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Crisis on infinite opinions: Jessica Jones Season 2

Corey, Norm, and Sarah dive into another season of everyones favourite alcoholic private investigative super hero Jessica Jones. We break down the season episode by episode and talk about what worked and what didn't, is this season better than last? and also do we want your Cray Cray?


Top Shelve: Fight Club

We have a new episode theme "Top Shelve" where we talk about some of our favourite movies. Instead of our usual scene by scene breakdown Top Shelve is more about a in-depth discussion about famous movies. This week we break the first two rules of Fight Club and talk about the 1999 David Fincher directed movie. Evan and Sarah join Corey to talk about his Favourite movie of all time. This is your life and its ending one minute at a time, so why not spend 63 mins with us.


Drinking Alone: Oscar Edition

Drinking Alone is back! Corey is here with his Oscar recap, who won, who he thinks should have won and why. Also would Corey like to thank the Academy? (spoiler no he would not)


You're Cut Off: The Cutting Edge

Scandalous Bonus Episode this time cut from the Cutting Edge we tell a alleged story of Corey and Bryant being taught by the illegitimate of a hockey great, did I mention this is a ALLEGED story (Plz don't sue us) feel free to contact me TSN, Sportsnet, ESPN


90's Proof: The Cutting Edge (Feat: Mike MacQueen)

At Intalksicated we're not quite ready for the Olympics to end so we decided to watch the '92 figure skating movie "The Cutting Edge". Bryant and Corey are once again joined by Mike MacQueen to answer questions like "Is everyone in this movie a jerk?", "Is figure skating the easiest sport to take up?", "Are we supposed to hate Hale Forrester?" plus we throw shade at everything that moves


Crisis on Infinite Opinions: Black Panther

We are on the road to Avengers Infinity War with the last stop being the highly anticipated "Black Panther". Corey and Norm review and answer the question is it Smooth sailing or a bumpy ride.


90's Proof: The Air Up There (Feat: Mike MacQueen)

90's Proof is back with the 1994 Kevin Bacon movie The Air Up There. Bryant and Corey are joined once again by Mike MacQueen to answer questions like Is it Jimmy Dolan or Jimmy Nolan? Has Kevin Bacon ever touched a basketball before this movie? Whats a better band name "Foxy and the Hooker" or "Zany Bacon"? Also hear Bryant's new song "I wear my jeans down in Africa"


80's Proof: Gleaming the Cube

Bryant and Corey are back with a new edition of 80's Proof to talk about the 1989 movie Gleaming the Cube. they answer questions like What does Gleaming the Cube mean? Does Yabbo have the greatest bedroom ever? What didn't Tony Hawk do on this movie? and WHAT THE HELL DOES GLEAMING THE CUBE MEAN?


Wine List: Black Mirror Season 4

This week on the Intalksicated Reviews podcast wine list is back and this time we're talking about season 4 of Charlie Booker's Black Mirror. Corey, Evan, Norm, and Sarah rank all the episodes, and discuss them from U.S.S. Callister to Black Museum.


90's Proof: Judgement Night (Feat. Peter White)

Peter White is back on 90's Proof for a super sized episode! this time he joins Corey and Bryant and they (Try to) talk about the '93 movie Judgement Night starring Charlie Sheen's brother and Tom Cruise's Ambassador of Quan (bonus points if you get both those references). we answer questions like How did Super cat talk Mark McGrath into doing the Sugar ray song "Fly"? Is this movie just a feature length Dennis Leary stand up special? and can Corey play a bag? so get in the right car and...


Recaps and Refills: Mr. Robot Season 3

Corey, Evan, and Sarah are back together to talk about another show they are obsessed with, the great Mr Robot. We dive into season 3 to talk about things we like, things we didn't, and where we think the show is heading. Don't Delete us.


Recap and Refills: Star Wars The Last Jedi

Better late than never Corey and Norm sit down to talk about Rian Johnson's The Last Jedi, does this newest episode fall more on the Light side or the dark side, is it a "New Hope" for the franchise or "Its a Trap", is it a Mace WinDO or a Mace WinDONT? (OK I will stop) Plus a bonus edition of Wine List!


Wine List: Best of 2017

Its Wine List, where we drink wine and make lists. This week Corey gives us his top 20 tv shows and top 10 movies of the year.


90's Proof: Gladiator (Boxing Day Edition)

Happy Boxing Day everyone, 90's Proof is back on Intalksicated Reviews with Gladiator, no not that Gladiator, the 1992 movie about boxing (see what I did there). Tune in (aka download) and hear answers to questions like What is a pseudonym? Can you really be mad at a guy who knows what a pseudonym is? Can you make too many pseudonym jokes? and more.


Ben Affection: Reindeer Games (Holidays edition)

Intalksicated Reviews has a new episode theme, Ben Afflection where I get to express my affection for Ben Affleck. this week was bring you the Christmas Classic Reindeer Games starring Charlize Theron, Gary Sinise and of course the great Ben Affleck.


80's Proof: American Ninja (feat. Mike MacQueen)

80's Proof is back with the Michael Dudikoff vehicle American Ninja. Bryant and Corey are joined by comedian Mike Macqueen to answer questions like Are ninja's scared of water? Did we just watch a stuntman die? Does the rocket launcher have a power cord? Is this the first autistic ninja? While still trying to sell out to caramel M&M.


The Room is tearing us apart

BONUS EPISODE! We re-released "The Room" episode, originally posted on Intalksicated just in time for the "Disaster Artist". The movie group drinks Scotchka and bonds over the most beautiful train wreck of a movie "The Room".


80's Proof: Friday the 13th, Jason Lives

Another Episode of 80's Proof this week bring Bryant and Corey back to Camp Crystal Lake cause they watched Friday the 13th part 6: Jason Lives. They talk about things like, How many TV show from the 70's or 80's can they relate to this movie? whats up with the names of the characters? Do the cops ever want to do their jobs? and what would the prototypical 80's handsome mans man look like?


80's Proof: The Punisher (1989)

With the new Punisher show hitting Netflix Bryant and Corey decide to go back and watch the 1989 Punisher movie for the first episode of 80's Proof, thats right not Thomas Jane, not Ray Stevenson, but Dolph Lundgren as Frank Castle. What did they think of the first R Rated Marvel movie? Why does the mob's base have a Star Trek door in it? Are those the Punisher's balls? tune in to find out.


Crisis on Infinite Opinions: Justice League

Corey and Norm are back to talk about the somewhat Zak Snyder, and the somewhat Joss Whedon movie The Justice League. was it more Batman v Superman or more Wonder Women, download to find out.


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