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Susie Carder – Creating Predictable Success In Business

In this episode, Jack talks with Profit Coach, Susie Carder about something she is very passionate about; helping entrepreneurs create a business that allows them to live their dreams and achieve financial abundance. Susie shares how she helps entrepreneurs looking to grow their sales and profitability by uncovering the money they are leaving on the table and showing them how to maximize sales and create extraordinary wealth. Susie has a proven, twenty-year track record that includes...


Therese Johnson – Saving Seniors’ Savings: Best Kept Secrets on How to Pay for Senior Services

In this episode, Jack talks with Therese Johnson, founder of Senior Care Of Sacramento, a Placement and Resource Referral agency for Seniors and author of the best selling book, Saving Seniors Savings: Best Kept Secrets on How to Pay for Senior Services. Its said that one of the toughest jobs in the world is being a mom, but Therese is shining a light on one job that just might be as tough if not tougher, and that’s to be a daughter or daughter in law to a Senior parent who is unable to...


Jill Grunewald and Lisa Markley – Thriving with Hypothyroidism and Hashimoto’s Through Nutrition

In this episode, Jack talks with Jill Grunewald and Lisa Markley, best selling authors of “The Essential Thyroid Cookbook: Over 100 Nourishing Recipes for Thriving with Hypothyroidism and Hashimoto’s”. Jill Grunewald in an Integrative Nutrition and Hormone Coach and Thyroid Health and Autoimmunity Specialist. Lisa Markley is a Registered Dietician Nutritionist and nutritional wellness expert with over a decade of experience working passionately towards improving the health of others...


Matt Skinner - Becoming A Real Estate DealMaker

In this episode, Jack talks with the leader of the controversial, secret real estate club, “DealMaker Society” and author of the new book “The DealMaker Manifesto – The Real Estate Entrepreneur’s Guide To Make Deals and Get Paid”, Matt Skinner. Matt discusses the Five Pillars of Deal Making that allowed him to weather the worst crash in financial history and come out the other side with a thriving investment firm. For Matt, success in real estate has little to do with learning about...


Artur Kiulian – Robot Is The Boss: How To Do Business with Artificial Intelligence

In this episode, Jack talks with Artur Kiulian, author of “Robot Is The Boss: How To Do Business with Artificial Intelligence” about the fears, myths, and misconceptions we have around artificial intelligence. You’ll discover how AI and machine learning makes many of the appliances and applications we use everyday possible. As a partner at Colab, a Los Angeles-based venture studio, Artur helps early stage startups build technology products using the benefits of machine learning. Listen as...



In this episode, Jack talks with Ramona Lever, author of “BRANDING YOURSELF FOR SUCCESS – how to attract clients that say YES!” about the importance of a Personal Brand and why being your authentic self is far easier and more powerful when it comes to attracting the best clients. Ramona is an Internationally Accredited Behavioural Profiler and Personal Branding Expert and is on a mission to give female entrepreneurs Permission to Shine and create an abundant life for themselves. Her...


Bryan Falchuk – Do a Day: How to Live a Better Life Every Day

In this episode, Jack talks with Bryan Falchuk, best selling author of “Do a Day: How to Live a Better Life Every Day” about how he overcame adversity, lost nearly 100 pounds, ran a marathon, dramatically change his diet and created an approach to help others live a better life, every day. Like so many people, Bryan has faced challenges in life, like obesity, depression, work stress, the responsibilities of parenthood, the potential of losing his wife to illness, and more. And he...


Geoff Ables – The LUCK Principle: Business Results at the Intersection of People and Profits

In this episode, Jack talks with Geoff Ables, author of the Amazon best selling book, “The LUCK Principle: Business Results at the Intersection of People and Profits,” and the founder and managing partner of C5 Insight, a consulting firm focused on customer and employee engagement project implementation. Geoff explains why sustaining employee engagement and customer satisfaction is critical for business success in the future workplace and how businesses applying The LUCK Principle are able...


Carolin Soldo – How To Position, Package & Profit From Your Knowledge & Experience

In this episode, International Business Coach Carolin Soldo shares how she is helping passion driven women bring their skills to the world and launch thriving Online Coaching Businesses with international reach. Carolin is the founder of multiple premier business programs including Brand Your Passions®, From Passion to Profits®, and The Powerhouse Coach®. By applying real-life experience to coaching Carolin is transforming the lives of passionate women who desire to make an impact, follow...


Dr. Ben Grams – The Solution To Back and Neck Pain That No One Is Telling You About

In this episode, Dr. Ben Grams, leading expert in physical medicine and pain relief and author of “The Solution To Back and Neck Pain That No One Is Telling You About“, exposes some of the biggest myths and misconceptions people suffering from chronic pain have about treatment alternatives. According to the American Academy of Pain Medicine, more Americans suffer from pain than heart disease, cancer, and diabetes combined—that’s 100 million people—making it one of the most complex and...


