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E233: War News from the Crazy BitCoin Cryptocurrency World

Joey King drops by to share news from the war front. The cryptocurrency war that is. He’s going to share with us some basics, history, news, and what to do with your BitCoin Cash. ~ Become a supporting member here: ~ Resources from this episode can be found at: The cryptocurrency world is on fire. Some would even say war is ranging. Digital currencies are seeing crazy high prices. And there's a lot of confusion about what these...

Duration: 01:14:59

E232: How to Increase Wealth and Survive Your Likely Disaster

In this episode, Joshua Sheats of Radical Personal Finance stops by. He’s going to share with us some fundamental truths of how to increase wealth and how to survive the most likely disaster to impact your life. Money doesn't come up often enough in the preparedness community. Sometimes there's talk of having cash on hand for emergencies. Other times there's talk of gold and silver investing, bitcoins, and other more unconventional stores of wealth. And there's sometimes talk of being debt...

Duration: 00:54:29

E231: How to Make the Best Gun Battery on a Small Budget

In this episode, Josh drops by to discuss building up the best prepper gun battery on a small budget. Many preppers obsess over their gun battery. There's a good reason: they are among the best tools to help keep us safe and defend our lives with. And, let's face it, most of us like guns a whole lot. They're fun to play with and many find shooting to be a relaxing hobby. (I often call it yoga with loud noises and a little more smoke.) But building a full prepper battery of guns is...

Duration: 01:00:59

E230: This is What Happens When a Coronal Mass Ejection Strikes

In this episode, we’re joined by Author RE McDermott. He shares with us who he is, his book Under a Tell Tale Sky, and how life after a coronal mass eject might go off the rails. ~ Become a supporting member here: ~ Resources from this episode can be found at: Dystopian fiction books in the prepper niche often focus on EMPs. It's a seemingly easy target -- especially these days. North Korea and other bad actors are suspected of...

Duration: 00:30:59

E229: Fundamentals of How Power Is Restored After a Catastrophe

In this episode, we sit down with Jay. He’s going to share with us how power grids are restored and put back together after a catastrophe. Plus, we'll discuss basic safety tips for during and after a power outage to keep you safe. Preppers like us are acutely aware of how delicate society is. And when it comes to the electric grid, we’re all at least a little freaked out. (Some a lot freaked out.) EMPs, Coronal Mass Ejection, Cyber Attacks, physical attacks on plans and substations are...

Duration: 00:51:29

E228: The 1911 - Love, Hate, Myth, Practicality, and Best Basics

Justin Carroll drops back by to talk about the 1911 pistol. The US government paid a LOT of money teaching him to depend on one. And he shares real-world use lessons learned. For those who don’t know, he’s a former Marine Recon, Marine special operations, and former government alphabet soup guy who ran a 1911 and many other guns for a living. So Justin has just a wee bit of experience with what works and what doesn't. And today he’s going to share with us some basics about the reality of...

Duration: 00:53:59

E227: How to Make an Awesome Pantry for Disasters Big and Small

In this episode, Daisy Luther drops back by. We discuss starting and stocking your prepper pantry, cutting the grocery bills, and being a food in the apocalypse. Let's face it, building out and stocking a good pantry isn't sexy for most of us. It's meticulous work requiring a lot of thought and care -- especially for new preppers. Stocking food and water doesn't go bang, isn't shiny, won't word off zombies, and isn't something we can brag to our friends about. (Well you could, but it's...

Duration: 00:31:59

E226: A Young Woman's Story of Survival in a Mad World

We sit down with author Sara Hathaway; the creator of Day After Disaster and The Changing Earth series. She shares with us her writing story and thoughts on female preppers. Female preppers tend to be greatly outnumbered by their male counter parts. Most informal reports put the percentages at 30% female and 70% male. The disparity between sexes is also evident in prepper fiction. It is dominated by male characters -- often overly stylized super soldier types. And this get's boring after...

Duration: 00:30:59

E225: How to Easily Navigate the Fascinating World of Navigation

In this episode, we're joined by author Glen Martin to discuss navigation skills for preppers and survivalists. Navigation skills are an often overlooked skill. Partly this is due to the perception of it being a non-sexy skill. And this may also be due to the perceived difficulting in learning and practicing the skill. But it turns out, it’s easier than you might think. And there are some fun tricks. This includes one where your dog tries to tell you which way is north in an...

Duration: 00:26:59

E224: How to Overcome Poverty and NOT Kill Your Kids with Canning

We sit down with Daisy Luther from the Organic Prepper. She’s going to tell us how canning can make a huge impact in our lives. Canning is a topic we've not given much love to, unfortunately. In fact, there's never been an ITRH episode dedicated to it. And this is a large oversight on our part. The skill of canning is important. It can play a large part in getting your pantry stocked, preserving the food you grow, and even saving you money. The truth is this: It intimidated us a bit...

