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Sentence Pattern in English (fundamentos de la estructura bsica del Ingls)L

Pronouns and the verb (to be) in the present simple tense (Lesson 2)-

Question words with the verb to be, preguntas con el verbo to be (LESSON 3)

Demonstrative pronouns/adjectives, articles a/an and plural nouns (LECCION

Possessive forms: Possessive nouns and possessive adjectives (LECCION 5)

Vocabulary The family tree – Vocabulario el arbol familiar

There is and there are, to describe that something or someone exists (Lesso

Dar ordenes e insturcciones en Ingles, Giving commands and orders with the

Present continuous – progressive tense Uso y estructura, to be + -ing: el g

Vocabulary: The weather, describir el clima en ingles (Vocabulario LECCION

Prepositions of place on in at, Preposiciones de lugar en ingles (on in at)

Vocabulary Describing people, describir personas fisicamente en ingles (Les

Listening activity – Ejercicio de listening en ingles (Conversacin virtual)

The Present Simple, forma negativa y preguntas interrogativa- Question and

Prepositions of place Preposiciones de lugar (LESSON 11)

Object Pronouns – Pronombres de objeto en ingls (LECCION 12)

Adverbs of frequency Adverbios de frecuencia (LECCION 13)

Modal verb Can and Could – Ability (LECCION 14)

Curso bsico ingles: Parts of the body Vocabulario leccin 4

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