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Solo Nerds - Ep. 13: El Sports con JJ y Gimpy

Ep 13: JJ and Gimpy are back after the turkey holiday to give you a run down of some of the top sports topics of the past week. We got some Tiger Woods coverage, NBA, some college football rankings and more. INC now has a Youtube channel for video related content that we will be releasing. Tank and Chaos’s let’s play was recently published on YouTube. Enjoy the latest episode! Recorded December 5, 2017 You can find us: iTunesStitcherPodbeanInstagramFacebookYouTube

Duration: 00:34:41

Solo Nerds - Ep 12 With Tank and Chaos about EA and the upcoming Video Game Awards

EP:12 In this epoisode tank goes off on a rant about video games becoming a “Games as a Service” and our picks of the winners of the video games awards and much more! Recorded November 21, 2017 You can find us:

Duration: 01:29:49

Solo Nerds Thanksgiving - Thanksgiving NFL Prediction Special

T-Day Special: the prediction episode - Happy Thanksgiving day guys! Enjoy our goofy Solo Nerds turkey day episode while your eating that Thanksgiving feast with family or when your about to pass out from all the turkey stuffing you ate. JJ and Gimpy dish out their winners for all the NFL games for this holiday week and see who gets the most games correct. Someone is gonna pay for dinner. Enjoy! Gobble Gobble! Music by NGL Recorded November 19,...

Duration: 00:19:34

Solo Nerds - Ep. 11: Sports with JJ and Gimpy

Ep 11: JJ and Gimpy touch on quite a few things with all the hot topics in sports. This episode is just a tad longer due to Gimpy going on holiday for turkey week, in this eposide we discuss topics ranging from Tiger Woods all the way down to WWE’s Ric Flair, WHOOOOOOOOO!! Enjoy this - Stylin’, profilin’, microphone talking, make no sense discussin’, late night castin’, son of a guns, Solo Nerds episode….WHOOOOOOO! Jared Goff Audibles: Link Recorded November 16, 2017 You can find...

Duration: 00:36:43

Solo Nerds - Ep. X: Tech Time with JJ

Ep X: Notice the episoide number LOL…In this quick cast, JJ touches on a few tech worthy happenings during the week when this was recorded. Music by Nowell Gio Lacbay (NGL) Recorded November 15, 2017 You can find us: iTunesStitcherPodbeanInstagram

Duration: 00:07:51

Solo Nerds - Ep. 9: Sports N More with JJ and Gimpy

Ep 9: Gimpy is back to discuss sports, our thoughts on the movie Thor Ragnarok and some odd random stuff in this latest episode of Solo Nerds. Recorded November 7, 2017 You can find us:

Duration: 00:26:34

Solo Nerds - Ep. 8 GAMES, GAMES GAMES!!! Featuring a very special guest!

Ep 8: Tank dicuesses Playstation’s conference at the Paris Games Week, a small and spoiler free Super Mario Odyesses review and many more. Recorded November 3, 2017 You can find us:

Duration: 00:46:02

Solo Nerds - Ep. 7: Sports with JJ

Ep 7: Recapping some of the top stories in sports this week while JJ tries to have a discussion with himself for 10 mins, yeah and it didn’t work. Next week’s cast will be back to normal. Enjoy if you can hahahahah Recorded November 3, 2017 You can find us:

Duration: 00:13:34

Solo Nerds Halloween - Creepy dolls named Chucky, witches and utter confusion

Solo Nerds bringing you a Halloween Special! WTF were we thinking? Also a certain witch gets some podcast time LOL. Midi Music used: Ghostbusters Midi: Just in case Credit: Ghostbusters: Ray Parker Jr and Arista Recorded October 29, 2017 You can find us:

Duration: 00:10:44

Solo Nerds - Ep. 6: Sports with JJ and Gimpy held together by duct tape

Ep 6 - JJ and Gimpy are a little loopy in this episode. They discuss some more Tiger Woods videos, a lone bright spot in the Chicago Bulls lineup, the Chicago Bears and the NFL, and of course some World Series topics, do the White Sox exist and Duct Tape and more. Recorded October 28/29, 2017 You can find us:

Duration: 00:24:59

Incompetent Nerds - Ep. 18: Podcast updates happening at ICN Podcast

Ep 18 - Tank and JJ discuss a little bit of gaming, some iPhone X pre-order chatter, and we discuss some of the upcoming updates that are happening with the Incompetent Nerds podcast. So sit back, relax and let our voices flow inbetween your ears. Enjoy! Recorded October 26, 2017 You can find us:

Duration: 00:29:26

Solo Nerds - Ep. 5: Tech Time with JJ

Ep 5: On this Solo Nerds episode, JJ discusses some of the top tech news for the week of October 27. JJ mentions iPhone X pre-orders, more Pixel 2 issues, and the new services that Amazon announced. Recorded October 26, 2017 You can find us:

