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How To Get Through The Worst — Together, Kelsey Crowe, Co-Founder Help Each Other Out

Most of us don’t know what to say when we are grieving or how to reach out when the people we love go through something awful. Dr. Kelsey Crowe’s own experiences with grief helped her realize that so many people suffer alone because the people around them don’t know what to do or say. So Kelsey actually shifted her career focus to understand what grieving people want, and what they don’t. She surveyed 900 people about their experiences with grief, founded Help Each Other Out to provide...

Duration: 00:42:09

How To End Ageism - Ashton Applewhite, Author & Activist

Ashton Applewhite is on a mission as old as humanity itself -- to change our attitudes about age and ageing. Her book is "This Chair Rocks. A Manifesto Against Ageism," and her Ted Talk received a standing ovation. She's onto something. This week on Inflection Point, she talks with Lauren about how she plans to end what she calls "the last acceptable prejudice."

Duration: 00:50:37

How Jeanette Walls Claimed Her Truth - Author, "The Glass Castle"

When she was young, Jeannette Walls wanted nothing more than to escape her crazy, chaotic family. She grew up in poverty, in a crumbling home, where her parents couldn’t always put food on the table. They moved from place to place and school to school. After putting her past behind her to become a successful journalist and author, Walls finally revisited her upbringing in her memoir, “The Glass Castle.” Now it’s been adapted into a film, and this was my chance to talk with her about how...

Duration: 00:48:01

How Sabaah Folayan Is Changing The Narrative of Ferguson, Director of "Whose Streets"

When Michael Brown was shot by a police officer in Ferguson, MO in August, 2014 and the protests began, Sabaah Folayan felt the media’s coverage was overly focused on the looting, rioting and property damage, and not nearly enough on the stories of the people who rose up. So she dropped everything and went to Ferguson to see for herself what was happening on the ground and to talk with the people who live there. The result is her documentary film Whose Streets? She shares what it was like...

Duration: 00:23:56

How To Negotiate Like a Woman-Leanne Meyer, Carnegie Mellon Tepper School of Business

“The biggest trick is how do we teach women at any stage to keep knowing what they want and asking for that,” says Leanne Meyer, Program Director of the Carnegie Mellon Leadership and Negotiation Academy for Women. Meyer’s work focuses on two main components that inhibit women’s progress in the workplace: the environments at work and school, and the habits of women themselves. Meyer educates women on the stereotypes and biases holding them back; teaches them to network; how to seek out and...

Duration: 00:25:54

How Femininity Can Save Humanity-Nina Simons, Co-Founder Bioneers

What if the root of all the world’s problems is the imbalance of masculinity and femininity in our leadership? Nina Simons, co-founder of Bioneers has spent over twenty years investigating the power of femininity to solve some of humanity’s greatest challenges. We discuss how she discovered that leading with the feminine can help anyone–male or female–find their purpose and their passion.

Duration: 00:38:59

How To End Structural Racism In Tech-Laura Weidman Powers, Code2040

Laura Weidman Powers is co-founder and CEO of Code2040, an organization focused on ending structural racism in America by smoothing the pathways into tech for people of color. She shares her ‘aha’ moment, how she got involved in this work and why it’s critical for companies to rethink their current approach to diversity.

Duration: 00:24:13

How To Beat Perfectionism-Patti Niemi, San Francisco Opera Orchestra

What if the thing you really love to do makes you so anxious it gets in the way of doing your job? For Patti Niemi, a percussionist, her first experience with anxiety cropped up while in her second year at at Juilliard, causing her hands to shake uncontrollably. Niemi wrote a memoir called “Sticking It Out. From Juilliard to the Orchestra Pit.” In this episode, hear how she rose to the top of the music world and above her anxiety.

Duration: 00:27:59

How To Beat Perfectionism-Patti Niemi, San Francisco Opera Orchestra

What if the thing you really love to do makes you so anxious it gets in the way of doing your job? For Patti Niemi, a percussionist, her first experience with anxiety cropped up while in her second year at at Juilliard, causing her hands to shake uncontrollably. Niemi wrote a memoir called “Sticking It Out. From Juilliard to the Orchestra Pit.” In this episode, hear how she rose to the top of the music world and above her anxiety.

