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Episode 6: Having a hard time picking your first high-quality video camera

This week, Jaron and Karaminder discuss Apple's announcements at WWDC17, Serif Affinity Photo's landmark iPad app that brings their fully-powered photo editing software to the tablet, and also discuss the Canon C200 and its place in the market. For the main story, Karaminder goes over his long and arduous process of picking his high-quality video camera amongst the many possible options, and how/why he made the choice he did.


Episode 5

This week, Jaron and Karaminder discuss the reports that the Sony A9 is suffering from the same problems of its predecessors: overheating. What does this mean for the camera, and more importantly, how does one experience paint the picture of the entire product? Also this week, Google has sounded the death knell for Nik, DJI has a new drone called the Spark, Photokina announces they are going to start having their show every year, and a new product called Arsenal claims to meld AI with...


Episode 2: The 'Fastfoodification' of Instagram Images

This week, Karaminder and Jaron discuss a few of the week's pressing stories including the Sal Cincotta Shutterfest situation, the quality of images produced by the Sigma 135mm f/1.8 and more. Also, they are joined by Sony Artisan of Imagery Vivienne Gucwa, who talks about struggles she has found with today's social media landscape, and what she calls the "fastfoodification" of Instagram. Get show notes here:...


Imaging Resource Podcast Episode 1: The Sony A9

In our very first episode of the Imaging Resource Podcast, the team discusses the lingering questions surrounding the announcement of the Sony A9. Imaging Resource's Editor in Chief Dave Etchells and Senior Editor William Brawley join hosts Jaron Schneider and Karaminder Ghuman to tackle questions on shutter speed, autofocus, battery life and much more.