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Insanecast is about many things. Hosted by Dr. DJ, Dr. Birdy, and Rev. Jim. A fun podcast to get people together and just enjoy themselves




Show 141 - My PC is a PineCone

First show of 2013. What took us so long? More to come next week. We just wanted to see if we could do it again. Yes we can! Next week we'll have some shenanigans and even more fun than this time. The insanecast hot-line call or text 512-PODCAST (763-2278)

Duration: 01:09:23

Show 140 - Fruity Tech Stuff

Darrell shows up to the show this week and he isn't cussing. Dr. Birdy changes the quote of the week on the spot. Dr. DJ gets some more fruity tech stuff. No Reverend Jim this week; he's going to school full time. The insanecast hot-line call or text 512-PODCAST (763-2278)

Duration: 00:52:45

Show 139 - A Grapey Show

It's been a long time between shows and we're getting back in the swing of things. Shorter show for editing but when we get into our groove, look out! No Gamer Dave or Hot Hot Sarah this week, just the awesome Trio you've come to love. On top of all that, we're all in the same time zone. The insanecast hot-line call or text 512-PODCAST (763-2278)

Duration: 00:54:58

Show 131 - The Half Time Show

@insanecastshow and other fine sources get found. Hey, give us a call. The insanecast hot-line call or text 512-PODCAST (763-2278)

Duration: 00:38:01

Show 128 - Remotely Yammering!

This show is done by a remote. No, not a remote control for the TV. What we did this week is much cleaner than before. Will there be information? Reverend Jim and Dr. Birdy stay on the same page after 6 weeks of separation. Facebook is a hot topic this week. We get a call in from Colin. Dr. DJ is out of town but on the show. Gamer Dave brings us some gamer news and catches some bad guys. Hey, give us a call. The insanecast hot-line call or text 512-PODCAST (763-2278)

Duration: 01:13:58

Show 127 - North 36 Degrees!

After another hiatus we hit the floor crawling. Dr. Birdy is painting right now, please leave a message. Dr. DJ has no brain left after working so hard on a bunch of papers for a class he can't escape from. Reverend Jim does his impression of an interrupting / derailing cow. We are joined by Hot Hot Sarah today and she wants us to know about her website in case you haven't heard. Hey, give us a call. The insanecast hot-line call or text 512-PODCAST (763-2278)

Duration: 01:34:22

Show 126 - Hot Hot Show!

It took two weeks to put this show together. Hope you like it. A lot happening in such a short period of time. Dr. Birdy forgets what her own quote was. Gamer Dave has some profound news for the corner this week. Dr. DJ nearly dies geocaching and Reverend Jim is surrounded by CODAs. We also hear from Kaptain Kirk but Granny takes a second week off from the show. Hot Hot Sarah comes to visit the studio for some random fun. Missed Colin this week. Dr. DJ has a great big thank you for him....

Duration: 01:33:03

Show 125 - Everyone is Smart!

After a long hard think of the meaning of Time, as this is being written, I'd like to say that the hidden meaning should be more positive. Therefore, when you listen, please be interactive and tell us the positive side of the story. Dr. Birdy gets a quote from right before we record. Dr. DJ takes the show and scraps all hope of keeping it on track. Colin is back and stirs up some controversy. Gamer Dave wings the news and Granny has her news as usual. The insanecast hot-line call or text...

Duration: 01:55:35

Show 124 - Fisting the Piston!

Dr. Birdy is back on the show. Her quote may leave you speechless. It's an all star cast. Birdy, Reverend, Dr. DJ, Colin, Gamer dave and a special text from Hot Hot SaraH. Our most exciting news right to you via streaming. We even have some good news from Granny this week. From putting on the ritz to having a car fire, we've got a lot this week. Tell us what you think. The insanecast hot-line call or text 512-PODCAST (763-2278)

Duration: 01:35:20

Show 123- night of random costco

In this particular show Dr. Birdy doesn't visit us but Dr. DJ quotes something off of her facebook page. Reverend Jim is doing great at manipulate his boss into buying him fancy equipment. will Kaptain Kirk be in a human pretzel in 6 weeks? Dr DJ isn't authorized to go into his own bathroom. big thanks to our special guest Collin. Granny doesn't read about the tattoo. Gamer Dave reports "We are out of gamming season." Tell us what you think. The insanecast hot-line call or text 512-PODCAST...

Duration: 01:22:53

Show 122 - Happy New Year Pole!

