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In My Mug is a coffee review videocast from Has Bean Coffee UK.

In My Mug is a coffee review videocast from Has Bean Coffee UK.
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In My Mug is a coffee review videocast from Has Bean Coffee UK.




Episode 488 on Monday the 19th of March, 2018. Colombia Finca La Chorrera Washed Caturra

We’re now into our sixth year of working this this amazing farm, but the first year’s lot was so tiny that it never made it onto the website and was sold as an exclusive to one of our lucky wholesale customers. Luckily, ever since then we’ve been able to focus a little bit more on the farm: we cupped a lot more pickings and found a little more coffee. Finca La Chorrera is located near to the city of Pitalito, in the south of the Huila department. It’s in the valley of the Rio Grande de la...


Episode 487 on Monday the 12th of March, 2018. Ecuador Hilda Pacha Washed Caturra

In the middle of the Amazon Rainforest, in the southeast of Ecuador, there is the province of Zamora-Chinchipe, home to Hilda’s farm. This farm has 10 hectares in total, and 7 of them are made up of virgin forests and native trees and the other 3 are where the coffee’s grown. This region counts with the only nogal reserve in the country and with the wood of these trees, they make cooking utensils for their kitchen. In this region, you can find more than 160 different bird species that...


​Episode 486 on Monday the 5th of March, 2018. Brazil Fazenda Cachoeira da Grama Pulped Natural Yellow Bourbon

This coffee is a staple, a big favourite and a stunning example of what a very fine coffee from Brazil should be. Brazil Fazenda Cachoeira Pulped Natural Yellow Bourbon from the Minas Gerais area is one of my all-time great cups. This coffee has always been fantastic, and it has such amazing memories for me. This farm and its coffee sparked a massive change in what I thought I knew about coffee. I remember the first time I ever cupped this coffee: time stood still as the cup opened my...


Episode 485 on Monday the 26th of February, 2018. Guatemala Finca La Soledad Washed Caturra

An In My Mug exclusive coffee roasted only for subscribers on Friday the 23rd of February, 2018. Raul Perez has grown up around coffee, he comes from a fifth generation coffee farming family on his father’s side, and a third generation family on his mother’s side. Coffee has always been part of his life. He has told me about stories his grandparents would share with him about their experiences. But I think it’s fair to say that Raul has made plenty of his own coffee stories in his ten...


Episode 484 on Monday the 19th of February, 2018. El Salvador Finca Alaska Washed Bourbon

A coffee that I first fell in love with waaaaaaay back in 2007 is thankfully back for another year. After many years without it, I was massively excited to get this farm and coffee back two years ago, and I’m even more excited to be able to offer this coffee once again. Finca Alaska is located just one hour from Santa Ana city. It’s on the northwest slopes of the Santa Ana volcano, which is one of the most amazing coffee growing areas in El Salvador. It is owned by Ernesto Menéndez of La...


​Episode 483 on Monday the 12th of February, 2018. Bolivia Don Carlos Washed Caturra

Due to the complications within the Bolivian coffee industry, many of the smaller Bolivian farms we have worked with in the past are no longer producing coffee. Whilst this has created some challenges for us, it has had a much more significant impact on our exporting partners AgriCafe, who have been working with these growers for many years. As a result, AgriCafe have decided to begin farming for themselves, in an effort to demonstrate what can be achieved with the application of more...


Episode 482 on Monday the 5th of February, 2018. El Salvador Finca San José Washed Red Bourbon

Finca San José is the pride and joy of the Rodríguez family, and is now in the hands of a fourth and fifth generation of coffee producers. The story begins in 1815, when José María Rodriguez and Josefina Rodriguez (great-grandparents) planted the first coffee trees with their own hands. Through the generations, the farm has passed through the hands of many committed farmers like José’s son, Israel Rodriguez. He was then followed by Jose Maria Rodriguez, who took care of the farm until it...


​Episode 481 on Monday the 29th of January, 2018. Guatemala El Limon Washed Pache

I first discovered El Limon on my trip to Guatemala in early 2013. At the time we’d never bought coffee directly from Guatemala, but since then this has become one of our strongest and most amazing relationships. My friend Raul (whom you may remember as the World Barista Champion of 2012!) in Guatemala had been buying coffee from these guys for a couple of years, and he was very keen for me to go and meet them. Located around an hour’s drive to the east of Guatemala City in the small town...


​Episode 480 on Monday the 22nd of January, 2018. Costa Rica: Don Mayo Finca La Loma Yellow Honey Villa Sarchi & Caturra

Hi there folks, listen up! This is 1 of those coffees that has quite a long name that contains quite a bit of information, and there’s even more that I didn’t put in there as I wanted to make it a little bit shorter too! So - let me explain all the bits… ‘Costa Rica’ (I’m guessing you worked this out!) is the country it’s from. ‘Don Mayo’ is the name of the micro mill where the coffee is milled and processed. ‘Finca La Loma’ is the farm that the coffee was grown on. ‘Yellow Honey‘ is...


​Episode 479 on Monday the 15th of January, 2018. Nicaragua Las Delicias Washed Longberry

This is a brand new farm to us from the department of Jinotega, in the community of Lipululu. Although brand new, it comes from people who we know well and have worked with for over ten years. The family Mierisch (who you may recognise from such farms as Limoncillo, Mama Mina, Escondida and Milligros) have worked with us over that time to bring us delicious coffee. Much of that deliciousness is thanks to their amazing processing, and Eleane is in charge of that. She works in the family...


