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Lessons in user onboarding with Samuel Hulick, Casey Winters, Joanna Wiebe, Scott Belsky and Shaun Clowes

For any business to grow, user onboarding must be top of mind. It's the one thing all your users will do, and to be effective, it must evolve alongside your business. Pulled from some of our favorite onboarding conversations to date, Casey Winters, Joanna Wiebe, Scott Belsky, Samuel Hulick and Shaun Clowes share their best practices. Related resources: Our book, Intercom on OnboardingThe Onboarding Starter KitC.A.R.E. – a simple framework for user onboarding


Erika Hall, Mule Design

Erika Hall, co-founder of Mule Design, returns to the Inside Intercom podcast fresh from authoring a new book, Conversational Design. As voice and chat interfaces mature, she discusses the connection between human conversation how designers should think about interaction and interface design.


Exploring design systems with Rune Madsen

In his 2017 keynote talk, "The User Experience of Design Systems", veteran designer, artist and educator Rune Madsen dissected not only the benefits of design systems, but also the overlooked negative consequences he sees in terms of how they’re being applied today. Specifically, are we now over-templatizing products in a way that benefits the builder, but not the user? Emmet Connolly, Director of Product Design at Intercom, sits down with Rune to go deeper on the topic.


Rachel Hepworth, Head of Growth Marketing at Slack

In August of 2016, Rachel Hepworth embarked on a unique challenge: start a growth marketing team at one of the most successful startups of this generation – one that had long relied heavily on word of mouth. That company, of course, is Slack, and in this conversation, Rachel shares why Slack needed to invest in growth marketing, where her team started, how they've partnered with Slack's rapidly scaling sales team, and more.


Siqi Chen, former VP of Growth at Postmates

In the first of a series of conversations with today's leading growth practitioners, we sit down with Siqi Chen, the former VP of Growth at Postmates. Siqi advocated for and founded the growth team at Postmates, and here he explains where his team found the low-hanging fruit in its earliest days, when being data-driven goes too far, the values that guided his growth team and much more. Siqi took a new role the end of 2017 as CPO at GloStation, an Alibaba-backed VR escape room experience,...


Jean Hsu, engineering leadership coach

Following engineering stints at Google, Pulse and Medium – as both an IC and tech lead – Jean Hsu stepped away from the codebase to help coach others on how to navigate their own transition into management. In conversation with Intercom's Adam Risman, Jean shares the struggles encountered in her own move to management, the importance of psychological safety in the workplace, and how to fill the leadership voids she sees in today's tech landscape.


Lessons in marketing: Des Traynor, Kristina Halvorson, Sujan Patel, Joanna Weibe and more

From where to make your first marketing hire (and where they should get started) to when and how to use tactics like content or demand generation, we look back at our favorite marketing lessons and insights from past episodes. Guests include Des Traynor, Krithika Muthukumar, Joanna Weibe, Sujan Patel, Lucy Allen, Everett Katigbak and Kristina Halvorson. If you find these lessons helpful, check out our newest book, Intercom on Marketing. You can get your free copy today at


Talking 2018 product trends with Des Traynor, Paul Adams and Emmet Connolly

How will trends like voice UI, augmented reality and AI push product builders in 2018? Co-founder Des Traynor, VP of Product Paul Adams and Director of Product Design Emmet Connolly break down the buzzwords, discuss new roles the industry will hire for this year, and examine whether we've reached a point where software has become commoditized.


Hana Abaza, Head of Marketing at Shopify Plus

Hana Abaza, Head of Marketing at Shopify, explains how to improve collaboration between sales and marketing teams, why you can’t view the marketing funnel as a linear process, the value of marketing operations, and much more.


2017 lessons learned with Des Traynor, Paul Adams and Emmet Connolly

How did 2017 change the way we build product at Intercom? Co-founder Des Traynor chats with VP of Product Paul Adams and Director of Product Design Emmet Connolly about what each learned in the past year – including how shipping nearly 150 customer-facing product changes in a single year changed the way we work, the way our views on bots evolved after releasing our own, why we built our own design system, and much more.


Melody Koh, Venture Partner at NextView Ventures

Melody Koh was the very first product hire and Head of Product at Blue Apron, where she helped grow its customer base and revenue 25x in 3.5 years. Now with NextView Ventures, she joins Intercom co-founder Des Traynor to share her lessons learned on leading a team at scale, collaboration and managing a product that's both physical and digital in nature.


Fergal Reid, Machine Learning Strategist at Intercom

Somewhere between the media hype and command line interfaces, machine learning and AI do represent the opportunity to build better products. Fergal Reid, machine learning strategist at Intercom, chats with Des Traynor about what we can expect from this technology in the next few years, which realities are far away, and the considerations you must make if you choose to build in this space.


Jenna Crane, Product Marketing Lead at Dropbox Paper

Whether you’re at a brand-new startup, or launching a fresh offering under the umbrella of a name brand, you only get one chance to make a first impression with your product. Jenna Crane, product marketing lead for Dropbox Paper, shares why alignment with the product team from day one and a laser focus on user research are key to successfully bringing a new offering to market.


Megan Sheridan, Manager of Events at Intercom

In 2017 the Inside Intercom World Tour visited 10 cities with 12 speakers, each sharing the toughest lessons they've learned in the six-plus years of building Intercom. Megan Sheridan, our Manager of Events, takes us behind the scenes and explains why we've invested so heavily in events as part of our marketing mix, how we measure their success, and the principles at play to get started.


Shaun Clowes, VP of Product Management at Metromile

Shaun Clowes, VP of Product Management at Metromile and former Head of Growth at Atlassian, believes meaningful growth is fundamentally a product-related exercise. In this episode, he explains why activation is an ongoing challenge, shares his most successful retention strategies, and much more.


Wade Foster, co-founder and CEO at Zapier

Founded only six years ago in a small Midwestern college town, Zapier has built not only a workplace automation tool that connects with more than 800 apps, but also a profitable business. Co-founder and CEO Wade Foster explains how to market what appears like a technical product to non-technical users, why Zapier took a lean approach to fundraising, how and when to move your product upmarket, and much more.


Sujan Patel, growth marketer and co-founder of Web Profits

Sujan Patel, founder of the growth marketing agency Web Profits, has led digital marketing strategy for Salesforce, Mint, Intuit, Expedia, LinkedIn, Zillow and more. In this chat with Intercom's Adam Risman, he breaks down when a startup is ready for growth marketing, where they should start, and how to execute those tactics in a measurable way.


Joanna Wiebe, co-founder at Copy Hackers

As the co-founder of Copy Hackers, Joanna Wiebe is on a mission to help startups use writing as a tool to grow their business. In this chat with Intercom's Geoffrey Keating she explains the biggest mistakes she sees startups making with their email strategies, how to improve subject lines, what bottled water can teach us about tag lines, and much more.


Jackie Bavaro, Head of Product Management at Asana

Before Asana was a publicly available product, Jackie Bavaro was guiding the company’s product decisions behind the scenes as its first product manager. In this chat with Intercom Director of Product Management Brian Donohue, she shares the way her product team works, how they tackle scoping and prioritization, how to balance intuition with data, and much more.


Designing human experiences - an audio essay from James Buckhouse

James Buckhouse, Founder of the Sequoia Creative Lab, shares this short story to inspire and remind us all that we’re never just designing pixels or features or new user flows. We’re designing complements to the human condition, and in the process, there’s a wealth of value to be found in the events happening around us on any given day.


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