers with more over-the-top lust than Jay, Matt, and the IWS Radio team. We are going to celebrate the hell out of good moms, bad moms, hot moms, and YOUR mom. And dig it...You don't want to miss Drew Peacock and Guy Ahnyurdyck celebrating Mother's Day by taking a trip to IWS Radio's Wild Queendom™. Along with that, there will be a debate on who gets to be considered a mom, good and bad music, a salute to New Mexico, mocking of the Trump, alcohol...

Duration: 02:02:28

Quality Entertainment at a Fair Price

IWS Radio is committed to delivering quality entertainment at a fair price to the masses. And boy-howdy do we do it! Usually. Well, most weeks. Anyway, our vast and diverse worldwide audience expects a lot from us and we work hard to never let them down. We've got the NFL Draft happening this week with all of hilarity and silliness that comes along with that. Plus, Sunday is National Honest Day so Matt-Man and Jayman are ready to get all kinds of honest with our listeners through a few...

Duration: 01:53:45

Along The Sullied Boulevard Of Words Made Magical

April is National Poetry Month, and as listeners of the IWS Radio Show know..., Matt, Jay, and the entire IWS team are wordsmiths, and enjoy painting the canvas of life with the spoken word. So... Join us as we celebrate poetry, prose, and people who put pen to paper, and lay their feelings out there for all to read while being chastised because people either don't understand their poems, or perhaps, their poems do in fact, suck. We will celebrate the good and the bad of poetry, and make...

Duration: 02:01:27

The Funniest Story Ever Told

Is there a more hilarious, fun-filled holiday than Easter? Matt-Man and Jayman don't think so. Not only is this the holiest day of the year in Christendom, it's the the most hilarious too! So let's all get together and revel in the wit and wisdom of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. As you know, Jesus is our friend and he wants to be your friend too! As always our Cadadian Bureau Chief Jamie Mapleaf will be here along with the IWS Players to keep folks laughing and smiling through the...

Duration: 02:02:49

Hodgepodge Hijinx and Irish Outrage

There's not much going on during this last full week of winter so we decided to have Paco fuel up the perversion van and drive the entire IWS Radio gang up to Hodgepodge Lodge for some waning winter hijinx. We'll party down, and chat it up about Donald Trump, preview the NCAA Men's Basketball tournament, play some good and bad music, talk to Schmoop in the bathroom, and with St. Patrick's Day approaching, we will voice our OUTRAGE over continuing bigotry directed at people of Irish descent...

Duration: 02:02:52

An IWS Fake News Gaslighting Extravaganza

Fake News is all the rage these days and Matt-Man and Jayman are all over it! IWS Radio is joing in on the fake fun with a fake show full of fakery! We'll have fake stories, fake jokes, fake music and just be total fakes for two hours. Matt and Jay will share fake stories from their past and all their fake hopes and dreams for the future. As always our Canadian Bureau Chief Jamie Mapleleaf will be here along with the IWS Players. Jamie will have a fake Canada report that exposes all of...

Duration: 02:02:20

Static Memories Along Radio Road

Join Jay, Matt, and the IWS Radio team as they pop a 9-volt battery into their transistor radio and celebrate the days when radio was local and the personalities were actual people with flaws, humor, and static when a storm moved in. Tales of local legends such as Upton Horn and Dave Bailey will abound along with tributes to radio broadcast icons such as Jack Buck, Marty Brennaman, and Hardy "Knuckles' Balzcock. So modulate your amplitude and join us for a trip down memory lane when radio...

Duration: 02:00:23

IWS Radio Will Make You Feel Our Love

It's time for IWS Radio's annual love fest. That's right kids, it's our Valentine's Day extravaganza and Matt-Man and Jayman are so full of love for everyone and ready to spread it around. We've got all kinds of Valentine's Day gift advice and ideas for how you can express your love and even relationship advice. We're all over this V-Day stuff y'all! As always Jamie Mapleleaf and the IWS Players will be here to entertain and educate the masses. We'll have another episode of "Eye on...

Duration: 02:00:34

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