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Eddie Valero of Young Men’s Initiative

In this week's show we sit with Eddie Valero. Eddie upon seeing a need for male role models, he founded Young Men's Initiative. Going on his faith and pure will he has been changing the face of rural communities. He is a great example of taking action when the need surfaced. Follow Young Men's Initiative. Here is his website.

Duration: 00:27:56

Breaking The Chains

In today's show I sit down with Debra Rush. Debra is the founder of Breaking the Chains. She talks with us about how easy it is to be lured into this lifestyle. We have on Edith Lias who shares her story and how Debra saved her. Lets not rush to judgement when we see that girl on the streets. You can listen to Debra's first interview here. Also if you would like to visit her site.

Duration: 00:41:16

Carolyn and Karen Donor Network West

In this week's show we introduce Carolyn Dickson and Karen Collins. Both these women have had organs donated. If it wasn't for the families of Marie and Leslie they wouldn't be sitting with us. Discover their amazing stories. To find out more about Donor Network West click here. Here is full video of interview. Also for the listener questioniarre click here.

Duration: 00:47:25

Desiree Martinez

In this week's show we have back on Desiree Martinez of Homeless in Fresno. Desiree is hosting a toy drive for the homeless kids in Fresno. These kids live in and out of hotels and cars. Des is out on the street daily and needs help and resources. You can follow her at her facebook page or her Instagram account. Her website is Also her phone number is 559/898-2551. Listener Survey and enter for a chance to win a $50 Amazon gift certificate.

Duration: 00:35:22

Jocelyn Parker

In this week's episode we sit down with Jocelyn Parker of Single Mom Solutions. Jocelyn at one time was a single mother and knows the challenges and trails of being a single parent. Now she has devoted herself to helping single mothers. You can follow her on her page.

Duration: 00:20:50

Lanna Coffee Co

In this week's episode I sit down with Kelly Mitchinson of Lanna Coffee Co. Lanna Coffee sources it's coffee from the northern part of Thailand. They donate 25 percent of their proceeds back to the hill tribes. To find out more about Lanna Coffee Co click here. Don't forget to sign up for our weekly newsletter.

Duration: 00:21:04

Cycling Without Age

In today's episode we sit down with Ole Kassow. Ole acted on an idea. His idea turned into a movement. Cycling Without Age now has chapters throughout the world. We all have ideas, but do we act on them? Let Ole tell his story and it may trigger that action, that all ideas must have.

Duration: 00:29:07

Center for Community Transformation

In this week's show, I have a conversation with Carlos Huerta. Carlos id the director of the Center for Community Transformation. CCT is a faith based organization that helps educate and put to work the people in the surrounding communities. Fresno is the national model for this help. Although it's in its infancy, CCT has had a great impact. Listen to how you can help your neighbor. Visit their website here.

Duration: 00:36:59

Bryon Harwell

In this week's episode we have a conversation with Bryon Harwell. Bryon doesn't let past circumstances define his future. To say Bryon was held back as a child would be an understatement. Listen to Bryon discuss his outlook on life. I think we can all take some pointers. Here you can follow Bryon with his mission.

Duration: 00:28:01

Jami Hamel De La Cerda

In this week's episode, we sit down with Jami Hamel De La Cerda. She talks with us about the founding of the Diamond Learning Center. Discover how this education center is changing how things are done. Learning is for everyone.

Duration: 00:18:42

Nancy Waidtlow of the Eco Village Project

Nancy Waidtlow's project The Eco Garden is a step in the right direction. We have a rising problem of people living on the streets. With her team, they manage to house people who need a hand up. If you want to get in touch with her call 559/224 - 1738. Sit back and relax with Nancy Waidtlow.

Duration: 00:29:58

Neto Pimenta of Disrupt Yourself Innovate Your Life

In this week’s show, I explain the big picture. In Touch Media Group is built upon providing content that awakens. How do I do this, I collaborate with other content providers such as Neto Pimenta. Who is on the show today. Neto explains his podcast Disrupt Yourself Innovate Your Life. His message is similar but from a total different angle. In Touch Media Group will start providing other podcasts that have great content, so stay tuned for upcoming releases.

Duration: 00:28:43

Aaron Bryan of the Fresno County Youth Choir

In This week's show we sit down with Aaron Bryon. He discusses the Fresno County Youth Choir. A very diverse group with one unique voice. To make it on the team you need do be more than just talented. We need more of these groups in the spotlight. To discover more about the Fresno County Youth Choir.

Duration: 00:37:48

Jose M. Hernandez

This week marks one year of In Touch Valley Talk Podcast. So this show is going to the stars with Jose M. Hernandez. Jose's dream to become an astronaut, some would probably say at the time, was too big. Let him tell you, how he started to execute his mission at the age of 10. There should be no excuses for anyone, for not achieving their goals!

Duration: 00:23:10

Angie Perry

In this week's show, we sit down with Angie Perry. She discusses why, during a time of abundance, she thought of people in need. Madi's Closet was founded on the principle of lending a hand. Follow this start up foundation here.

Duration: 00:25:21

JJ Perez

JJ Perez, a 12 year old who taught himself how to play the piano. Just when you think, future generations have given up the old ways, here comes someone to teach you differently. An incredibly talented kid, JJ, welcomes the art of music. Now lets spread his creativity to everyone. No need for my intro and outdo on this one, let JJ provide the audio. Thanks JJ!!!

Duration: 00:21:48

Debbie Castillo

In this week's episode I have a conversation with Debbie Castillo. Her story is quite amazing. Discover how her attitude, faith and techniques cured her cancer. She was not one to accept her doctors prognosis. "Only God knows when I'm leaving." With that attitude, she set out to recover her own way. is her address if you want to reach out to her.

Duration: 00:27:49

Matt De Fina

In this week’s episode we sit down with Matt De Fina. Matt shares his philosophy on life. As you will hear perseverance pays off. Matt was given only 4 years to live at birth. He will turn 40 in a couple of months. Sit back and listen to his Story. Creative Growth Incubator webinar. Every … Continue reading Matt De Fina →

Duration: 00:29:41

Stacey Byers

Cody is on the right In this week’s episode we sit down with Stacey Byers. She talks about her son Cody. Cody was an avid rock climber who passed doing what he loved. Stacey’s strength is incredible. She was in the gym three days later immersing herself in the sport her son loved. Now she […]

Duration: 00:33:41

Darla DiGrandi

In this week’s episode I have a conversation with Darla DiGrandi. She did not stop, even for her own life, to become a mother. She has an incredible story sure to inspire. Find out what she did to have her beautiful daughter Bella. She discusses changing her work environment to become a present parent. To […]

Duration: 00:38:20

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