Duration: 00:27:29

How To Build An Inclusive Feminist Movement - Teresa Younger, Ms Foundation

Many groups still feel excluded from the feminist movement. Teresa shares how feminism can be a value everyone can share--across races, sexuality, economics.

Duration: 00:25:40

How To Send Better Flowers - Christina Stembel, Farmgirl Flowers

Christina Stembel, the founder of Farmgirl Flowers shares why "it's the thought that counts" is a copout, why she turned down investors who asked her to compromise her ideals, and how she is growing her business in an industry had been limp for years. Lauren spoke with her in May, 2016 as her business was taking off--and it is still growing strong. PS Have you considered becoming a contributor to IP? The "Become a Patron" button is at We were really into...

Duration: 00:26:40

How To Reverse Global Warming - Shana Rappaport & Amanda Ravenhill

What can we do right now to stop climate change? A new book out called "Drawdown" from Paul Hawken tells us what we the people can do to provide solutions to global warming. I spoke with two of the women who have been key advisors on Project Drawdown, and bring back our conversation from 2015-- as right and relevant as ever. Meet Shana Rappaport and Amanda Ravenhill.

Duration: 00:26:17

Why Feminism Isn't Going Away, Dr. Alison Dahl Crossley - Stanford Clayman Institute

We recorded this convo with Dr. Alison Dahl Crossley last fall... right after Roger Ailes was ousted, but Bill O'Reilly hadn't yet been removed, which makes this is timely and worth a re-visit. PLUS Dr. Crossley's new book has just been published: "Finding Feminism: Millennial Activists and the Unfinished Gender Revolution." She is the Associate Director of Stanford's Clayman Institute for Gender Research.

Duration: 00:23:02

Kate Kendall and Robyn Exton--Preview "The Conversation"

Lauren guest hosts "The Conversation" from the BBC World Service. This excerpt features two women who have made an impact on gay rights and gay life: Kate Kendall of the National Center for Lesbian Rights and Robyn Exton, the founder of Her, a dating and social app for LGBTQ women.

Duration: 00:13:03

Developing More Women in Tech - Deb Liu, Facebook

As one of few female executives in technology, Deb Liu is working to address the challenges that women in tech are facing-- both on day-to-day basis and through a non-profit she co-created called "Women in Product."

Duration: 00:26:22

Decoding the Secret to Confidence at GE

Recorded at the #codelikeagirl event at GE Digital in San Ramon, California in November, 2016. The GE Women's Network put on a day-long STEM event for sixty middle-school girls. It included design-thinking and coding exercises. The event had a Harry Potter theme, which delighted the girls as they learned they could make magic with code. Parseltongue anyone? Brought to us by producer Megan Jones.

Duration: 00:09:18

From Successful Teen to Successful Woman - "Teen Hackz" Founders Lisa Allanson & Lisa McDonough

Lauren talks with Lisa Allanson and Lisa McDonough, the founders of Teen Hackz, a program designed to help teens (girls and boys) understand themselves and others--in order prepare for success in life and work.

Duration: 00:26:45

Open Recovery Closes the Door On Addiction Stigma, Fay Zenoff

Lauren talks with Fay Zenoff, the Executive Director of the Center for Open Recovery in San Francisco. Her organization is committed to changing the way our culture thinks about recovery--from something secret to something to be celebrated.

Duration: 00:25:52

Bringing The Birth Control Pill Over-the-Counter, Samantha Miller

Samantha Miller is leading the only pharmaceutical company whose mission is to bring the birth control pill over the counter-- with their product "Kate." This has never been attempted before. Although men's birth control has been available at pharmacies for years.

Duration: 00:24:25

"Gendered Language At Work" - OpEd by Deb Liu, Facebook

Deb Liu, VP of Platform and Marketplace at Facebook challenges all of us to think about the words we use every day.

Duration: 00:07:44

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