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EP029c: We are all becoming human data producers -- An Interview with David Knight of Terbine

How does mining data from an earthquake make us human seismographs? How does cars use Terbine technology to generate micro weather maps all over the city at a granular level? David explains how to take and use data from everyday objects to make sense of the world in a way that has nothing to do with the original purpose of the object. David is a self-describe serial entrepreneur, angel investor, filmmaker and ardent supporter of STEM education. He founded, co-founded and held...


EP029b: Distributing data like Amazon Prime? -- An Interview with David Knight of Terbine

Is distributing data just the same as distributing a book in an Amazon warehouse? Is blockchain just a buzzword or is it the solution to accelerate the adoption of IoT via data? Is simultanity really the most useful way to use data? David challenges some intuitive assumptions we have around IoT and data, and explains how Terbine deals with these issues to record, store, and price data. David is a self-describe serial entrepreneur, angel investor, filmmaker and ardent supporter of STEM...


EP029a: The ambition to form a new standard for data storage and sharing -- An Interview with David Knight of Terbine

Is building a data marketplace same as building a plane or inventing the telephone? David Knight describes the big void above the IoT stack and what he envisions as a big exchange in the sky that would interconnect all the sensors and facilitate transfer of data in a curated way. David is a self-describe serial entrepreneur, angel investor, filmmaker and ardent supporter of STEM education. He founded, co-founded and held leadership roles in tech companies with exits including two IPOs,...


EP028c: What do smart cities and regulations mean for the adoption and acceleration of IoT? -- An Interview with SeedPlus' Chirayu Wadke

Smart cities: How do cybersecurity loopholes and data marketplaces exist in harmony to create value for both the public and private sectors? Even as IoT matures and develops, is its full potential still dependent on something as basic as human trust? Regulations and standards: Are they necessarily a good thing for IoT adoption? How can agile start ups scale in fragmented environments? We discuss these two issues surrounding the future of IoT With Chirayu Wadke, Partner at...


EP028b: How to challenge the status quo -- An Interview with Chirayu Wadke of SeedPlus

How to address the growing need for simplified solutions that solve complex problems? Should you challenge the ecosystem fundamentally? What is the best location to start an IoT startup and how should you scale your startup? What are the differences between Asia and Europe/US? Should you move to Asia? Chirayu Wadke, a partner with SeedPlus, tells us about his proteges and what he would do if he would start his own business. SeedPlus is a seed stage VC firm aiming to invest in and...


EP028a: What does it mean to define a clear differentiated business model? -- An interview with SeedPlus’ Chirayu Wadke

What does a VC look for when they evaluate a product’s viability? Is there a difference between a hardware and software startup? How do you build the right team to develop a coherent IoT solution that differentiates and delivers real outcomes? Understand from Chirayu Wadka of SeedPlus on what makes a startup scale, and why Ofo and Mobike succeeded despite the failure of other bike sharing companies. Plus, we hear his thoughts on starting a VC fund, and the landscape of tech VC in South...


EP027c: A practical use case of focusing on service in an IoT solution to increase customer stickiness – an interview with Peter Bourne of BrightWolf

Peter tells us about a rollercoaster case of an IoT implementation gone wrong with a happy ending for a manufacturing firm. We also discuss the penalty of innovation, and the future of the cloud vs. edge relationship. Bright Wolf has almost a decade of experience as a system integration and technology partner for Fortune 1000 industrial equipment providers seeking digital transformation through adaptable connected product solutions. Bright Wolf's pre-built components, open system...


EP027b: How to Monetize IoT Data & Use AI to Accelerate Businesses: An Interview with Peter Bourne of BrightWolf.

How do data markets affect future business models? Is it possible to use AI and Machine Learning to differentiate and create competitive advantages in an aging workforce? What are the ways to scale AI solutions and create business value? Peter Bourne explains how he uses his technology suite to differentiate his business. We discuss the viability of data exchange marketplaces and the poster child of technology in business. Bright Wolf has almost a decade of experience as a system...


EP027a: Building Commercialization into an IoT Product - An Interview with BrightWolf's Peter Bourne

How does purposefully designing service into the product help developers differentiate their product offering? How has the interface between SaaS vendors and end users changed over the past 5 years from science project to agility? Understand how to integrate service and technology to create a customer value proposition that proactively scales the business from BrightWolf CEO, Peter Bourne. Bright Wolf is a trusted partner for Fortune 1000 companies building transformative...


EP026c: Connectivity Solutions Empowering ParceLive - BICS x Hanhaa - An Interview with BICS' Carlos Villanueva

How does international mobility and connectivity empower IoT and M2M providers to offer logistics companies a solution for their end customers? We see a practical use case of a single management platform for tracking parcels with real time updates across borders and carriers. With BICS' connectivity solutions, Hanhaa reduced the lead time of developing a global footprint network from months to just weeks. Carlos Villanueva is the head of market intelligence and strategic partnership at...