​Episode 478 on Monday the 8th of January, 2018. Brazil Fazenda Passeio Pulped Natural Rubi

The Vieira Ferreira family has specialised in coffee production for three generations and is now headed by Adolfo Vieira Ferreira, whose attention to detail and commitment to producing top-class specialty coffee is second to none. The farm employs a high number of skilled workers to carry out most of the production process by hand, in order to guarantee quality. They do everything, from soil preparation for planting to hand-picking the ripe cherries. In return, the farm looks after its...


​Episode 477 on Monday the 1st of January, 2018. Christmas Espresso Blend

It just wouldn’t be Christmas without a Christmas blend now, would it?! Now in its TWELFTH (!) year of Christmas blends here at Has Bean, this is our take on the perfect espresso to enjoy at this wonderful festive time of year. This blend can only be roasted throughout the month of December. Some fella in a red suit (no, not me!) said so, so make sure to enjoy it while you can! In the cup you get an insight into my Christmas: dark chocolate, dried fruit, boozy and orange peel. Yes...


Episode 475 on Monday the 18th of December, 2017. El Salvador Finca La Lagunita Washed Bourbon

On top of the Nymph Lagoon (a volcanic crater nested in Apaneca) Finca La Lagunita is located at an altitude of 1,650 metres above sea level. Within its 4.9 hectares, 3.5 ha. are dedicated to coffee and it’s mainly Bourbon and Typica that mainly grow, there’s a bit of Elephante too. The top of the hill has been kept as a native forest, a sanctuary of trees that are hundreds of years old, and as I’m sure you can imagine an area like that also attracts loads of birds and animals so it serves...


​Episode 474 on Monday the 11th of December, 2017. Nicaragua Finca Limoncillo Pulped Natural Ethiosar

The story of Has Bean and Finca Limoncillo has been told many many times, but it’s one that I really love to share. So much of where we are today has come from this relationship, and I’m super proud of everything that’s happened in the past, as well as amazingly excited for where we can go in the future. My relationship with Finca Limoncillo began in 2007, and back then we were buying their delicious coffee as part of a buying group. I loved it from the very first time I cupped it, and it...


Episode 473 on Monday the 4th of December, 2017. Guatemala El Limon Washed Caturra

I first discovered El Limon on my trip to Guatemala in early 2013, at the time we’d never bought coffee directly from Guatemala; but since then this has become one of our strongest and most amazing relationships. My friend Raul (who you may remember as the World Barista Champion of 2012!) in Guatemala had been buying coffee from these guys for a couple of years and was very keen for me to go and meet them. Located around an hour’s drive to the east of Guatemala City in the small town of...


​Episode 472 on Monday the 27th of November, 2017. El Salvador Finca Argentina Washed Bourbon

It brings me great pleasure to start typing this because 2017 marks the seventh year that we’re roasting coffee from Finca Argentina and its farmer, the always awesome Alejandro Martinez! Alejandro and I have actually been working together since 2008, and in that time it’s gone from a working relationship to Ale being one of my closest friends. He became involved in coffee in 2008 as he had just relocated to El Salvador from New York, where he’d been working as a city banker. With his...


​Episode 471 on Monday the 20th of November, 2017. Kenya Kiriga Estate AA Washed

Well hello there everyone, Uncle Steve has a story to tell you! So sit back, relax and enjoy the story of the Kiriga Estate in Kenya The first coffee bush at Kiriga Estate was planted in approximately 1954 by colonial settlers. At about the same time, less than ten kilometres away along the same Kigio road, a young boy (Aloysius Gakunga, son of the chief for the larger Murang’a county) helped his father – Senior Chief Ndungíu Kagori – plant the first coffee seedling in the area. The area...


​Episode 470 on Monday the 13th of November, 2017. ​El Salvador Finca Las Brumas Washed SL 28

Juan Jose Ernesto ‘Neto’ Menéndez Argüello belongs to the fourth generation of coffee farmers in his family. His father died in 1995. After completing his studies at university, Neto had the opportunity to start working in the coffee industry at J. Hill & Cia, in 2000. He left J. Hill & Cia after five years, and began his second coffee experience at JASAL. Both companies gave him the opportunity to meet ‘Grano de Oro’ from another perspective, allowing him to learn the art and passion of...


Episode 469 on Monday the 6th of November, 2017. Nicaragua Finca La Escondida Washed Catuai

Finca La Escondida is close to Lake Apanas near the city of Jinotega, which is the capital of the department of Jinotega in the north-central region of Nicaragua. The straight translation from Spanish to English of ‘escondida’ is ‘hidden’. Escondida is called ‘Escondida’ because the farm is ‘hidden’ from the road by forest and trees, which makes it appear to blend right into the side of the mountain. La Escondida is a rather young farm as coffee farms go, because the first trees were...


Episode 468 on Monday the 30th of October, 2017. Ethiopia Ana Sora Guji Natural

This is the second year of us having coffee from Ana Sora and has become something very beautiful. This coffee represents lots of time and energy working at the farmers gate in Ethiopia; not only that, but the coffee is the only private estate from which we have ever bought in Ethiopia. Add to these points the fact that it’s one of the most unique coffees I have ever tasted, and you can understand why I’m excited. This private farm is owned by Israel Degfa, a second generation coffee...


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