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Health Challenges for the Modern Woman

How do the demands of modern life affect your health?Modern womanhood involves juggling multiple roles. Business, family, and social demands can make it seem impossible to maintain your health. Common Causes of Health Troubles The latest trend you saw online may not provide the benefits you expected. Examine these common causes of health troubles and see where you may be struggling. Five Types of Superwomen Gypsy Girl: A creative, innovative type who is often fatigued. This type has dry...

The Four Elements of Healing

Learn indigenous tips to help heal from trauma.Trauma is common, physical and emotional. Healing takes work on all levels. The four elements of healing from an indigenous point-of-view are based on connection. Listen.Supportive relationships.Unconditional love.Positive action.Listen as Dr. Anita Sanchez joins Dr. Holly Lucille to share how you can begin healing from trauma.

Duration: 00:27:01

New Approaches to a Healthy Life

Catch these great tips to improve your health and longevity.With the wealth of information available, sometimes you just want some simple tips to improve your health and longevity. Listen as Dr. Robin Miller joins Dr. Holly Lucille to share how small actions can provide big benefits for your health.

Duration: 00:23:36

Regenerative Injection Therapies

Learn about new techniques to stimulate your body's healing response for injuries.Your body has an innate ability to heal. Ligaments and tendons can take longer than expected, causing a lot of pain in the joint area where the injury was sustained. Regenerative injection therapy (RIT) augments the body’s own healing. Techniques stimulate the body’s healing response. Prolotherapy is a form of RIT that uses injections to stimulate blood flow in ligaments and tendons. It hurts but urges...

Duration: 00:25:21

Thriving with Stress

How can you harness stress?Chronic stressors are very real and impinge on activities. How can you keep up when you’re so stressed? Being hit with something out of left field can stir up your impulse control. You might overwork, overthink or freak out. You are not at your best. How can you catch yourself before the impulse control goes out the window? No one wants to be a terrible version of themselves. You don’t want to underperform. It’s easier to make changes in your reactions to...

Duration: 00:19:34

Social Jet Lag & Sleep Deficit

Can you really catch up on sleep on the weekend?Sleep is one of the most important things you can do for your health. Tissue repair happens, hormones are produced, and your body rests. But, your busy lifestyle may displace your sleep priority. Catching up on your sleep on the weekend may not be as beneficial as you think. Social jet lag occurs when you stay up late and try to sleep late. Shifting your sleep clock by more than 30 minutes or an hour can make you feel sleep deprived when...

Duration: 00:21:37

Master Plan for Long-Term Wellness

Work on endurance for your long-term health to manage chronic pain.One in three Americans currently suffer from chronic pain. It can be daunting to find the best way to successfully manage one’s pain. A chronic pain diagnosis brings shock, bewilderment and grief. The loss of life before the chronic pain isn’t always acknowledged in the medical community. It is tough to come to terms with the loss of function caused by the pain. Conventional medical practitioners receive specialized...

Duration: 00:27:04

Balancing Your Gut-Brain Axis

Learn about the link between your gut and brain.Your gut and brain communicate with each other. It’s no wonder that your stomach can feel upset when you’re anxious. Gut health has already been linked to chronic health issues like diabetes and autoimmune disorders. It is now being linked to nervous system problems like multiple sclerosis and Parkinson’s disease. The gut has been called the second brain. It has its own nervous system, the enteric nervous system. Mood is related to gut...

Duration: 00:25:13

Mindset: Aligning Your Inside with Your Actions

What can you do to reach your health goals?Chronic health issues are on the rise. It’s a challenge to reach even the smallest health goals. Why is it so hard to change eating and fitness habits? Your mindset can open you up to opportunity. The energy you’re transmitting needs to match the energy you want. If you’re projecting negativity, success is difficult. Your engagement with the limiting belief gets you off track. Don’t be so hard on yourself when you’re trying to make changes....

Duration: 00:24:36

Healing Your Relationship with Eating

Cultivate a mindful approach to eating.The vast amount of information currently available about food can lead you to feelings of fear, guilt and judgment. You may stop enjoying food due to information overload. To enjoy food again, find something that feels good for you. You may enjoy cooking or eating certain foods. Exercise may make you feel calm and creative. Spend more time doing that thing. It will quiet your mind and help your food intuition come to the surface. Be mindful. Make...

