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TV host, journalist, and author John Daly takes apart the media and politics.

TV host, journalist, and author John Daly takes apart the media and politics.
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TV host, journalist, and author John Daly takes apart the media and politics.






Healthcare Isn't Funny. But Liberty HealthShare has some comedians on board

If you are looking for an alternative to health insurance or the problems with Obamacare, then this is the show to listen to. You will understand what medical cost sharing is with people who understand it and how it works in their lives. Two college kids who make it big in comedy understand the need for Liberty HealthShare. While another comedian says he had the idea for Liberty HealthShare years ago. John Daly, TV host and news anchor and a member of Liberty HealthShare, hosts this show...

Duration: 00:29:38

Liberty HealthShare explained quickly and easily

During these confusing times and who knows what costs you might face next year, I am going to play you an excerpt here from a recent interview I did with Dale Bellis, the co-founder and executive director of Liberty HealthShare. He explains what Liberty HealthShare and medical cost sharing is concisely here. This is part of a radio interview – airing soon -- we did with a member whose son broke his arm in a bike accident. It’s quite simple. We cut out the middle man and share your bills...

Duration: 00:03:19

Liberty HealthShare Is A Grassroots Movement; Meet LPGA Star Driving It

This radio show is a great way to really understand what medical cost sharing is -- and how it is changing healthcare in the US. This will give you more insight to decide if it is right for you. Liberty Health Share is no longer just an alternative in healthcare. It is a movement that is growing. We’ll explain how through a young professional golfer. And we will show you how Liberty Health Share is helping to change the debate on healthcare and the Affordable Care Act. John Daly, a...

Duration: 00:30:11

Congress Clueless on Healthcare; Ignore Them and Look at This

The GOP wants to repeal and replace Obamacare by cutting and shifting costs to the states which could hurt the poor and those with pre-existing conditions. The Democrats want Medicare for all as a step to a single-payer – which could never work for most Americans who want options. It would not bring costs down, nor would it improve our healthcare outcomes. There is a solution: Liberty Health Share which is medical cost sharing. The co-founder and executive director is Dale Bellis and he...

Duration: 00:03:48

Kelly Edge Gives Us a View of Battered But Not Broken Miami and South Beach

Miami and South Beach were devastated by Hurricane Irma. How can all of us help even if we live outside the area or we just love to visit? John Daly and his Undercover Jetsetter cohost Susan Anzalone speak with Kelly. Let’s bring in our friend and contributor -- Kelly Edge. She is a celebrity interior designer. You’ve seen her on HGTV. You also saw that she helped Undercover Jetsetter on our tour of Miami and South Beach. And she plays in a lot of Celebrity-Golf events with me. Kelly talks...

Duration: 00:15:01

Great Golf Event on Premier Country Club Course

There’s a great golf event coming up in Columbia South Carolina at the Columbia Country Club. It is the 2017 Children’s Chance Celebrity Golf Event. Website is It will be September 10th and 11th. All the proceeds go to Children’s Chance, a charity that helps families with kids that have pediatric cancer and the devastating effects to the whole family sometimes. A lot of my friends will be there – including my guest Thad Daber, professional golfer who has won the...

Duration: 00:09:02

Talking About Our New Book and How It Can Help Your Vacation and Your Business

So this podcast is a bit of self-promotion. We have just written a book. My business partner and co-host on Undercover Jetsetter Susan Anzalone and I have just published a book to help you shoot your vacation videos or any videos off an iPhone. You would think being the author I would know the title. But I forgot. Hey I helped write the book already! We talk abut the easy techniques you can use to make sure your videos are watchable. We also make sure you are safe while you are shooting....

Duration: 00:02:50

NFL and Las Vegas Insider Eric Snyder Gives Us The Skinny on Vegas and Raiders

Eric Snyder is the author of a book on the Oakland Raiders. So lo and behold, the Raiders move to Las Vegas. Eric analyses the good and the possible bad for Las Vegas as they get theri first NFL franchise, a team that has moved from Oakland and LA before. Sure it will help the local economy. But what happens after 5 years if the gambling town doesn't back the hometown Raiders? Eric has insight into other things than football. He is a part-owner of Montana Meat Company, one of the best...

Duration: 00:09:40

Hot Summer Golf Deals in Myrtle Beach and the Carolinas

Since we are in the Carolinas, let’s talk golf deals. And there are plenty in the summer – because it is so hot here. But it is worth it. I spoke to AJ Gohil of Worldwide Golf Marketing on how to take advantage of this. Here are the highlights: Kids can play free Lower prices Play early morning or late afternoon Great places to eat Check out For food, try Thoroughbreds Chops House and Grille and Travinia Italian Kitchen Remember Myrtle Beach has Uber and Lyft, but for...

Duration: 00:08:26

Rice Unmasking

So that’s what Nunes was talking about. We got the latest new allegation that Obama National Security adviser Susan Rice was the one unmasking the identities of Trump folks talking to Russians after the election. This is like an episode of 24. Something new every few minutes. Some thoughts for you. First, we don’t know this. Did it happen? It’s the same as we don’t know if Russia colluded with the Trump campaign to alter the election. My guess is Russia did nothing to change votes. They...

