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IAG 055: Infant Adoption Story with Amy Brooks

We relied on faith knowing that God would bring us our children. We didn’t know if they would be healthy, we didn’t know if they would look like us, we didn’t know if they would be born in our state or across the country. We let God take care of the details. His work surpassed […]


IAG 054: How to get your spouse onboard with building your family through adoption

It can be a scary and exciting starting the infant adoption process. A lot of us – even before we start the process, we can hit a major roadblock if you are ready to adopt and your spouse isn’t onboard yet. Couples may not be at the same point at the same time when major […]


IAG 053: How Infant Adoption Has Changed with Nicole Witt

Infant adoption has changed over the years and we as hopeful adoptive parents want to (and need to) keep up with the changes as we look to build our families. Here are some examples of the changes we’ve seen: Fewer placements Higher fall through rates New/different adoption scams More of a need for an online […]


IAG 052: Adopting with prenatal alcohol & drug exposure

Hopeful adoptive parents are often faced with the difficult decision of whether to adopt a baby that has been exposed during pregnancy to alcohol or drugs – such as opiates, marijuana, prescription drugs or other drugs. This is a hard topic but an extremely important one as drug and alcohol use (and abuse) is very […]


IAG 051: How to work with multiple adoption agencies

Choosing an adoption agency is usually a big decision in your journey to adopt because they are your guide from day one through the day a baby is placed in your arms (and beyond). Finding the right agency to work with can get confusing and overwhelming. There are hundreds of agencies across the U.S. so […]


IAG 049: What You Need To Know about Post Adoption Support & Getting Ready For School

YES – this is a podcast about infant adoption – so today’s topic may sound a bit off from the norm – but I really don’t think so. For one – I think any parent or parent-to-be needs to understand how to deal with adoption conversation – especially when it comes to school, or pre-school […]


IAG 047: What all hopeful adoptive parents need to know before you adopt

Have you thought about adopting and didn’t know where to start or what’s involved? Many hopeful adoptive parents can get overwhelmed with where to start. If this is where you are, remember you are not alone. With so much information on the internet, it is hard to figure it all out. There are lots of […]


IAG 046: Post Adoption Support – what it is & why it’s needed

Adoption affects birthparents, adoptees, and adoptive parents in many different ways. Adoption is a lifelong journey and there are times when we have to deal with very difficult issues, which is why post adoption support can be a huge help. Different types of adoption (special needs, transracial, open adoption, closed adoption, etc.) can bring a variety […]


IAG 045 What you need to know about Open Adoption

Open adoption can be a scary concept – and it is difficult to understand what it really means in domestic infant adoption. Since most domestic adoptions today have some level of openness, it is essential that we understand open adoption. We need to know why it is beneficial to the child, to the birth family, […]

IAG 044: The Cost of Adoption

The cost of adoption is a sensitive subject. We hear about how expensive it is and it can be difficult to understand why. Here is the truth. In domestic infant adoption, lots of people are needed to help make sure the safe placement of a child happens with the right family. See the emphasis on safe placement and the right family? There is so much that goes into making this happen. Hopeful adoptive families need adoption professionals - agencies and/or attorneys to help them go through the...

IAG 043: Part 2 of A Birth Mother’s Story with Tammy Thompson Davis

A birth mother's story is often a powerful one - with lots of emotion. Tammy Thompson Davis has such a story, as she placed her twin girls after not one, but two hopeful adoptive parents backed out of a match with her. This episode is part 2 of her story, where she shares the happy ending about how she found the perfect adoptive parents for her girls, even after struggling through two broken matches. Go here to listen to part 1 of Tammy's story Most adoptive couples worry about an...

IAG 042: A Birth Mother’s Story with Tammy Thompson Davis [Part 1]

Every now and then, you hear an adoption story that truly tugs at your heart. We don't often hear a birth mother's story, and we especially don't hear stories about how hopeful adoptive parents back out of a match with expectant mothers who want to place their child for adoption. Tammy Thompson Davis is a birth mother, and also an adoptive mom. Her own difficult experience as a birth mother led her (22 years ago) to begin The Family Building Project, which is a company that specializes in...

IAG 041: How to talk to family and friends about your adoption plans

For a lot of us who are hoping to adopt, family and friends are a big part of our journey. We need their love and support as we build our family through adoption - and especially AFTER we've adopted. Once we start the infant adoption process, it can go on for months or even a few years. The journey is definitely an emotional one, so we need family and friends to support us and our adoption plans. On today's episode, we have a great discussion with Dawn Baker from Bethany Christian...

IAG 040: What birthmoms are looking for in hopeful adoptive families (PART 2)

“Expectant women want to learn about the parents who are waiting to adopt right away. They don't want to wait until they've decided "yes, I want to choose adoption" - and then look for families." --Libby Denniston One of the biggest obstacles for hopeful adoptive parents is to figure our what birthmoms are looking for in hopeful adoptive families. How do you create a book, a website, and a video that shows how unique you are and how excited you are to adopt? What is most important to...

IAG 039: What birthmoms are looking for in hopeful adoptive families (PART 1)

“Hopeful adoptive parents need to remember - you could be why an expectant mother chooses adoption for her child. You could be the #1 reason that makes a woman go from saying: I'm not sure about adoption - to say - I can make an adoption happen with people like this. You are going to be an answer for that woman." --Libby Denniston Sometimes it's difficult for hopeful adoptive parents to really understand birthmoms and women who are considering adoption for their baby. It can be a struggle...

IAG 038: How to build your adoption team (and why you need to)

“You can be the strongest person on your team by staying positive, leading with an open mind and an open heart, and putting trust in your team and in the process. Without it, you will get in your own way. With it, magic will happen." --Rebecca Gruenspan Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision or goal. When it comes to adoption, we know the "common goal" is reach the dream of becoming parents. On your journey to adopt, building your adoption team is an important part...

IAG 037: Answering transracial adoption questions

Transracial adoption is such a huge topic to cover, so I wanted to bring Rachel Garlinghouse back on the show. She was our amazing guest back in episode 31. Rachel is a gifted writer, a blogger, and most importantly - a mom of 3 from transracial, open adoptions. She is (in her own words) crazy passionate about transracial adoption. She has written several books, including: Come Rain or Come Shine: A White Parent's Guide to Adopting and Parenting Black Children Black Girls Can: An...

IAG 036: Adoptive Dad panel Part 2

This is is part 2 of the amazing adoptive dad panel where Jake Stewart, Dan Welz and I have a rare talk about infant adoption from a guy's point of view. If you haven't listened to part 1 yet, I highly recommend you check it out first. Jake told his adoption story in Episode 23. He and his wife have adopted two children - both as newborns. They have open adoptions with their children's birthparents. Now they are excited as they are expecting their first biological child! Dan and his wife...

IAG 035: Adoptive dad panel – Part 1

This episode is one that I've wanted to do for a long time. It is very special to me because we have not one but two dads as guests on the show - Jake Stewart and Dan Welz. These guys are here to have a very rare and unique roundtable discussion - a guy's view on infant adoption. You may remember Jake was a guest on the show back on Episode 23. He and his wife have adopted two children - both as newborns. They have open adoptions with their children's birthparents. Some amazing and...

IAG 034: Coley Strickland of Birthmom Buds

We have a very special guest on the show - Nicole "Coley" Strickland is here to share about her experience as a birthmom, and how she went on to co-found Coley is the President and Executive Director of BirthMom Buds which provides support to birthmothers through its many programs including the buddy system, pregnant and placing program, and annual birthmother retreats. In addition to the numerous articles she has written, she has also been featured on a number of radio...

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