Duration: 00:22:55

Creating Healthy Eating Habits

It's never too early nor too late to develop better eating habits.Prevention of childhood obesity and chronic disease can start in the kitchen. Teaching healthy eating habits from a young age will help save your child from the effects of processed foods. There is a strong connection between food and health. First, learn some simple steps to prepare healthier meals. You don’t have to prepare gourmet meals every night. Easy recipes and simple prep tasks work well for busy families. Develop...

Duration: 00:22:55

Metabolic Approach to Cancer

Improve your health to ward off and recover from cancer and other chronic illnesses.It’s important to empower cancer patients with ways to improve their own health. In fact, nutritional techniques can be applied to any chronic illness. Diet and lifestyle can impact resilience and recovery. Your Terrain Your body must have some damage that made it susceptible to cancer or chronic illness. Looking at the terrain of your life can help find areas to heal. Ketogenic Diet The ketogenic diet...

Duration: 00:26:40

Promoting Meaningful Healthcare Reform

What would it take for a national healthcare system to work?American healthcare is mired in controversy. Finding affordable healthcare for pre-existing conditions is a great concern for the population. Mandatory healthcare costs don’t necessarily appeal to the healthy uninsured. Young, healthy individuals aren’t all inclined to subsidize healthcare costs for folks who are ailing. Those enrolled in the government option are often plagued with illness or aren’t old enough for Medicare...

Duration: 00:26:42

Reducing Pollution in the Home

Are the toxins in your home contributing to your health issues?Chronic health issues are on the rise, despite technological and scientific advances. Environmental toxins can contribute to these chronic health disorders. Low level exposure over time leads to build-up within the body. Home should be a comfortably place, a retreat from the stressors of the world. You must take action to keep it healthy by reducing environmental toxins. Common Home Pollutants PM 2.5 (fine particulate...

Duration: 00:21:44

Eating Clean: Detox Your Body

Learn some tips for detoxification and how it can improve your health.If your health throws you a curve ball, maybe it's time to eat clean. Eating "clean" means eating whole foods. It doesn’t mean you have to prepare multi-step gourmet meals. It can be very simple. Meals with few ingredients can fuel your body and help you heal. But, you have to start reading labels and advocate for your own health. Tips for Detoxifying Your Body: Retrain your body to enjoy natural flavors. Citrus zest...

Duration: 00:27:59

How Advertising Influences Your Prescription Choices

How does advertising influence your prescription drug choices? Does it also impact your physician's recommendations?Marketing of the medical industry can be confusing and seductive. Many marketers and agencies use a consumer branding model when promoting healthcare brands. Consumer goods are marketed as a celebration of the buying process. “The world must know about this new thing I bought!” This is how fancy beverages, smartphones and cars are marketed. Healthcare products are intended...

Duration: 00:20:38

Wholehearted Living

You have to care for your internal health as much as you do your external health.Thanks to technology, we are all connected. Why, then, are we so stressed, overweight, and disconnected in our personal relationships? It’s time to examine how we’re living. Living Whole You can be fit yet unhealthy. There’s more to health than just eating well and working out. Burning the candle at both ends taxes the adrenal glands. You have to take care of yourself. You shouldn’t need all that coffee to...

Duration: 00:26:12

Yoga for Every Body Type

Don't be discouraged from yoga because you don't feel you fit the yoga stereotype. Allow yourself the opportunity to enjoy its health and mental benefits.Going to yoga twice a week can be great fun. Fancy leggings, coconut water, and a healthy glow are some enjoyable benefits. However, the greater benefit is that the lessons you learn on the mat in yoga practice can follow you in daily life. If you've never taken a yoga class or performed a certain type of yoga practice, it can seem...

Duration: 00:26:33

Better Posture for Better Health

Realigning your posture may reduce chronic pain and improve your health.Posture is the interpretation of external sensory stimuli on the body’s musculature. Your body can misinterpret stimuli and create faulty motor skills. This generates bad posture and can cause chronic pain. Excessive stress and compression affects your joints, organ function and general health. Childhood Influence Not all women have pelvic bones that are well-aligned. This leads to difficulty in the delivery room,...

Duration: 00:24:40

Stem Cell Therapy for Pain Management

Stem cell therapy may help heal pained areas of your body.Stem cell therapy involves taking your own material (fat or bone marrow) and injecting it back into your own pained areas. Stem cells have the potential to become a specific type of body cell, based on where in the body they're injected. For instance, they can recreate cartilage and ligaments. This burgeoning therapy is a potential alternative to surgical remedies in some cases. Regenerative therapy isn’t for everyone. There may...

Duration: 00:19:52

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