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Episode 25 Alex Goldenberg / Carol Rodriguez

Host Tom Moss is joined by Carol Rodriguez as they talk about some rare good news after last week's elections. Alex Goldenberg (Southside Together Organizing for Power) joins the podcast to talk about concerns about the planned President Obama library.

Duration: 00:41:27

Episode 24 Robert Ginsburg / Josh Fox

Episode 24 Robert Ginsburg / Josh Fox by Tom Moss and Dan Nelson

Duration: 00:34:44

Episode 23 Sharlyn Grace / Alex Muhammad / Robin Dusek

Tom Moss and co-host Robin Dusek this episode about bail. Sharlyn Grace is Policy Analyst for the Chicago Appleseed Fund for Justice and cofounder of the Chicago Community Bond Fund Alex Muhammad is the lead south suburban organizer for the People’s Lobby and lead staff for mass incarceration. The Chicago Reporter article referenced may be found at Deidra Hewitt and Gigi Delugo talked about a good places to donate for USVI relief:...

Duration: 00:09:28

Episode 22 Charles Whitaker / Liz Kersjes / Jeff Radue

Jeff Radue joins Tom Moss to discuss how we should be focusing our energy now and in the upcoming election. Liz Kersjes of She Votes Illinois joins the podcast to talk about the upcoming Gubernatorial debate at UIC. Info about the free gubernatorial panel on Thursday, 10/26, can be found here: Charles Whitaker, Associate Dean, Journalism and Helen Gurley Brown Professor at Medill at Northwestern joins the podcast to talk about what journalism is and his...

Duration: 00:46:09

Episode 21 Jeff Barron / Chad Fitzgerald

Episode 21 Chad Fitzgerald co-hosts the podcast with Tom and they discuss if Congress will save the ACA from Trump's death strike. They discuss Gabriel Sherman's Vanity Fair article about the White House unraveling. Jeff Barron, retired U.S. foreign service officer, comes on the podcast to talk about North Korea. If you want to learn more about North Korea, these sources were recommended by our guest:...

Duration: 00:43:54

Episode 20 Luis Gutiérrez / Don Harmon / Colleen Daley

Tom Moss and Jessica Droeger talk about whether Rex Tillerson is the next cabinet member to abandon Trump and why the NRA seems onboard to regulate bump stocks. Representative Luis Gutiérrez tells us what he learned first hand on his trip to Puerto Rico. Illinois State Senator Don Harmon comes on the podcast to talk about SB 1657 - the Illinois bill to license gun dealers. Colleen Daley, Executive Director of Illinois Council Against Handgun Violence, joins us to talk about the gun...

Duration: 00:40:29

Episode 19 Colleen Connell / Ann Williams

Steve Held joins Tom on the podcast and they talk about races in Alabama and Tennessee and that Puerto Rico is an American Territory. Colleen Connell, Executive Director at ACLU Illinois comes on to remind us that we have to fight for our right to protect the First Amendment or we will lose it. A friend of the podcast and Illinois State Rep, Ann Williams comes on to tell us about the surprising news that Governor Rauner singed HB40 guaranteeing the right to have an abortion even if Roe V....

Duration: 00:35:08

Episode 18 Anthony Clark / Carrie Chapman

Tom and Dan talk about how much attention to give the presidents tweets and rallies and why Murkowski and Collins are keeping their cards close to their chest. This week on the Podcast, Anthony Clark comes on to talk about being the director of Suburban Unity Alliance, Brand New Congress, the fight for 15, how to stop gun violence, and why he decided to run for Congress in the 7th District. Carrie Chapman, Director of Policy Advocacy and Strategic Innovation, Legal Council for Health...

Duration: 00:35:42

Episode 17 Jason Rieger / Jack McNeil and Kevin Oyakawa

This week, the podcast ponders the future. Tom interviewed Jack McNeil and Kevin Oyakawa, leaders in the College Democrats of Illinois about engaging young people in progressive politics and getting them to vote. Dan is out this week, so Tom is joined by guest co-host Jason Rieger, founder and director of Indivisible Chicago. Jason talks about how far Indivisible Chicago has come since February, and how far it has to go. The Republican Healthcare Repeal Fail was a high point, but they’re...

