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059 Lean Startup, is it for you?

Luke Szyrmer is a B2B technical product manager. He’s a Lean Startup community activist with Lean Startup Circle London, Europe’s largest Lean Startup meetup. He’s the bestselling author of #1 bestseller Launch Tomorrow. He also mentors early stage tech founders. Ian & Luke discuss:- Check out Luke's blog launchtomorrow.com Books mentioned https://www.gitbook.com/book/trikro/the-real-startup-book/details https://leanpub.com/YourFirstStartupExperiment Experiment...

Duration: 00:41:38

058 Business Seduction: Sex Might Sell But Intimacy Wins

I’m a born leadership pundit and corporate cognoscente who makes the best leaders better. After quitting my job as a tenured career academic, my strong sense of purpose propelled me into becoming the reigning authority on C-level execs and C-suiters. My smart mouth is only overshadowed by my unprecedented battle strategies, and I’m here to deliver what’s possible. What’s been possible for me? For starters, I earned my PhD scholarship against rampant & tough competition, became an...

Duration: 00:38:16

057 Academia to Entrepreneurship

Ad Hoc Academic is a skills matching website designed to match people looking for temporary academic positions with those wishing to hire them within the academic world. In this episode Jody shares her software start-up journey. Ian & Jody discuss:- Check out www.adhocacademic.co.uk Show Sponsors:- Far North - Sales, Marketing, Technology Are you looking to enter new markets? Launch a new business, product or service? Maybe introduce a new revenue stream? Far North is an...

Duration: 00:32:15

056 Sell with Irresistible Influence

Marshall Sylver is a respected business consultant sought by Fortune 500 companies and also the creator of the number one personal development program worldwide. Today, Sylver is recognized as the #1 leading expert in subconscious reprogramming & the master of persuasion and influence. He is also a world-class hypnotist who has performed on every major stage in Las Vegas, and is well-known within that community for his talent. He has been featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur, Huffington Post,...

Duration: 00:35:34

055 Build A Brand In 30 Days

Simon was Founder of The Shackleton Design & Manufacturing Company, the menswear, lifestyle and experience brand: producing made-in-Britain products inspired by the Antarctic explorer Ernest Shackleton. Having built the Shackleton brand Simon left it under new management in September 2016. Simon was selected as a Top 100 Manufacturer 2015 by Manufacturer magazine. He is a member of the Advisory Boards of Make It British and Made In Britain, a Fellow of the RSA, and a Business Fellow of...

Duration: 00:46:47

054 Make More Money, Help More People.

Money & Business Growth Expert, Robyn Crane is known for hosting the TV show,The Financial G-Spot, Radio Show, Let’s Talk Money and is a 4-Time #1 Best Selling Author. In her brand new book, Make More Money, Help More People, Robyn shares empowering stories of women entrepreneurs in her FEMM Mentorship™ who have doubled or tripled their income. She also reveals the unknown success strategies that helped her go from making $500 a year to $500,000 a year in her coaching business—in just 2...

Duration: 00:48:15

053 Influencer Marketing Vs Employee Advocacy

Ian Farrar answers questions from last week's show about Influencer Marketing and promotes Employee Advocacy. Ian discusses: - Influencer Marketing return Customer Influencing Employee Advocacy Humanising the business Show Sponsors:- Far North - Sales, Marketing, Technology Are you looking to enter new markets? Launch a new business, product or service? Maybe introduce a new revenue stream? Far North is an all-encompassing Business Development Consultancy. We aim to fulfil your...

Duration: 00:13:23

052 Growing a college Amazon business into a successful enterprise

Connor Gillivan is a 27 year old serial entrepreneur and an expert in eCommerce and online hiring. He co-founded his first eCommerce company out of his dorm room in 2009 and scaled it to sell over $20 million on the Amazon Marketplace. While scaling, he and his co-founders started outsourcing operations and became experts at hiring online. In 2015, Connor co-founded and became the CMO of FreeeUp, an online hiring marketplace specialized for the eCommerce and digital marketing industries....

Duration: 00:36:07

051 Geoff Ramm - Next Level Customer Service & Marketing

Like you, Geoff Ramm, the creator of Celebrity Service and OMG Marketing, knows the only way you can attract more customers is to create jaw-dropping marketing. Not only that but great customer service leads to lucrative, repeat business. So how do you create highly successful marketing ideas? And how can you design a customer experience that has you talked about for decades to come? Geoff knows the Jedi Mind Trick to make you craved by your customers, envied by your competitors and...

Duration: 00:55:50

050 Brian Fanzo - Disrupting the Digital Future with a Millennial Mindset

Brian Fanzo talks fast and tweets faster. A proud, pager-wearing millennial, he is a keynote speaker and founder/CEO of iSocialFanz LLC, a social strategy consulting agency. Brian also co-hosts SMACtalk Podcast & FOMOFanz Podcast Brian’s #ThinkLikeAFan philosophy has powered first-of-their-kind storytelling campaigns for many Fortune 50 enterprise companies leveraging Periscope, Snapchat, and Facebook Live under the username @iSocialFanz. He was awarded the Top 25 Social Business Leaders...

