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TheInnerRevolution.Org is a community dedicated to galvanizing the Inner Revolution taking place on this planet, a revolution toward Oneness, Accountability and Mutual Support. We have started by working on our own consciousness and our own behaviors. But we also have lots to offer anyone who is serious about changing themselves and our world.




A New Breed of Activist Investors: Giving Boardrooms a Conscience

Do men and women, working in the same job, with the same level of education and experience, make the same amount of money? All too often the answer is no.

Duration: 00:54:33

Granny Rocks Talks About What Links All the Important Issues

While we’ve been living in a business-as-usual world, the world has not been business as usual. Historic floods and fires; frightening levels of addiction and death; high levels of polarization and anxiety; and more.

Duration: 00:56:25

Encore: Love, Religion and Climate Action: Meet Katharine Hayhoe, World-Renowned Evangelical Climate Scientist

Fires and floods are happening all over! Can we start facing the reality together, no matter our religious or political beliefs?

Duration: 00:56:12

Encore: The Rabid Right: Love Your Enemy or Give 'Em Hell? A Debate Between Madam Mazurka and Beth Green

The Rabid Right is NOT simply people expressing their opinions. It is people who are insulting, venomous and sometimes even threatening.

Duration: 00:56:36

Sky Blue Tells Us Why People Are Flocking to Collective Living!

Join Sky and hosts Helen Hillix and Todd Benton as they explore what it takes to live cooperatively and why it is becoming so popular all over the world. What IS cooperative housing?

Duration: 00:59:38

Encore: Work, Housework, Money and Fun - The Invisible Connection That Keeps Us Down: An Interview with Beth Green

In 1950, guest Beth Green heard a popular song: “Lucky, lucky, lucky me, I’m a lucky son of a gun. I work 8 hours, I sleep 8 hours and have 8 hours of fun.”

Duration: 00:57:26

How to Bathe in Joy and Why? Let's Ask Granny Rocks!

Can we stay positive in a world full of turmoil and pain? Can we remain calm in such challenging times? Hell, yes! says Granny Rocks, formerly known as Beth Green. Or at least she tries.

Duration: 00:55:31

Is Grindr more than a way to hook up? Is it also an opportunity for public outreach and a way to build community?

With 2 million daily active users, Grindr, the gay social network is uniquely situated to advance human rights by addressing health, justice, and other important issues among LGBT populations.

Duration: 00:56:09

How Can Technology Support an Inner Revolution? A Look Into the Future of Artificial Intelligence and Other Technological Trends with Co-Hosts Todd Benton and Helen Hillix

Imagine that your phone or tablet can detect your emotions in real time. This isn’t some far off fantasy.

Duration: 00:56:01

Kristiina Volmari of the Finnish Educational Agency Discusses Their Stellar Educational System! Why is it so different from the US system? Let's ask if the US can learn from them.

The Finnish educational system ranks among the highest rated in the world. Why is that? Is it because their education starts before their children can walk and offers free education all the way to a doctorate?

Duration: 00:55:06

How to Be Happier in Our Intimate Relationships: A Conversation with Beth Green, a Very Human and Married Guru Shakes Up Our Perspectives!

Who wouldn’t like to learn the secret of being happier in our intimate relationships? Don’t you wish you could figure out how to be less reactive to the things that bug you about him/her?

Duration: 00:53:35

Cattle Ranching in the 21st century: Is there such a thing as Inner Revolutionary Cattle Ranching?


Duration: 00:55:16

Creativity as a Way of Life; Breaking the Habit of Habit

On June 17-18, 2017 sponsored a retreat where Beth Green totally blew open our definition of creativity! What IS this new definition of creativity?

Duration: 00:55:40

How to Change Behavior: Your Own and Others.' It's Not What You Think! A Conversation with Cassandra Vieten

Most of the work being done toward changing how people relate to the environment and social justice is well-intentioned, but ends up being ineffective, or worse, counterproductive.

Duration: 00:56:31

What's it like to give up everything for a calling? Do you have the courage to do that? Meet Colin Wright and listen in as Host Helen Hillix explores these questions with him.

What inspired LA branding studio executive and founder of Exile Lifestyle blog, Colin Wright, to get rid of everything he owned that didn’t fit in a backpack, and take off across the world?

Duration: 00:55:03

Do We Have a Granny Rocks Within? Let's Talk to Beth Green, Founder of Granny Rocks Music!

Do we have creative capacities we haven’t tapped into?

Duration: 00:56:00

Cooperative business' are not socialist propaganda, they are American! Join our guest, Esteban Kelly, Executive Director for the US Federation of Worker Cooperatives, to hear all about it.

The InnerRevolution supports an evolution in our economy to move away from the disproportionate distribution of wealth toward an economy and society where individuals' needs are met.

Duration: 00:58:26

Which Side of Us Is in Charge? The Reactive Self or The Creative Self? And, What Can We Do About It? A Conversation with Ronit Herzfeld.

How often do you find yourself in great conflict with two parts of yourself?

Duration: 00:57:28

People and the Economy: Turning the Relationship Upside Down. A Startling Conversation with Beth Green

Last month Beth Green started a powerful conversation about work, housework, money and fun. She discussed production, reproduction and regeneration in a way that blew our paradigm: Paid and unpaid work are one, consumption and production are one, and we've been thinking of economics in an upside down way -- one that keeps us all less powerful and less happy.

Duration: 00:56:11

Join Black jazz musician and actor Daryl Davis as he shares how he helped over 200 KKK members leave the Klan!

Daryl Davis could have ended up like so many celebrity musicians focusing on indulging himself and making money above all else, but not Daryl! He decided, as a Southern Black man to take on the Ku Klux Klan, one member at a time!

Duration: 00:56:26

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