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Indie games have risks and rewards that mainstream, AAA titles can't afford, resulting in innovative, award-winning video games published by small, independently funded teams, such as Gone Home, Shovel Knight, Super Meat Boy. Ken Gagne of Gamebits interviews the indie developers reinventing the gaming industry.

Indie games have risks and rewards that mainstream, AAA titles can't afford, resulting in innovative, award-winning video games published by small, independently funded teams, such as Gone Home, Shovel Knight, Super Meat Boy. Ken Gagne of Gamebits interviews the indie developers reinventing the gaming industry.
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Indie games have risks and rewards that mainstream, AAA titles can't afford, resulting in innovative, award-winning video games published by small, independently funded teams, such as Gone Home, Shovel Knight, Super Meat Boy. Ken Gagne of Gamebits interviews the indie developers reinventing the gaming industry.






IndieSider #61: CRYPTARK by Alientrap

A richly strategic shmup


IndieSider #54: Induction by Bryan Gale

A time-bending, brain-breaking puzzle game


IndieSider #51: Pankapu by Too Kind Studio

Pankapu is a family-friendly episodic platformer. The land of Omnia is being invaded by Nightmares, so Iketomi, the god of dreams, creates Pankapu, an avatar charged with bringing hope back to the realm. Only by discovering the three Aegis — Bravery, Ardor, and Faith — will Pankapu master the abilities needed to access all of […]


IndieSider #50: Four Sided Fantasy by Ludo Land

Four Sided Fantasy is a puzzle-platformer for Steam and PlayStation 4. As with most platformers, the screen scrolls side-to-side and up-and-down — but with the push of a button, players can toggle the scrolling and make the screen wrap, where one side connects to the opposite side. Using this power, players can navigate puzzles and […]

IndieSider #49: The Warlock of Firetop Mountain by Tin Man Games

The Warlock of Firetop Mountain is a visual gamebook — a cross between choose your own adventure and tactical RPG. As your adventure in this classic dungeon crawler, you'll be presented with paths and choices. The character you choose determines your narrative as you encounter orcs, goblins, dwarves, dragons, and more. In this interview, I speak with Tin Man Games creative director Neil Rennison and technical artist Ed Blanch about adapting Steve Jackson and Ian Livingstone's original 1982...

IndieSider #48: Lifeless Planet by Stage 2 Studios

Lifeless Planet is a narrative puzzle-platformer for Steam, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. A astronaut has been sent to what's supposed to be a verdant, unpopulated world — but his arrival reveals a barren wasteland populated by Cold War-era Russians. How did they get here, and what happened to the lush planet NASA had detected? In this episode, I speak with David Board of developer Stage 2 Studios about the game's evolution from its Kickstarter in 2011 to its PS4 release in 2016; the...

IndieSider: Stage of Development by Russ Pitts

Stage of Development is a video documentary series featuring the human stories of Chicago's indie game developers. Produced by Russ Pitts of Flying Saucer Media, Stage of Development goes behind the scenes with Bit Bash, Young Horses (Octodad: Dadliest Catch), William Chyr (Manifold Garden), Culture Shock Games (We Are Chicago), and The Men Who Wear Many Hats (Organ Trail: Director's Cut; Max Gentlemen). The video series is currently seeking $42,891 in funding on Kickstarter by Sep 3,...

IndieSider #47: Chime Sharp by Ste Curran

Chime Sharp is a 2016 sequel to the 2010 puzzle game Chime. In this puzzle game, players rotate and place pentomino blocks onto an open grid, trying to form perfect quadrangles (squares and rectangles). As the the timer counts down, a beatline moves across the level, clearing completed quads and triggering musical tones that complement the techno soundtrack. I spoke with designer Ste Curran about what rough edges he filed away from the original Chime to create Chime Sharp; how he chose the...

IndieSider #45: Lumo by Triple Eh?

Lumo is an isometric puzzle-platformer in the style of Solstice, Equinox, or Head Over Heels. With modern design sensibilities, a fantastic design aesthetic, uncomplicated controls, a quirky sense of humor, and plenty of secrets and allusions, Lumo is a fun and original revival of a genre that's lain fallow for nearly a decade. It's the debut game from Triple Eh?, founded by Gareth Noyce, a veteran of such triple-AAA titles as Crackdown, Black Hawk Down, and Fable 2. In this interview, Ken...

IndieSider #44: Life Goes On: Done to Death by Infinite Monkeys Entertainment

Life Goes On: Done to Death is a 2D puzzle-platformer for Steam and PlayStation 4. Each level holds a chalice protected by traps, spikes, switches, levers, and relays. Crossing these obstacles will require the ultimate sacrifice — but your death will not be in vain: each character's corpse remains behind, serving as a foothold or trigger for the next hero. This interview with Erik Johnson of Infinite Monkeys Entertainment, we discuss how the Done to Death expansion updates the game from...

