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Music, vinyl, and life in the (614).

Music, vinyl, and life in the (614).
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Columbus, OH




Music, vinyl, and life in the (614).




#77: The Turbos.

A powerful part of the Columbus rock scene is The Turbos. They are a self-proclaimed "high energy alt-rock quartet" with punchy, deep melodies. The band tells their story of how this side project started to become their main focus and passion. The Turbos perform "Bullet To Chew" and "Van Gogh." All songs mixed and produced by Joey Gurwin at Oranjudio. This podcast mastered by Luke Boyle and produced by Mel Millimen. Us: Them: Oranjudio:...

Duration: 00:28:51

#76: Spencer Sutherland.

Spencer Sutherland hails from the east Columbus suburb Pickerington, Ohio. Fresh off his appearance on the UK's "X Factor," Spencer talks about life on the road, dealing with critics, a 20,000 calorie challenge and what's next for his career. Featuring songs "Selfish" and an exclusive recording of an unreleased song titled, "Don't Even Remember Your Name." All songs mixed and produced by Joey Gurwin at Oranjudio. This podcast mastered by Luke Boyle and produced by Mel Millimen. Us:...

Duration: 00:28:30

#75: The High Definitions.

Their tour van broke down. The mechanic said: "You have to sign this paper because I'm legally not allowed to let you drive this off the lot." The High Definitions' story is fueled by a passionate drive to continue to make and play music together - not just in Ohio - but across the country. Featuring songs "Wild Grass" and "Lydia." All songs mixed and produced by Joey Gurwin at Oranjudio. This podcast mastered by Luke Boyle and produced by Mel Millimen. Us: Them:...

Duration: 00:28:34

#74: Sarob.

A broken heart. An incarcerated father. These experiences help give birth the the passionate, soulful music of Sarob. All songs mixed and produced by Joey Gurwin at Oranjudio. This podcast mastered by Luke Boyle and produced by Mel Millimen. Us: Them: Oranjudio: Comments:

Duration: 00:30:08

#73: Honey and Blue.

A former waitress and self-admitted "nice bouncer" come together to form the soulful-sweet Honey and Blue. Featuring "Walls" and "You Don't Love Me" off their album "All The Feels" - out on December 2nd, 2017. All songs mixed and produced by Joey Gurwin at Oranjudio. This podcast mastered by Luke Boyle and produced by Mel Millimen. Us: Them: Oranjudio: Comments:

Duration: 00:29:14

#72: Zoo Trippin' uncensored.

Multi-genre. Multi-talented. Multi-faceted. We're talking about the rock band with soul, guts and passion: Zoo Trippin'. Sure, you could just call them "weird" and move on. But, we felt it was necessary to leave this episode completely uncensored so you can get to know this group a and make up your own mind. We trade stories of police breaking up a gig, an alligator at a concert and the sincere depth and heart behind their latest album release "Purple." Zoo Trippin performs "Savage" and...

Duration: 00:42:50

#71: Hello Luna.

Hello Luna is a band that has strong "pop vocals with varying dynamics of indie rock." Members Kenzie, Michael and Diego discuss everything with us: first music memories, least favorite foods and future album and tour plans. Exclusive songs: "Sound and Sorrow" and "Half Asleep." Us: Them: Oranjudio: Comments:

Duration: 00:29:58

BONUS: Professional Partier Andrew WK.

We go deep into the subject and philosophical nature of partying with the man who is the foremost expert: Andrew WK. Right before his show in Columbus and a few months before his new album release, Andrew takes some time to discuss the deeper meaning of partying and how it truly never stops. Us: Them: Comment:

Duration: 00:14:59

BONUS: Phoenix lead singer Thomas Mars.

Before their show in Columbus, Phoenix lead singer takes some time to talk with Vince and Grant to explore the punk roots of the internationally-known group. One of the first names for the band was "désordre" - the french word for "Mess." After their massive hits "1901" and "Trying To Be Cool," the band is back with "Ti Amo," a new record reviewed as "romantic, glossy, soft-pop ode." The long-winding conversation is briefly interrupted by what Thomas calls a "tropical bird," but quickly...

Duration: 00:18:58

#70: Jason Quicksall.

While his personality may be quiet, the styling of Jason Quicksall quickly takes on new form when he gets behind a mic. This multi-talented artist, peppered with quick humor, is an untapped depth of talent with a deep, bassy voice. Jason performs two songs exclusively for us and details the work on his next album. Music mixed by Joey Gurwin at Oranjudio. Us: Jason: Oranjudio: Comments:...

Duration: 00:38:05

#69: Orion and The Constellations.