Duration: 00:09:42

Incompetent Nerds - Ep. 17: Tank and JJ talk tech, gaming, sports and more with our guest, Key

Ep 17 - We drop a new episode for you guys and we are joined by our guest, Key. We talk a little bit about some Google news regarding the Pixel 2 and 2 XL dull screen issues, Tank and Key discuss gaming news and reviews, JJ and Key talk sports and since Key is from Boston, how he feels about losing Gordon Hayward and much more. Please enjoy and as always leave us feedback. Enjoy ep 17. Recorded October 19, 2017 You can find...

Duration: 01:16:06

Solo Nerds - Ep. 4: More Incompetent Sports Talk

Ep 4 - In this Solo Nerds episode, JJ and Gimpy start off with discussing Tiger Woods who is now hitting driver, to some NBA talk. We discuss a bit on the happenings with the NFL, we go into our “expert” fantasy mode trying to give you guys our pickups and insight (this ep we were a bit late in posting but Gimpy did give some good insite and the players mentioned could of helped anyone, maybe LOL), then we discuss the MLB playoffs and give our predictions on the World Series between the...

Duration: 00:30:54

Incompetent Nerds - Ep. 16: Keeping up with the Cubs while discussing Google Opinion for iOS, Destiny 2 event, the second half of Voltron released and more.

Ep 16 - On this 16th episode, Tank and JJ discuss the Cubs path to victory (hopefully), Destiny 2 with tank, Google Opinion on the iOS (which is awesome!), disscussion about Kingsmen 2 and Blade Runner 2049 and many more. Please enjoy and thanks for listening! Recorded October 12, 2017 You can find us:

Duration: 00:54:50

Solo Nerds - Ep. 3: Incompetent Sports Talk

Ep. 3 - Welcome to another Incompetent Nerds, Solo Nerds episode with JJ and your new Incompetent Nerd, Gimpy. Please welcome our newest member, Gimpy who will join me on Solo Nerds episodes. Forgive the length of our “1st” episode as it was Gimpy’s debut and going forward we will keep it to under 30 mins. On this Solo Nerds episode we discuss some topics going on with the NFL/Fantasy Football/also dish out some “knowledgeable“ fantasy advice and the MLB Playoffs. Towards the end we get to...

Duration: 00:38:11

Solo Nerds - Ep. 2: Tech Time with JJ

Ep. 2 - Welcome to another Incompetent Nerds, Solo Nerds episode with JJ. JJ touches on a few rumors regarding Apple and goes over some of the highlights from Google’s Pixel 2 Event from this past Tuesday. Also JJ, royally f*cked up this episode as it was going to be a Tech segment and then a Sports segment featuring our new guest Gimpy. Unfortunately, JJ somehow deleted the recording. So there will not be a segment 2 with Sports LOL. Stay tuned for future Solo Nerds episodes with our...

Duration: 00:22:51

Solo Nerds - Ep. 1 Metroid: Samus Returns Review and more!

EP. 1 - Welcome to Solo Nerds, where one of us record by ourself and speak about certain subjects we will like to share with you! Today I give my review on Metroid: Samus Returns, Chicago Cubs wins Divison Championship, Bitcoin drops in value and more. Please enjoy and thanks for listening! Recorded September 29, 2017 You can find us:

Duration: 00:18:16

Incompetent Nerds - Ep. 15: Hear our thoughts on Apple release Friday and other tech topics. Anyone watch IT? We did and gave our thoughts and much more.

Ep 15 - On this 15th episode, Tank and JJ discuss Apple’s release of software and hardware this past Friday and other worthy tech news. We also both watched the movie IT, did the hype of this movie impress Tank and JJ (there are some spoilers with the review)? We covered a little bit of sports for the week as well as gaming, and threw in some of our random ramblings. Sit back, fall asleep and enjoy the soothing voices of Tank and JJ! Please enjoy and thanks for listening! Recorded...

Duration: 00:54:45

Incompetent Nerds - Ep. 14: Tank and JJ’s deep thoughts as we discuss Apple’s iPhone event, Tank recap’s Nintendo Direct event and more

Ep 14 - On this episode, Tank and JJ mainly discuss Apple’s announcements regarding their new iPhone’s and other products, did Tank and JJ like what they saw? Also, Tank talks about some of his favorites that came out of the Nintendo Direct event, and who’s going to watch the GGG vs Alverez fight? Tank and JJ devise their viewing plans. Tank pops his cherry with his first podcast editing! Please enjoy and thanks for listening! Recorded September 14, 2017 You can find...

Duration: 01:05:33

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