IndieSider #43: Kathy Rain by Clifftop Games

Kathy Rain is a point-and-click adventure game developed by Clifftop Games and published by Raw Fury Games for Steam, Humble & GOG on May 5, 2016. After decades away, college sophomore and social outcast Kathy Rain returns to her hometown to solve the mystery surrounding her grandfather's mysterious death. Her investigation will uncover a conspiracy that stretches back decades and involves the community's most powerful citizens. Featuring voice acting produced by Dave Gilbert of Wadjet Eye...

IndieSider #42: Epistory by Fishing Cactus

Epistory: Typing Chronicles is a narrative adventure through an origami world plagued by an insectile infestation. Help the protagonist and her three-tailed fox defeat their foes by typing increasingly complex words. As the world is purged of this corruption, new areas literally unfold before your eyes, as a voiceover narration unveils the story. This interview with Fishing Cactus' game designer David Bailly and programmer Thibaut Hanson examines Epistory's inspirations, such as Zelda,...

IndieSider #41: Gravity Goose by Duck Duck Games

Gravity Goose is a 2D puzzle platformer available for free for Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS, and Android. The defining mechanic is the player's ability to manipulate gravity, which manifests itself by making gravity stronger or weaker, rotating the entire level, and more. Use these tools to guide your avian avatar through a deadly maze of pits and traps! In this interview, Eddie Rossiter of Duck Duck Games discusses Gravity Goose's unusual development history, leading to its official debut...

IndieSider #40: The Flame in the Flood by The Molasses Flood

The Flame in the Flood is the debut game from The Molasses Flood, an indie studio composed of six alumni of Irrational Games. This procedurally generated survival game sends a young woman and her dog down a river, scrounging for resources they can craft into tools and supplies they need to stay alive. Death can come from drowning, snakebites, exhaustion, being mauled by a bear, starvation, and more. If Scout and Aesop can guide their raft through the rapids and find the right ports to dock...

IndieSider #39: Plangman by Ehren von Lehe

Plangman is a game that combines Hangman with a puzzle-platformer: avoid enemies and jump over pits to reach the letters you need to solve each level's puzzle! Judicious use of bombs, jetpacks, and other accessories will help you get past impossible obstacles and enemies. The monochromatic aesthetic and synthesized soundtrack pay homage to the Apple II, the first computer of Plangman developer Ehren von Lehe. In this interview, Ken and Ehren determine whether Plangman's hero was inspired...

IndieSider #38: Ellipsis by Salmi Games

Ellipsis for iOS is a top-down action game in the style of Geometry Wars and Crystal Quest. Collect all the nuclei from a level while avoiding obstacles and enemies intent on your destruction! The bright neon colors, intuitive interface, and complete lack of text or HUD makes for an intense, concentrated gameplay experience. Ellipsis is the first game from Salmi Games, represented in this week's podcast by founder Yacine Salmi. We discuss how the game's name represents all that was omitted...

IndieSider #37: Momoka by Felwig Games

Momoka is a 2.5D adventure platformer for iOS and tvOS. Imagine the exploration of The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening or Cave Story, combined with the mechanics of Super Mario Galaxy. That's Momoka, a non-linear, open-world action game set across a series of planetoids and outer space. In this week's podcast, I chat with Benjamin Withers and Duncan Steele, who compose the entirety of Momoka developer Felwig Games. We discuss how the game evolved over its three-year development cycle,...

IndieSider #36: Lumino City by State of Play Games

Lumino City is a point-and-click adventure game released for Steam in 2014 and iOS/tvOS in 2015. It features a charming story, intricate puzzles, and an accessible interface — but its most subtle feature is also its most astonishing: the entire world of Lumino City was hand-crafted as a physical set. In this interview, Luke Whittaker of State of Play Games discusses why they chose this route over 3D modeling and animation; the year of design and building that culminated in a single day of...

IndieSider #35: Girls Like Robots by Popcannibal

Girls Like Robots was one of Popcannibal's first games when it was released in 2012. Metacritic ranked it the 13th best iOS game of that year, ensuring the game's long life. Now it sees its first console release with a Wii U version, giving a new audience of gamers the opportunity to participate in this seating arrangement simulator. Place girls next to robots on the playing grid, but don't put them too near the nerds — even if it makes the nerds happy! The quirky sense of humor and...

IndieSider #34: Dangerous Dave with Dren McDonald

Before he created Wolfenstein 3D, DOOM, and Quake, John Romero released Dangerous Dave, a series of platformers for the Apple II and MS-DOS computers. One game in that series, Dangerous Dave in the Deserted Pirate's Hideout, is now available for iOS, featuring both the original version and a remastered edition. The updated version includes an original soundtrack by Dren McDonald, a prolific video game composer who also provided the score for Gathering Sky, featured on IndieSider #28. In...


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