Duration: 00:03:23

Dale Bellis Does Hong Kong with the help of Undercover Jetsetter

Dale Bellis is a pioneer in the healthcare field, co-founding Liberty HealthShare, a medical cost sharing company that is freedom from insurance and now has more than 130,000 members in only 3 years. He took his pioneering spirit to Hong Kong after he won a trip. He also got a primer video from Undercover Jetsetter to guide him as we took all of our show video and made a personalized video for Dale and his wife Cathy. Here is his interview about being in one of the great cities of the...

Duration: 00:23:11

John Daly Show: New Format; Wilmywood Celebrity Golf; Dale Bellis in Hong Kong

You will hear from my TV-co host and business partner Susan Anzalone. And later we interview Dale Bellis of Liberty Health Share – about Hong Kong – and a trip he won. And then you will hear about a celebrity golf event I am in – coming up. But first, let’s talk about how this show is changing. Notice we are talking about helping you navigate the world. Yes you will get some of my political commentaries. But there’s more. And it all fits. Yes we will talk about travel, food, wine, and golf...

Duration: 00:53:27

President As Businessman Could Work But Trump Not The Problem

Despite what is happening, the President as Businessman analogy could work. It’s not, though. Many of you think Trump is the problem. Actually, most Americans are the problem. Here's why it is not working now. First, being a success in business only requires you to win 1% of the market. But in politics, you need to capture 50% plus one of the market to win. That is a lot more difficult. Second, we didn’t really hire a businessman in Trump. If anything, Trump is a showman – a PT Barnum...

Duration: 00:05:21

Celebrity Golfing at the Wilmywood Country Classic Celebrity

I am excited to play in a celebrity golf event this coming weekend in Wilmington, North Carolina on April 1-3. It called the Wilmywood Country Classic. Here is the website: There is still time to join us. Thad Daber is a professional golfer who has won the one-club championship 4 times. But he has helped make Wilmywood Country Classic a big winner. He talks about Pine Valley Golf Course, the country music, the food, and drink along with the accomodations by...

Duration: 00:07:58

Healthcare Bill Fallout: Parliamentary US; Need for Single-payer? Huh?

Sure, the healthcare bill failure gives us lots of cheering and booing. That’s what the media and politicians do. However, the ramifications are big for healthcare and our government. Let’s talk government first. We now officially have a parliamentary style political system stuck in a 2-party system. Like European countries, you can actually see six different political parties. The GOP has three. Moderate or business Republicans The so-called freedom caucus which are the Tea Partiers; And...

Duration: 00:07:09

One Cable News Interview Explains What is Wrong with US Politics, Media

Here is the clip: Go online and watch a clip from MTP Daily on MSNBC. This clip shows you why cable news is useless – except for breaking news or alerting you to danger. As far as giving us needed information to help us live our lives or solve problems, to quote Russians, Nyet. So hit pause here. Go watch. Then come back here. So Katie Tur was interviewing Dave Brat. Brat is a...

Duration: 00:04:20

Senate Hearings Stymied My Once Unflinching American Optimism

Wow. My sometimes overinflated optimism for our future got coldcocked this week. That Senate hearing was an eye-opener. Was it that Trump had lied? No. We know all presidents massage the truth for their own benefit. We also know this president takes it to another level. Was it that the Russians might have altered our elections? No. I doubt the Russians actually got into our voting machines and changed the votes. No, what bothered me is that we are no longer the nation I want us to be. All...

Duration: 00:07:02

John Daly Show Changes To Help You Navigate Media and The World

Before I jump into that, let me give you a heads up. I will be at the Wilmywood Celebrity Golf tournament On April 1-3 at the Pine Valley Country Club. There will be plenty of music, seafood, and golf. If you are in the Carolinas or anywhere near Wilmington or Myrtle Beach, come join us. Go to It all helps to stop children violence. So what are we doing here that is new? We are going to help you navigate the world. Sure I will talk about the media and...

Duration: 00:04:50

Donna Tagliaferri Survives Thanks To Great Doctors and Liberty HealthShare

Donna Tagliaferri felt a strange pain in her chest. She thought she was dying. She was right. She had a burst aorta. The surgery, according to her husband Raymond, was as tough as a heart transplant. But she survived. And she survived it financially because she is a member of Liberty Health Share. There is no one happier than me. I am so glad I got Donna to join. Liberty Health Share has worked for me too. Liberty Health Share is medical cost sharing. Members share each other’s bills to...

Duration: 00:02:01

Catastrophic Medical Taken Care of By Liberty Health Share

A couple faces an onslaught of medical problems that hit the wife. She survives in large part because of Liberty Health Share. This is the best healthcare to have even when you go on trips because there are no restrictions on which doctors or hospitals you use.

Duration: 00:01:57

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