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The show that has all the NFL picks, every week, regular season and playoffs, spread and straight up, in much less detail.




NFL 2017 Week #2

The ugliest football game in some time occurred Thursday night. Hopefully Dre imploring everyone to crush the under made some cash for some lucky listeners. Jay and Dre get you prepped for Week 2 in the NFL as they ponder whether Alex Smith can provide an encore as his Chiefs host Andy Reid's ex-wives the Eagles, whether Tom Brady can bounce back as his Patriots visit Drew Brees and the Saints, whether the Vikings can repeat their all-around performance as they take on Big Ben and the...

Duration: 02:00:26

NFL Week 1 Recap + Texans vs. Bengals

Dre's AFC Super Bowl pick, the Texans, yanked their QB after one half, and both Dre and Jay missed their Locks of the Week. It was a wild and unpredictable Week 1 in the NFL, which is bad for guys who try to predict things. But the boys will discuss if the Cowboys are ready to dominate in the NFC again now that they have their star RB for the whole year, if the Bengals getting blanked at home on Opening Day should accelerate Marvin Lewis's canning, and if the Packers should feel good or...

Duration: 01:38:19

NFL 2017 Week #1

It's always good to start the season correct, and Jay and Dre both had the Chiefs with the points on Thursday night at New England. But what the hell was that? The guys discuss the outcome that nobody predicted, then they try to predict the rest of Week 1 in the NFL, which has an exciting matchup of up-and-comers in Raiders-Titans, championship QBs battling as the Seahawks visit the Packers, and yet another Week 1 Sunday night media market ratings-grabbing Giants-Cowboys game. Theme music...

Duration: 01:19:38

2017 Preview: NFC And AFC + Chiefs vs. Patriots

The cuts have been made, the rosters finalized, and the trades for bottom-of-the-roster bodies consummated. Now the only important question remains: How do Jay and Dre see the 2017 NFL season shaking out? The boys host their annual two-hour live preview show, and at the end squeeze in time for the season's first pick for the Thursday night opener between Andy Reid's KC Chiefs and Bill Belichick's NE Pats. Theme music credit: "Anthemic" by Djmarbll CC BY-SA 3.0

Duration: 02:58:34

Kings Of Non Sequitur: Robert Lee Gets Eclipsed

Jay and Dre host one last chat session before the NFL preview show. They talk about their individual Great Eclipse of 2017 experiences, thoughts on the baseball playoff races, a quarterback even more dangerous with his mouth than Colin Kaepernick, and how the Booyah Network made itself a laughingstock due to fear of a random Asian broadcaster's name. Theme music credit: "Breaking Bad" by Jahzzar CC BY-SA 3.0

Duration: 02:01:05

Kings Of Non Sequitur: Before We Were So Rudely Interrupted...

Jay and Dre had more to talk about when their connection got cut off during their last show, so they're back to shoot the breeze some more. Among the topics will be Jay Cutler ceasing his retirement, Jamal Adams and Roger Goodell's eye-opening comments about NFL player health, Ezekiel Elliott's punishment, and Colin Kaepernick's employment being thrown around like, well, a political football. Aftershow: Political discourse in the wake of Charlottesville and Trump Theme music credit:...

Duration: 02:01:00

IMLD's 2017 NFL Hall of Infamy Induction Show

Now that Jay and Dre have christened their MLB Hall of Infamy, they can focus on the annual sign that football is around the corner, their NFL Hall of Infamy ceremonies. Jay has the honors this year, so join the boys for the latest inductions into the Hall so controversial that the league can't dare endorse! Theme music credit: "Breaking Bad" by Jahzzar CC BY-SA 3.0

Duration: 01:18:28

The Inaugural Baseball Hall Of Infamy Induction Show

Jay and Dre are proud to introduce the Baseball Hall of Infamy! After years of sharing memories of NFLers who made a lasting impression but will not get their due in the official sport's Hall of Fame, the boys spotlight the hardball "stars" who have done things on or off the field that should be immortalized. As an added mystery bonus, each host will induct five men without consulting each other, so listen live and enjoy the surprise reveals along with the guys! Theme music credit:...

Duration: 02:35:46

Kings Of Non Sequitur: Baseball Is Broken?!

A month after Jay and Dre looked into the seemingly warped state of the NBA, the other American summer sport gets an eye cast upon its big balls. What does one make of the "Titleists" or "superballs" being used these days in MLB, resulting in home run paces that rival the "Roid Era" stats of Bonds and McGwire? And what does the shoulder-shrugging response of the commissioner mean? The guys also talk trades and Real or Fake as the baseball season heads for the (7th-inning) stretch. Theme...

Duration: 02:00:21

Kings Of Non Sequitur: Basketball Is Broken

The Golden State Warriors played the game of basketball unlike any team before in beating the Cleveland Cavaliers to regain the NBA title, and in doing so, they may have altered the progression of the sport. Jay and Dre give their views on the NBA Finals, finally a reason to dislike these Chicago Cubs, the constant but perhaps not surprising stream of shocking world events, Jay's family camping adventures, and any other topics they want. Theme music credit: "Breaking Bad" by Jahzzar CC...