Linda Poteet – Celebrate Your Deliciousness

In this episode, author of “Celebrate Your Deliciousness” Linda Poteet discusses how our imperfections are what can make us so fascinating to others and why they should be celebrated rather than fixed. Linda believes the way you show up in the world is your biggest brand asset. As a Personal Branding and Lifestyle Specialist, Linda inspires women to tap into their unique gifts; potential, passions and what she calls “inner deliciousness”. Jack talks with Linda about her book, “Celebrate...


John Blake - High Stakes Selling: How To Win Sales When It Really Counts

In this episode, John Blake, author of “High Stakes Selling” shares how his passion for surfing as a teenager in Australia evolved into a remarkable 27-year career as a highly successful sales person, sales manager, business owner, author, and sales and marketing consultant. During the interview, John explains the importance of storytelling and why having a sales processes is critical for success. He also reveals how “focusing on the product” can be of the most common mistakes salespeople...


Jordan Harbinger – The Art (and Science) of Charm, Networking and Building Relationships

In this episode, Jack talks with Jordan Harbinger about the biggest myths, misconceptions, and fears people have about networking and building relations. Jordan is the co-founder of The Art of Charm coaching and training company as well as the host of The Art of Charm Podcast, which is downloaded over 2.5 million times every month and has been covered by Forbes, NPR, the Today Show, Esquire Magazine, Saturday Night Live and MSNBC. Jordan also shares his journey as a former Wall Street...


Sundance Brennan – The Art of SalesFu: 10 Steps to Selling Anything Over the Phone

In this episode, Sundance Brennan, Founder of and author of “The Art of SalesFu: 10 Steps to Selling Anything Over the Phone,” reveals how anyone who puts on a headset to sell over the phone can get higher conversion rates AND happier clients which leads to more commissions. During the conversation, Sundance explains how the “Crazy, Magnetic Charm” of great celebrity sales trainers is not something most people are born with. Admitting that he’s a natural introvert,...


Jesse Itzler - Fighting Complacency and Comfort for Charity

In this episode, Jack talks with mega-entrepreneur Jesse Itzler who has a list of accomplishments a mile long: He invented the sports music industry, wrote and sang the New York Knicks theme song, “Go New York, Go.” He co-founded the private jet card company Marquis Jet, which was acquired by Berkshire Hathaway. He engineered the coconut water craze by partnering with Zico, which they then sold to Coca-Cola. Along with his wife, Spanx founder Sara Blakely Jesse is an owner of the NBA’s...


David McGarry – How To Get In The Best Shape Of Your Life In Your 40s, 50s and Beyond

In this episode David McGarry, host of the “Fit Over 40 Challenge” podcast and author of the book “Fit Over 40 Challenge: Six Weeks to Lose Fat, Build Muscle and Feel 20 Years Younger” reveals how a 40 plus person, who hasn’t exactly been kind to their bodies in quite some time, can turn back the clock 20 years… or even get in the best shape of their life without some crazy fad diet or having to work out like a Navy Seal. At 43 years old, David says he’s in better shape than he was when he...


Exposing the Psychological Triggers of Yo-Yo Dieting

In this episode Renée Jones, founder of and author of “What’s Really Eating You: Overcome the Triggers of Comfort Eating”, talks about her new book and the psychological struggles of losing weight and keeping it off. The dangers of Yo-Yo Dieting have received a lot of attention in the media explosion around the recently published study by the Obesity research journal revealing how many of the incredible success stories from contestants of “The Biggest Loser” reality show...


Ryan Deiss – Why the Human Factor Still Trumps Technology In the Digital Economy

In this episode CEO, Ryan Deiss, shares how doing business in the digital economy has evolved since launching his first online venture from his college dorm room in 1999. Listen as Ryan explains why the rapid advancement in technology and the ability for businesses to reach millions won’t produce success without first understanding the market you serve and the specific value you bring to that market. To learn more visit


Scott Wilhite - The 7 Core Skills of Everyday Happiness

Scott Wilhite is an award-winning commercial filmmaker turned social entrepreneur and author of “The 7 Core Skills of Everyday Happiness: Scientifically Proven Skills For a Happier, More Meaningful Life”. In this episode, Scott shares how he found his most productive years as a writer, producer, and director were also his darkest, most unsatisfying years. He felt directionless and that his life was missing purpose and meaning. It was while working on a series of humanitarian films in...


Sylvia Inks – Small Business Finance for the Busy Entrepreneur

In this episode Sylvia Inks, Founder of SMI Financial Coaching and the Author of the Best Selling Book – “Small Business Finance for the Busy Entrepreneur – Blueprint for Building a Solid, Profitable Business” reveals why so many smart, successful business owners are overwhelmed, stressed, and struggling to create and maintain a profitable business. Sylvia explains how many entrepreneurs are great at what they do but are so focused on their products and services that they don’t give the...


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