Duration: 00:44:21

Episode 16 Christian Picciolini / Solomon Lieberman

Christian Picciollini, a former skinhead and author of Romantic Violence: Memoirs Of An American Skinhead comes on the podcast to talk about how young men are recruited into hate groups and how to get them to leave. Solomon Lieberman of Better Government Association tells us about an anti-Semitic incident in his neighborhood and reminds us that this rising tide is all around us.

Duration: 00:44:33

Episode 15 Dan Montgomery / Terry Nelson / Josh Fox

As we approach Labor Day, this week's episode talks about the labor movement. First we talk with Dan Montgomery about the status of teachers in Illinois. Then we talk to Terry Nelson about the fight to keep Missouri among the few pro-union midwestern states. And we catch up with Josh Fox to find to learn about the #Fightfor15 movement.

Duration: 00:43:54

Episode 14 Senator Tammy Duckworth / Lauren Tucker / Jennifer O'Brien

On this week's episode of the indivisible podcast, we talk to Senator Tammy Duckworth about the job Trump is doing as Commander in chief in Afghanistan. Indivisible member and UVA grad, Lauren Tucker comes on the podcast to tell her personal story about being in Virginia when her alma mater was taken over by Nazis. And Jennifer O'Brien tells us the latest step in the fight to kill interstate crosscheck.

Duration: 00:38:35

Episode 13 Lou Lang

We talk about the President's response to Charlottesville, Bannon leaving the Whitehouse and if the Republicans can recover. Lou Lang comes on the podcast with Jeff Radue to talk about how we win and how resistance movements can work with the Democratic Party.

Duration: 00:39:34

012 Congressman Luis Gutierrez / Jeff Radue

This week we discuss whether Trump is going nuclear or creating a smokescreen for the Mueller investigation. We visit Congressman Luis Gutierrez in his office in Chicago to talk about the politics of immigration. Jeff Radue joins to remind us why fighting interstate CrossCheck is so important. Fight back here:

Duration: 00:37:01

Episode 11 - Dick Durbin / Steve Held

Tom and Dan discuss if we can expect our governor to know how his veto works. Senator Dick Durbin comes on the podcast to talk about the future of health care and whether we might actually get bi-partisanship. Steve Held tells us about Interstate Crosscheck and why it is important to fight it.

Duration: 00:39:42

Episode 10 Julie Lynn / David Zoltan

In a week when the repeal failed and the Women's March roared back in nationwide rallies, we talk to Planned Parenthood and someone that was saved by the ACA expansion. Julie Lynn of Planned Parenthood Illinois tells us about the 100-year struggle to get low-cost healthcare to men and women across America. David Zoltan reminds us what life was like before the Affordable Care Act and tells us that it is the only thing keeping him alive.

Duration: 00:32:10

Episode 9.5 Jill Wine - Banks Discusses Nixon's Secretary

In this special episode Jill Wine-Banks talks about cross-examining Nixon's secretary, Rose Mary Woods.

Duration: 00:12:13

Episode 9 Harish Patel / Neill Mohammad / Matt Brolley

The fight to save the ACA continues with instructions on how to help. Andrzej Duda's tyranny is a reminder of what can happen and why we have to be alert and respond if Trump tries to stop Mueller's investigation. This is the first of many upcoming episodes about people that have run for office and people that are challenging conservatives. Harish Patel comes on the podcast to talk about why he ran for state legislature in the 40th district. Matt Brolley talks about making the move from...

Duration: 00:35:41

Episode 8 Jill Wine-Banks / Leni Manaa-Hoppenworth

Will Governor Rauner's slow reaction to the floods in Lake County affect voter turnout? How many Russians are the Trump family trying to hide away in their closet? Jill Wine-Banks joins the podcast to talk about how things went down during Watergate. She discusses the similarities and differences with RussiaGate and President Trump. Leni Manaa-Hoppenworth joins the podcast to tell us how she got started with Indivisible Illinois, what they have worked on in the past, and what we need to do...

Duration: 00:45:13

Episode 7 Leah Greenberg / Greg Harris

Dan and Tom talk about Trump in Russia, how bad Dan is at prognosticating, and unsanctioned fireworks. Greg Harris, Chief House Democrat Budget Negotiator, sits down with Tom to talk about the new budget. He gets into the details about how they passed the budget and what has to happen next. Leah Greenberg, Co-Executive Director of Indivisible, joins us to talk about how the Indivisible Guide was created and how far it has exceeded anyones goals. We also talk about the success of the...

Duration: 00:32:10

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