Duration: 01:56:00

Kings Of Non Sequitur: Quick Trips

Jay and Dre return from separate vacations to talk about a myriad of topics including, but certainly not limited to, the divergent lives of two Patriots TEs, the happenings in baseball through the first quarter of the season, how the consensus worst umpire in the last decade stays employed, and Dre's drama working for a baseball stats service. Theme music credit: "Breaking Bad" by Jahzzar CC BY-SA 3.0

Duration: 02:02:00

Kings Of Non Sequitur: 2017 Baseball Preview

The IMLD hardball outlook may have the same championship prediction by both Jay and Dre, as the Chicago Cubs are prohibitive favorites to win the World Series. Will either choose a different direction? Will the Cardinals bounce back and challenge the Cubbies? Will the free-spending Dodgers buy their way into a pennant? Can the Indians recover from their hellish Fall Classic? Will Mike Trout and Bryce Harper lead their squads into contention while continuing potentially all-time careers?...

Duration: 01:58:38

Kings Of Non Sequitur: Wrestlemania XXXIII Preview

Wrestlemania takes place on Sunday, April 2 from Orlando, and Jay and Dre have your preview of the big show (and the Big Show) right after the go-home episode of Raw. Jerry the Wrestling Expert once again joins the show and offers his thoughts. WWE, proud of pulling off a main event a couple of years ago of a twice-a-year fortysomething performer (The Rock) defending against a thirtysomething (John Cena), now decides to go with a once-a-year fiftysomething (Bill Goldberg) defending against...

Duration: 02:00:05

Kings Of Non Sequitur: 2017 March Badness Preview

Once again, it's bracket time in America, and while you pore over your 434 sheets, listen to Jay and Dre pick their one sheet each. It's the breakdown you won't hear anywhere else, from two guys who haven't talked about college hoops all year, and yet they have as much of a chance of picking Duke over Villanova out of the East or UCLA to upset North Carolina and take the South as anyone else. Get ready for March Badness right here! Aftershow: Requiem for Jay Cutler Theme music credit:...

Duration: 02:00:18

Kings Of Non Sequitur: 2017 Oscars Preview

The 89th Academy Awards are Sunday, and your favorite Oscars preview podcast will drop a couple of nights before. Dave the Movie Expert joins Jay and Dre to ponder whether a goofy musical can outlast some excruciating stories for Best Picture, if there has ever been a more stone cold lock than Viola Davis winning Best Supporting Actress, and did Dre actually watch the Best Actress performance and accidentally bring some credibility to the hosts?? Theme music credit: "Breaking Bad" by...

Duration: 01:57:15

Super Duper Bowl LI

The storyline for the Big Game this year is what's been anticipated all season: Can New England win the championship and force NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell to hand the trophy over to the franchise that he crushed with the DeflateGate Tom Brady suspension? Standing in the way is a newcomer to the big stage, Matty Ice's Dirty Birds. We have the full look into the meat and potatoes of the actual contest and make our picks. The favored and experienced villians, the Patriots, or the green and...

Duration: 01:58:18

NFL Wild Card '17 Recap + Divisional Round 2017

The NFL playoffs opened this year with four beatdowns by the home team, a reversal of last year's Wild Card round. Jay and Dre got two of those beatdowns correct, but they review all four games anyway. Then they get into their outlooks for the divisional round. Saturday, Seattle, finding a run game behind New Beast Mode Thomas Rawls, goes to Atlanta, home of the most explosive aerial attack by the numbers in history, then Houston, fresh off of grinding down an undermanned Raiders squad,...

Duration: 02:33:47

NFL 2016 Week 17 Recap + Wild Card 2017

On the birthday of IMLD co-founder Jay, the boys look back on the happenings of Week 17, which saw Aaron Rodgers and the Packers stay white hot, sending the Lions packing for a playoff road game, and the Redskins falter versus the Giants to wind up on the outside of the postseason. Who's hotter going into the playoffs--Green Bay, New England, Kansas City, or Atlanta? Then they have your full breakdown of Wild Card Weekend. On Saturday, the ugliest playoff game EVAH may take place as Connor...

Duration: 02:29:35

NFL 2016 Week #17

It's a special two-hour live version of IMLD! Join Jay and Dre on their jam-packed final show of 2016. They will look back on the many happenings of Week 16 in the NFL, especially the injuries and how they will affect the playoffs. They will also pick Week 17 alongside their annual guest picker. What are their predictions for the NFC North title game between the Packers and Lions? Do they think the Redskins will be in position to take Detroit's spot or will Washington choke and lose to the...

Duration: 02:26:36

NFL 2016 Week #16

Rebounding off the communication issues that resulted in the previous show starting with ten minutes of dead air, Jay and Dre are ready to fill your Christmas Eve with hot air. They will pick every game of Week 16 in the NFL, which has the Colts and Raiders battling as they try to stay in the hunt for their respective division crowns, the Ravens and Steelers (basically) vying for the AFC North title, the Broncos traveling to Kansas City looking to step over many teams (including the...

Duration: 02:00:18

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