Duration: 00:47:28

049 Steve Shoulder - 90 Days To Profit

Steve Shoulder is a business transformation expert with consistent international success in manufacturing, technology and service businesses. He has transformed dozens of underachieving companies by rebuilding their strategy, restructuring operations, increasing sales, raising output and productivity, reducing waste, improving product and process quality and positively impacting bottom line profitability. He is a subject matter expert in Lean Manufacturing methodologies and a consummate...

Duration: 00:39:53

048 - Nick Mann - How to find your passion & do what you were born to do

Hi, I'm Nick Mann, a Graphic/Web Designer. But when you get right down to it, I'm much more — I'm a marketer, a motivator, a blogger, and an amateur astronomer. I'm also a big believer in the power of branding. Branding is what makes us believe in products and services. When we see it, we recognize what impact it has in our lives because we buy on a desire to make life easier. And so I create visual experiences to create that reaction. I create brands for business owners, non-profits,...

Duration: 00:35:38

047 Lawrence Mitchell - Success Without Stress

Hi, I’m Lawrence Mitchell: I’m a health enthusiast, health and business coach, author, Chief Customer & Marketing Officer, investor, and I founded Raw Energy back in 2013 as a platform to help people take back control of their health, feel and look great, and think more clearly. Having worked in fast moving and forever changing corporate environments for over 20 years, I learnt early that in order to survive and thrive, I had to focus resources on maintaining my health and building my...

Duration: 00:43:05

046 Nick Klisht - Company Culture

Nicholas Klisht is a Millennial and a seasoned leader who has held Sr. Management and VP level roles at two of North America’s leading financial institutions. Nicholas has studied under Seth Godin’s altMBA program and is now a Director at ConvertiCulture, where helping businesses create work environments that support everyone is the goal. ConvertiCulture improves company culture through consulting, training and workshops. ConvertiCulture has recently launched ConvertiHire, the training...

Duration: 00:32:43

045 - Simon Raybould - Effective Business Presentation Skills.

I'm a speaker and trainer. As a speaker, I specialise in resilience, emotional robustness, public speaking and presenting. As a trainer, I'm the director of the training company Aware Plus and I have a particular speciality as a trainer and coach helping anyone who wants to make better use of their voice or who wants (needs?) to make better presentations. Basically, it all boils down to 'impact'. ... and you can find more stuff about the in-house presentation training we do and the...

Duration: 00:41:48

044 - Elaine Heney - Amazon Merch Entrepreneur

Ian and Elaine Discuss:- Request your Amazon Merch invite here. Show Sponsors:- Risk Management Consultancy Athena Risk provide risk assessment services that include analysis & assessment, planning and training to all sectors of the world’s industries in order to reduce an organisation’s potential for loss. athenarisk.com

Duration: 00:27:34

043 - Geoff Thompson Chairman of South Shields FC

Geoff gives his open and honest answers to fans questions through a Q & A session. Including:-

Duration: 00:35:10

042 - Geoff Thompson - Scaling a start-up company & becoming Chairman of your hometown football club

Ian chats with Executive Chairman of Energy Consultancy Utilitywise and Chairman at South Shields Football Club Geoff Thompson. Geoff gives us a frank and honest view of a the business journey. Ian and Geoff Discuss:- Show Sponsors:- Far North - Sales, Marketing, Technology Are you looking to develop your social media strategy? Launch a new business, product or service? Develop a new website? Far North is an all-encompassing Business Development Consultancy. We aim to fulfil your...

Duration: 00:34:29

041 Rachel Parker - The Big 3, Social Media, Blogging & Email Marketing

A self-described geek who can recite entire episodes of “South Park” by heart, Rachel Parker has had a passion for content ever since she was old enough to hold a crayon (purple, please). Throughout her 20-year marketing career — five of those at one of Houston’s largest advertising agencies — Parker has helped brands such as Reliant Energy, Hewlett Packard, AIG American General, and SYSCO Foodservice to connect with their customers. Over the years, she’s developed a distinct talent for...

Duration: 00:33:32

040 - Nick Snapp - Productivity tips for hacking corporate

Nick Snapp is an entrepreneur who uses project management and continuous improvement methodology in coaching overwhelmed entrepreneurs to remove bottlenecks, save time and increase profitability. He is obsessed about helping entrepreneurs uncover their "game-changer,” the one activity that will deliver the greatest return on invested time both at work and at home. Nick earned a Masters in Mechanical Engineering from Union College and MBA from the University of Florida. He obtained...

Duration: 00:40:31

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