EP026b: How can roaming for IoT devices be applied for international mobility? - An Interview with BICS' Carlos Villanueva

How is roaming for IoT devices different from roaming from our consumer smartphones? What are the factors that come into play to determine the end to end solutions for an increasingly connected and networked world? What does this mean for the technologies that are on the rise in the horizon? Carlos advocates reliable and high quality connectivity matters, even though it's been traditionally overlooked in the value chain, and explains how to build and monetise connectivity services for IoT...


EP025: Bridging Tech And Traditional Companies - An Interview With Ayyeka's Ariel Stern

It is conventional wisdom that the way tech startups operate is fundamentally different from traditional companies. As technopreneurs in the Industrial IoT space, it is vital that you are aware of the reasons behind this difference when dealing with clients coming from traditional industries or vice versa so that you can approach these business dealings in a more strategic manner. In the tenth and final installment of the "Ventures in Industrial IoT series" brought to you by GE Ventures,...


EP024: Adopting The IoT Perspective - An Interview With Lecida's Tim Chou

What does adopting an IoT perspective mean to you? With a concept as broad and with as many ecosystem players as the IoT, this is a question that is likely to get you a range of answers depending on whether you talk to a technologist, an executive staff or an academic. In the ninth installment of the "Ventures in Industrial IoT series" brought to you by GE Ventures, be prepared for a highly dynamic discussion with Tim Chou, Executive Chairman of Lecida and author of the book, "Precision:...


EP023: Competence Through Collaboration - An Interview With Alchemist Accelerator's Ravi Belani

Many consumer-facing startups like Tinder and Snapchat soak up all the publicity and media attention while many of the Industrial startups that are truly transforming our world are deemed not "sexy" and fall under the radar. As a result, many of these startups also do not receive adequate support from corporate investors and venture capital firms that are critical to growing their businesses. In the eighth installment of the "Ventures in Industrial IoT series" brought to you by GE...


EP022: Finding The Right Path To Market - An Interview With GE Digital's Mike Dolbec

The Industrial IoT ecosystem globally is comprised of hundreds of organizations, standards bodies and consortia all working together to better serve end users and drive adoption of the Industrial IoT. Having said that, startups need to evaluate for themselves if it is more meaningful for them to join a standards body or just work directly with a particular company such as GE. In the seventh installment of the "Ventures in Industrial IoT series" brought to you by GE Ventures, Michael...


EP021: The Long Road to Digital Transformation - An Interview with Cisco's Maciej Kranz

Far from being merely an isolated one-off event, digital transformation needs to be seen as a journey - a long and intensive one. In the sixth installment of the "Ventures in Industrial IoT series" brought to you by GE Ventures, we are pleased to have with us Maciej Kranz, VP of corporate strategic innovation at Cisco Systems and author of the book "Building the Internet of Things: Implement New Business Models, Disrupt Competitors, Transform Your Industry" on the show to share with us...


EP020: Developing Practical IoT Products - An Interview With TechProductManagement's Daniel Elizalde

Despite of its potential to revolutionize industry and solve a lot of the world's biggest problems, IoT is still a very niche area and has even garnered a reputation of being somewhat nebulous at times. This has proven to be a nightmare for many product development managers who want to devise a cohesive IoT product strategy. In the fifth installment of the "Ventures in Industrial IoT series" brought to you by GE Ventures, we get back to basics with TechProductManagement's Daniel Elizalde....


EP019: Digitalization Bottlenecks - An Interview With GE Digital's Mike Dolbec

Never has there been a trend in recent times that has been reshaping the industrial world quite as much as digitalization. and as such many firms have embarked on a digitalization strategy of their own. However, the digital transformtion race is a competitive one and many firms are finding themselves on the losing end of this race. In the fourth installment of the "Ventures in Industrial IoT series" brought to you by GE Ventures, we welcome back Michael Dolbec, Managing Director of...


EP018: Evolving Innovation In IIoT - An Interview With The Kerton Group's Derek Kerton

One of the biggest challenges still standng in the way of mass adoption of Industrial IoT solutions are the knowledge gaps that exist in the ecosystem. Bridging these gaps is a monumental task due to the mere complexity of the technology and the unconventional supply chains that drive the Industrial IoT market. In the third installment of the "Ventures in Industrial IoT series" brought to you by GE Ventures, we are pleased to have Derek Kerton, Managing Director of the Kerton Group with...


EP017: Venture Investment Trends In IIoT - An Interview With CB Insights' Nicholas Pappageorge

The Industrial IoT ecosystem is a truly dynamic space and a large part of that dynamism can be attributed to the investment and venture capital space that provides the financial impetus to drive innovation in niche fields like edge computing, cybersecurity and blockchain. In the second episode of our "Ventures in Industrial IoT" series with GE Ventures, we are pleased to welcome Nicholas Pappageorge, IoT market analyst at CB Insights to the show. Brace yourself for a highly engaging and...


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