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Where the conversation doesn't end. In a good way.

Where the conversation doesn't end. In a good way.
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Where the conversation doesn't end. In a good way.




TBTL #2251: Funny Juice

Luke joins Andrew at the offices of Walsh, Walsh and Doormat for a update on his juice diet and PodCat's health. They also discuss one man's air-horn-centered revenge plot and Blair Walsh's career setback.

Duration: 01:11:09

TBTL #2250: Barely Home Companion

Buckle-up, kids: Luke Burbank is on a new juice diet. He explains this turn of events, then he and Andrew try to whistle Aerosmith songs.

Duration: 01:58:52

Awesome Etiquette ® #114: Vegan Thanksgiving Strife

Your staunchly vegan auntie maybe went a little too far in her righteous response to your Thanksgiving invitation. How do you ease tensions while maintaining your right to eat meat on Turkey Day?

Duration: 01:01:31

TBTL #2248: A Very Specific Set Of Insecurities

Luke and Andrew try to move on from the election with lighter topics, like prison breaks and famous Albanians. We also get to hear an actual song from the secret Wu-Tang record that was never meant for our ears.

Duration: 01:19:15

TBTL #2245: Best of Times, Blerst of Times

Luke and Carey come home to an unwanted surprise at Burbank Springs, and we climb into the TBTL Time Machine to remember what the guys said the day Tronald Dump announced he wanted to be President. Also, did Chris Hayes’ faustian bargain re: The Cubs World Series Win cost America its future? Thanks to David […]

Duration: 00:44:14

The Dinner Party Download #363: Nick Offerman, Emily Witt, Rick Astley

"Parks and Rec" alum Nick Offerman carves out his own niche, solves problems with bear hugs... Singer and godfather-of-memes Rick Astley lists some alternatives to his beloved "Rick-roll"... Journalist Emily Witt ponders sex and love in the 21st century... And "Daily Show" correspondent Hasan Minhaj makes a lofty proposal! Plus: drooling drummers, a cold war close call (with a nerve-settling cocktail), and sous vide fast food.

Duration: 00:54:08

TBTL #2243: Sports Grudges Are The Best Grudges w/ Jen Andrews

Jen "Flash" Andrews stops by and discusses Men's Jewelry, Sports Grudges, Lindsey Lohan, and Starbucks "Pup Cups", plus hands out some advice for a listener with a workplace "OPP".

Duration: 01:09:07

TBTL #2242: Plebs To The Cleve

A new documentary about cats leads Luke and Andrew to break down the actual costs of pet ownership, from hamsters to horses. No, literally, from hamsters to horses. Also, Andrew prepares for his trip to Cleveland, and Luke deals with a skin thingy.

Duration: 01:28:42

TBTL #2241: Gateway Rug

Luke and Andrew compare and contrast their Halloween evenings. (Andrew got everything he could hope for. Luke, not so much.) They also discuss a recently discovered hoax in the world of mixology.

Duration: 01:09:57

TBTL #2240: TBTL Halloween Spooktacular: Is It Too Early For A Fish Sad-Witch?

Andrew and Luke share their Halloween plans. Andrew's are surprisingly curmudgeonly, even by Andrew standards. Plus, per TBTL tradition, we listen back to The Haunting of David Boze. And there's some super scary sport-talk in No Point Conversion!

Duration: 01:40:47

Awesome Etiquette ® #112: AWOL at the In-Laws

Your brother-in-law is hosting a family party. His plan is for everyone to watch a movie you've seen, and you're disappointed you can’t spend the time talking with relatives. You leave to do some chores, but you return. Is anyone in the wrong?

Duration: 01:02:58

The Dinner Party Download #362: The 2016 All-Book Episode

It's a very special all-book show! Featuring etiquette tips from “Eat, Pray, Love” author Elizabeth Gilbert… A lesson on tribal society with “The Perfect Storm” writer Sebastian Junger… Man Booker prize recipient Marlon James confronts his bullies in drag… Israeli novelist Etgar Keret welcomes a newborn amidst a terrorist attack… Illustrator Molly Crabapple talks about her time in the “naked girl business.” Plus: We hear from not one, but two(!) poet laureates, listeners invite a literary...

Duration: 00:54:09

The Splendid Table ® #618: Touring Harlem

Marcus Samuelsson takes Melissa Clark on a personalized tour of Harlem, the neighborhood he has called home for over a decade. Later, Charlotte Druckman gives Melanie Dunea the secret to cast-iron baking, and Robert Simonson tells Joe Yonan the story behind the craft cocktail revival. In addition, Sally Swift talks with Washington Post food critic Tom Sietsema on the role of a critic in the age of Yelp, and Beth Dooley shares what inspired her food-writing career with Lynne Rossetto Kasper.

Duration: 00:54:45

TBTL #2239: Everything’s Coming Up Walsh-House!

Luke joins the show from a parking lot in Florida, where he's catching the unwanted gaze of a security guard and a family of raccoons fighting over potato chips. He and Andrew discuss animals in the news, including a woman who angered the internet by complaining about a bodega cat.

Duration: 01:12:53

TBTL #2238: Pappo Sent Us

Luke's adventures in Puerto Rico give him the chance to answer the age old question: What happens to fake hair foam when it's drenched in a thunderstorm? He and Andrew also discuss a man who caught a grape in his mouth after it was dropped from the sky and a new dance video that Andrew probably should have ignored.

Duration: 01:36:07

The ‘Blair Witch’ legacy; #OscarsNotSoWhite?; power brokers gather

The co-creator of the “Blair Witch Project” talks about marketing the movie in the '90s when an Internet hoax was easier to pull off than today; Hollywood's awards season is underway and it looks like there could be a diverse slate of actor nominees; execs from top tech and entertainment companies meet to figure out their next moves.

Duration: 00:23:59

TBTL #2237: Responsible Microcasting

Luke almost has a Bill O'Reilly moment while shooting on location in Puerto Rico. He and Andrew discuss that, and they debate the merits of Dos Equis' new "Most Interesting Man In The World." And they play a song submitted by an anonymous (and worried) listener.

Duration: 01:24:51

Norman Lear; Janelle Monáe; Facebook Live is a hot commodity

The legendary TV producer is going strong at the age of 94, with a remake of "One Day at a Time" set for Netflix; Janelle Monáe takes a break from music to act in her debut feature film, “Moonlight”; could Facebook challenge TV networks and YouTube as a platform for live streaming?

Duration: 00:23:58

TBTL #2236: Public Radio Puberty

Luke and Andrew discuss phone chargers, socks, world music, John Lurie, internet dating, and dazzling details about Donovan. Also, Luke is in Puerto Rico.

Duration: 01:00:43

Hasan Minhaj On The American Dream Tax

Hasan Minhaj is a comedian, our favorite Daily Show correspondent, and the creator and star of his one-man show, “Homecoming King,” which tells the story of New Brown America. He came to our studios to talk optimism, politics, guilt, the American Dream, hip hop, his infamous Congressional mic drop, biryani rice terrorism, the greatness of Zayn Malik, and so much more, including a new Mash-Up Avengers squad we’re forming. Taking sign-ups now.

Duration: 00:32:58

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