Infused with experiences from a steel mill, Orion and The Constellations were formed with a blues-rock passion. The guys trade stories of when one iteration of the band was known as "Zebulon" and when Orion first did a solo gig and "hated it." Well, they are far from hating it on this episode at Orion plays exclusive versions of "Alive" and "Drinking Hole." Music mixed by Joey Gurwin at Oranjudio. Us: Orion: Oranjudio:...

Duration: 00:30:27

#68: Andy Kuss and Andicus.

His fiancé grabs his hand and says "come here." They walk out to the arbor where they were to be married soon. She opens the case and he nearly loses his breath as he looks at it. What was lost now is found. The story of Andy Kuss continues and weaves into a story where his fortune turned into free guitars from a stranger. We hear the performances of and stories behind "Bullet Train" and "Win Win World." Music mixed by Joey Gurwin at Oranjudio. Us: Jason:...

Duration: 00:27:03

SPECIAL: Independent's Day Festival 2017.

In a special edition of the podcast, producer Mel Millimen sits down with Derek and Shelly, two of the brains behind a Columbus music gem: the Independent's Day Festival. While this is the tenth and final year for this event, they promise it won't be the last local music event they produce in this city. Mel, Derek and Shelly also cover some of the history and explosive growth of ID Fest. Also a preview of this year's concerts. Independent's Day Festival is happening Saturday, September...

Duration: 00:16:13

#67: Jason and Michelle.

Their plane is slowly and carefully landing. The near-insane thought hits his mind. He decides to blurt it out anyway. "Hey, do you want to get married?" Thus begins the story of Columbus music duo, Jason and Michelle. Yes, it's a true story. "Bring cash" said the pastor who soon married them on the beach. They sit down with us for a wide ranging talk of how they met, their ongoing musical lives together and future album plans. Jason and Michelle perform an exclusive set with us. Hear...

Duration: 00:34:29

#65: Salty Caramels are "blue."

With less than a month left until they release their second album, "Baby Blue," The Salty Caramels sit down with us to discuss the record and the inspiration behind the album. As one of Columbus' few (and perhaps only) all-female bands, these women stand out as a rarity in a male-dominated industry. They perform two exclusive tracks for us: "Trouble" and "Night Time Song" - a tune with new-mom influences. IN THE BUS: Vince talks with famed classic rocker George Thorogood, before his...

Duration: 00:55:49

#64: Building a hip hop city.

Staring at the brand new life of his two-month-old, he was told he needed to "grow up." Josh Miller knew he had one more night of spray paint fun. Miller was a growing graffiti artist with a passion for creativity. Now, he had to find a different creative outlet. Josh is one of the brains behind the ever-expanding 2x2 Hip Hop Festival in Columbus, Ohio - a platform and event for an often misunderstood genre and art form. We also discuss the hip-hop scene in and around Columbus and if...

Duration: 00:35:40

#63: Politics and music.

Where is the line? Is there a line? How often should you even bring it up. And, should it even be brought up at all? What is it? Politics in music. In an open, honest and thoughtful conversation, we discuss the role of politically charged messages in song. Our guest is Joey Gurwin. He owns Oranjudio, a well-known recording studio in the Columbus area. Joey is also a member of the band "BirdGetters." They recently ran into controversy when they were told they couldn't cover the famous N.W.A...

Duration: 00:44:06

SPECIAL: Bunbury Music Festival Interviews.

In a special episode of In The Record Store: The Podcast, producer Mel Millimen heads out to Cincinnati's Bunbury Music festival. We play the interviews in full and completely unedited. For your desired band, see the names and time codes below. Arkells: 3:22. Dave Buker: 17:00. Go Analog: 25:04. Hello Luna: 37:16. Jared Mahone: 49:40. Lemon Sky: 1:01:50. Sarob: 1:13:41. Cordial Sins: 1:25:38. VHS Collection: 1:36:48. White Reaper: 1:47:58. Yellow Paper Planes: 1:59:30. For more:...

Duration: 02:10:58

#62: The prolific Jesse Henry.

Prolific. Proficient. Pretty funny. That's the man who is the subject of this episode of the podcast. He's Jesse Henry. Prolific: Jesse completely fits the definition of that word. He's been involved in numerous and intensely talented groups: Strutterfly, The Spike Drivers, Field Dogs, Great Divide, The Benders and more. Proficient: He is absolutely skilled in songwriting. From his Mennonite background to now, the diversity of his life experiences saturates his songs. Pretty funny: Jesse...

Duration: 00:29:17

#61: That moment with Mahone.

After spending 13 years in Columbus, Jared Mahone knows a thing or two about this thriving music scene. "This is where I grew up. This is what I know," says Jared when talking about his affinity for Ohio music, but specifically for the 614. He talks about growing up with a religious background and how that impacts his music style today. Jared also details they stories of being gutsy - and also totally bombing on stage. An accomplished musician and veteran on the scene, we are honored to...

Duration: 00:44:52

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