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Episode 4 - Technology is changing the world for the better, get used to it

On this episode, we cover two major news headlines that focus on doing good and helping others: 1. Technology can be ecenomically rewarding, just as it can by socially satisfying. We cover how two new apps focus on helping Syrian refugees keep up to speed with their studies in the Arabic language through fun and games. 2. Education in the US is getting more expensive every year. But, what you don't know is that there's $50B in federal funding for tuition scholarships. We talk about how...

Duration: 00:09:34

Episode 3 - Facebook goes after fake news, and how women in Indonesia are building VR businesses

*The last 5 minutes of this episode don't contain any content at all. Please excuse this error* In today's episode, we try out a new segment called "Quick Topics" were we skim through some brief news headlines that came up last week, that are worth a mention. Later, we discuss: 1. Facebooks rather prehistoric method of attacking fake news, 2. How Instacart wants to make your grocery shopping much easier 3. The fact that climate change is a thing and how Tesla is saving the world 4. How VR...

Duration: 00:20:06

Episode 1 - Fake news, Protest helper, and Snapchat revolution

This week we talk about fake news (nothing new), how Facebook will help you fight for your rights, and why you'll end up using Snapchat a whole lot more. For more detailed news, subscribe to my newsletter at:

Duration: 00:13:43