Show #122 Dr. Bidy is in the studio for this podcast. Brought to you by Darrell. Oddly enough he is still drinking. We podcast just before the bewitching hour. We had a special guest Johnny B. We had a caller from Washington. Reverend Jim has some news that's just out of this world. Ok, maybe we embellished that a bit. Dr. DJ's wife a.k.a. Producer Pirate Penny gets pulled over. What the heck does the North Pole have to do with New Years? We're not sure ether. The insanecast hotline call...

Duration: 01:18:43

2011 in 3 Minutes

Many sound bytes that show just how insane the show might have been all year long. Tell us what you think. The insanecast hotline call or text 512-PODCAST (763-2278)

Duration: 00:02:59

Show 121 - Chance of Christmas No!

Show #121 Dr. Bidy is blindsided by the boyfriend of a sister. Watch out for cream. Reverend Jim didn’t hang himself today. Did we mention it was with his own intestine? Dr. DJ hangs out with the family and is enjoying a nice break from school. Gamer Dave is here and surprised he had a report to give. Granny and Sarah join the show and there are two gems at the beginning and the end? The insanecast hotline call or text 512-PODCAST (763-2278)

Duration: 01:26:06

Show #120 - Zombies on Ice!

Show #120 Dr. Birdy stays on the whole show. She stays because she is the only one without permission to leave early. Kaptain Kirk has a fun time interviewing Lary the Ice Guy. Then is abruptly cut off thanks to Cox. Reverend Jim is on the show. Reverend Jim is off the show. Reverend Jim is back on the show. Dr. DJ becomes a zombie and Gamer Dave makes it through the podcast. mostly because he doesn't have a job any more. The insanecast hotline call or text 512-PODCAST (763-2278)

Duration: 01:39:01

Dark Places!

Show #119 Dr. Birdy as usual gets top billing and is on it for the quote of the week. Dr. DJ has a party and everyone was invited. Reverend Jim managed to stay on the show without turning upside down. Kaptain Kirk and Lady Jill came around for some laughter and merriment. Canandy was on the show this week telling horror stories of New Orleans. Gamer Dave makes it on the show. It's hard to tell if he's there or not. The insanecast hotline call or text 512-PODCAST (763-2278)

Duration: 01:37:41

Canadians, Disneyland, and Rollovers!

Show #118 It's an All Star cast just sort of puzzled together. We have Dr. Birdy calling in. Canandy and Kaptain Kirk call in. Gamer Dave is out ice blocking at the moment so he wasn't able to make it this week. The only people that didn't actually call in was Dr. DJ and Reverend Jim. They just happened to be in the studio together. Hot Hot Sarah makes an appearance. Over all, this was a fun filled show that takes twists and turns like you've never wanted to hear before. The insanecast...

Duration: 01:25:17

How to Text a Canadian!

Show #117 Dr. Birdy goes to a wedding. But this wedding does not produce a quote for this week. Find out what that quote really is. Dr. DJ has a few puns to throw out as usual, and look at that Twilight review. Don't worry, he still likes the movie. Reverend Jim brings up some old news. Granny has a bit of news. Gamer Dave is still out of jail but ends up in court. Kaptain Kirk bring a Canadian into the studio. The insanecast hotline call or text 512-PODCAST (763-2278)

Duration: 01:42:05

Edge of Vomit!

Show #116 Dr. Birdy is not having trouble talking today. Reverend Jim goes on a college hunt. Kaptain Kirk has a Jill that got sick. Dr. DJ has a Producer Pirate that got super sick and has ankle issues. Gamer Dave makes it through the entire show. Granny will be back next week. The insanecast hotline call or text 512-PODCAST (763-2278)

Duration: 01:25:49

Cox is the Word For It!

Show #115 Dr. Birdy gets interrupted by Cox. In fact Cox is the general theme of the show for a strange masochistic reason. Dr. DJ has news about Disneyland. Reverend Jim went to church. Kaptain Kirk is running around here somewhere. Gamer Dave has actual Gamer News. Is that AA Mary on the Text line? All this and a bunch of singing cocks. The insanecast hotline call or text 512-PODCAST (763-2278)

Duration: 01:31:46

Halloween Poo!

Show #114 This show didn't make it to the toilet. It went straight to the hospital. We hear a little of Mr. Ghost and a lot of a Nightmare. The whole gang shows up tonight. Dr. DJ is moving because of his hot water. Dr. Birdy quotes the old butt rockers, Bevis and Butthead. Reverend Jim has a bunch of fart knockers. Producer Pirate Penny has a temporary name change. Kaptain Kirk hung out at Disneyland with editor Kin. Gamer Dave ends up in the hospital. Oh Crap! The insanecast hotline call...

Duration: 01:16:16

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