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The ideal place to hear fun and thoughtful improv discussion. Your host Stephen Perlstein brings you new guests from the improvisation community to have an enlightening talk about improv comedy.






75. Mike McLendon & Finding Your Place in Improv

Mike McLendon is on the show! You may know Mike from his incredible teams, Outside Dog, Orpheus Roy, Tatertown, Second City, Mission Improvable, and more! Mike talked to me in this one about how he found his way in improv, and maybe some of the trials and tribulations that go along with it. And, as always, we talk about HOW to do good improv. Is it easy? You bet it is. HA. This is another in the series of, whoops why didn’t I release this. So, if you have the chance, reach out to Mike, and...

Duration: 01:41:17

74. James Bachman & The Indie Improv Scene Is Completely Broken and Needs to Be Destroyed and Rebuilt from Scratch

James Bachman is on the show today to talk about the indie improv scene, and how it’s completely broken, and needs to be destroyed and rebuilt from scratch. LA improvisers may know James from his Mess Hall Team Green Light Go, or if you’re a fan of comedy, you might know him from The IT Crowd, The Mighty Boosh, Saxondale, and more! James and I have a lively debate on the state of indie improv, with which, the real goal is to make the whole improv community better. Did we achieve it? Who...

Duration: 01:32:56

73. Carl Tart (MADtv, White Women, Comedy Bang Bang) & Performing to the Max

Carl Tart is on the show! You may know Carl from UCB Harold Teams Queen George & Six Killer, as well as his Maude Team, The Bus, OR maybe his improv and sketch group White Women. Carl’s also an alumni of Second City and Boom Chicago, so yeah, Carl’s got quite the performance history. I pick Carl’s brain for as long as I possibly can to learn how he performs. And I figured it all out, so if you wanna be good listen to this.

Duration: 01:25:05

72. Jake Jabbour (Shapeshift, The Meat, We’re Gross with Gilli Nissim) & How To Be a Good Coach

Jake Jabbour (Shapeshift, We're Gross with Gilli Nissim) is on the show! Improv fans will know Jake from hosting 4,3,2,1 and Shapeshift. Podcast fans will know his podcast, The MEAT Improv with Josh Simpson and Jake Jabbour, in my opinion the best improv podcast ever. He’s also on the teams Puddy, Church, and Squeeze, who are all funny and incredible. In this episode Jake and I talk about how to coach teams, how to improv, and some of our favorite things to see in improv. Also, Listen!...

Duration: 01:35:29

71. Rebecca Drysdale & Doing It Your Own Way

Becky Drysdale is on the show! Improv fans will know Becky from the Hebecky Drysbell, Elephants Gerald, Baby Wants Candy, and Brand New Ball. You may also know Becky as the benevolent landlord of The Clubhouse. Plus, she’s written for Baskets, and Key And Peele. Becky talks about finding her place in improv, writing and keeping her career growing, her goals and wants for The Clubhouse, and even a good bit on how to actually DO improv. Guys, this was a great episode, if you liked this...

Duration: 02:13:45