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A podcast about video games, movies, books, people and more, that have influenced us and impacted our lives

A podcast about video games, movies, books, people and more, that have influenced us and impacted our lives
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A podcast about video games, movies, books, people and more, that have influenced us and impacted our lives






IOsK Episode 212 Nintendo

This Episode: James explores the love-hate relationship he has for Nintendo. Pre-topic discussions include: Spiderman: Homecoming, Dunkirk and Hearthstone. ANNOUNCEMENT: Due to real life changes in both James' and Veet's lives, In One's Ken is going on an indefinite hiatus. We are very sad to not be doing this podcast as it has become a work of passion and we have enjoyed sharing aspects of our pop cultural world with everyone. Our episodes can be still found on YouTube and keep an eye out...

Duration: 01:33:58

IOsK Episode 211 Shared Universes

This Episode: Robert ventures in the vast expanse of Shared Universes. Pre-topic discussions include: Castlevania, Baby Driver, Spider-Man: Homecoming and West Side Story. Next Episode: TBA

Duration: 01:49:05

IOsK Episode 210 Musicals

This Episode: Veet sings and dances his way, out of tune and with two left feet, through his love of Musicals. Pre topic discussions include: Wonder Woman, Thor comics and the Veet promotion saga comes to an end. Next Episode: Robert ventures in the vast expanse of Shared Universes.

Duration: 02:02:16

IOsK Episode 209 Edgar Wright

This episode: James fanboys all out on Edgar Wright. Next episode: Veet sets up the challenge for three heterosexual males to talk about musicals.

Duration: 01:30:42

IOsK Episode 208 Zombies!

This week: Robert gnaws through a few brains as he discusses the zombie genre and its inclusion throughout our modern day forms of entertainment. Next week: James introduces us to another influential individual, in a pop cultural sense, in his life.

Duration: 02:02:46

IOsK Episode 207 Samurai Jack

This Week: Veet fights his way through countless oncoming mechanical enemies, in order to muse about one of his all time favorite animated series. Next Week: Robert goes in search of brains so that he can delve into all things zombie.

Duration: 01:52:40

IOsK Episode 205 Firefly

This episode: Robert discusses the Firefly TV series and subsequent movie - Serenity and how possibly, it was a good thing that they haven't made any more. Next episode: James go, goes Power Rangering back to a childhood favorite.

Duration: 01:43:20

IOsK Episode 204 Mobster Italiano (The Godfather)

This Episode: Veet talk about the Godfather movies and Italian culture. Next Episode: Robert tries to get the show cancelled by talking about Firefly.

Duration: 01:23:27

IOsK Episode 203 Final Fantasy

This Episode: James talks about the Final Fantasy franchise. Next Episode: Veet talks about the Godfather movies.

Duration: 02:34:15

IOsK Episode 202 Alien Movie Franchise

This Episode: Robert captains our continuing voyage through science fiction franchises with Alien and its sequels. Next Episode: James waxes nostalgic about the Final Fantasy and Square Enix.

Duration: 02:13:52

IOsK Episode 201 Science Friction (Veet's Childhood)

This Episode: Veet talks about the television shows that had science fiction elements in a modern setting from his childhood. Next Episode: Robert focuses on the Aliens franchise.

Duration: 01:48:27

IOsK Episode 141 Bioshock Franchise

This Week: Robert explores the murky depth of the Bioshock franchise. Next Week: Our 2016 retrospective episode!

Duration: 02:08:01

IOsK Episode 140 Star Trek Part 3

This Week: Veet finishes the long voyage through the Star Trek universe. Next Week: Would you kindly listen to Robert talk about the Bioshock franchise.

Duration: 02:19:37

IOsK Episode 138 Magic The Gathering

This Week: Robert taps two plains and one other to summon a 1/2 turbo nerd with haste to talk about the trading card game Magic the Gathering. Next Week: War, war never changes. (Fallout Franchise)

Duration: 02:30:01

IOsK Episode 137 Shut Up Wesley! Star Trek Part 2

WARNING: This episode was recorded and edited while I was sick. The quality of my voice/mic does not reflect the awesomeness of my two co-hosts. This Week: Veet takes us on a continuing journey to explore Star Trek. Next Week: Robert talks about the surprising depth of the Magic the Gathering Trading Card Game universe.

Duration: 02:12:53

IOsK Episode 134 Space The Final Frontier - Star Trek Part 1

This Week: Veet explores the depths of space in part one of our Star Trek episode. Next Week: Surprising absolutely no one, Robert will lead the discussion about Blizzard Entertainment in time for Blizzcon 2016.

Duration: 01:47:59

IOsK Episode 133 Dragon Quest Franchise

This week: James takes a nostalgic yet somber look at the Dragon Quest franchise and Japanese Roleplaying Games as a whole. Next Week: Veet leads the first of a two part discussion on the Star Trek franchise and its influence on television and science fiction.

Duration: 01:36:20

IOsK Episode 131 Harry Potter

This week: Special guest Sam leads us on a magical journey through the universe of Harry Potter. Next week: Robert locks in the coordinates to Stargate SG-1.

Duration: 01:53:00

IOsK Episode 129 Living Livesteaming Loca

This Week: James discusses the wonderful, terrible world of livestreaming. Next Week: The hosts talk about World of Warcraft Legion.

Duration: 02:09:31

IOsK Episode 128 One Plus Two Equals Half Life 3

This week: Robert tried to teach Valve how to add to three with Half-Life. Next Week: Video Game Livestreaming.

Duration: 01:51:35

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