Duration: 00:34:59

E223: How To Hack the Robot Revolution and Thrive

Financial prognosticator John Pugliano drops by to warn us of the robot revolution and Skynet taking your job. And, he’ll offer advice on how to be the John Connor of your own financial future. Automation is quickly becoming the new boogie man in the media. This isn't without good reason: the robot revolution is on and many are killing off old steadfast jobs. Most often, we hear about this in Most often, we hear about this in fast-food chains like McDonald's. And its rise is wrongly...

Duration: 00:59:59

E222: The Story of a Daughter's Survival in a Harsh World

We sit down with author CA Rudolph to discuss his book series What's Left of My World, his writing process, and survival lessons for Dads. What would it take to raise a strong female prepper? Two out of three hosts of ITRH struggle with this. The third just hasn't made any little preppers yet. So this is an important question for us, as of late. But this also speaks to a big piece of our community who tend to be under represented. Women are a minority in prepper circles. Perhaps men are...

Duration: 00:34:35

E221: Living in a Van Down by the River

Justin Carroll stops by to discuss his bug out vehicle. To Justin, it's not a BOV; it's home, freedom, practical, and an adventure. We're big on preparedness solutions with practical uses even if the zombie apocalypse doesn't happen. Gear and changes you make to your life should be something that makes your life better in the now. Doing things exclusively for an apocalypse become a burden otherwise. This makes Justin's approach perfect for bug out vehicles, opinion. You see, Justin...

Duration: 00:48:59

Bonus - The BitCoin vs BitCoin Cash Crypto Wars

We sit back down with Joey King of to find out what happened after BitCoin forked into BitCoin and BitCoin Cash. We'll also discuss what to do next and what the future for the two crypto currencies may hold. ~ Become a supporting member here: ~ Resources from this episode can be found at:

Duration: 00:26:29

E220: How to Survive in a Bitcoin World: War, Hackers, and Scams

In this episode, we sit down with Joey King; BitCoin blogger and developer. He’s going to tell us all about BitCoin and the fate of money as we know it. Several years ago, Joey left his fortune 100 job to pursue his passion for BitCoin. Since then he's become a figure and influencer in the movement. And he's just getting warmed up. The world of cryptocurrency is a huge subject. And this will be the beginning of many episodes on the topic. Although, we were the first in the survival...

Duration: 01:03:59

E219: How to Decide: Night Vision for Preppers

Night Vision for preppers: Own the night and see bad things before they can see you. These are the phrases often used to describe the technology for tactical applications. And it's an enticing premise. Who wouldn't want the advantage and superpower of seeing in the dark? It would be a game changer should polite society ever skid out of control. But many preppers end up with sticker shock as soon as they begin investigating night vision. And is seemingly creates a perceived need out of...

Duration: 00:52:29

E218: The Drunk Episode - Travel with Firearms

In this episode, we’re joined by Josh to discuss traveling with guns and knives. He’s a long-time private security professional who has been all over the world. Traveling with guns can be a tricky subject, and so can knives. However, it’s not as difficult as you may think. It’s often rather easy, in fact. But it’s extremely important to understand the laws of all the areas you’re traveling through. Sometimes cities have stricter laws than the states they’re in. And sometimes they’re the...

Duration: 00:24:19

E217: Best Tactical Schools and Little Deadly Lies

In E217, we sit down with James Price to discuss tactical schools and training. He’s going to lift up the skirt on the tactical training industry and show us what’s going on. He’s also going to share with us where many of us are training for the wrong thing in the wrong way. We begin and end every episode with a special message. It’s our motto and the thing ITRH promises. In fact, it’s the ITRH tag line: Stay safe and sound! The show is weighed towards the Safe part of that tagline. The...

Duration: 01:10:59

E216: Surviving on a Sailboat in the Zombie Apocalypse

In this book club episode, we're joined by author Zack Lynn to discuss surviving on a sailboat in the zombie apocalypse. Surviving on a Sailboat in a bugout scenario presents several advantages and disadvantages. Advantages include not being stuck in a bunker with now windows, fishing, and mobility, to name a few. But you are constrained by the weight of the times you can store, inclement weather, and bobbing zombies. There's also considerations about what kind of boat. And many other...

Duration: 00:28:00

E215: How to Secure your Home Like a Professional Safe House

In this episode, James Price shares with us his trade secrets for securing your home like a high-value safe house. For new listeners, James is a veteran executive protection consultant with over a decade of experience as a high-priced civilian security contractor in the Middle East and Far East Asia. James gives his expert opinion on the mistakes you are probably making with regard to home safety; some key elements you need to consider to evaluate the safety of your house; the security...

Duration: 00:34:10

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