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1761: Creative Exercises That Spark New Thinking With Tina Seelig

Yesterday someone told me the saddest thing. They said that their boss told them, and I quote, “You need to be more creative. I’m not sure what that means but I know you need more of it.” Ummm, hello — how are you supposed to improve something when you don‘t even know what it means. How will you know if you are successful? No clue. And that’s why I invited Tina Seeling, a Professor of the Practice in Stanford University and author of the book Creativity Rules, to have a convo on Inside...


1760: Change Leadership Isn’t About Best Practices with Andy Sheppard

Do you ever think to yourself, “Wait, that worked for so and so that had the same challenge, why didn't it work for me?” I just had that experience yesterday with something I was working on. WTF right? And I think this is especially true when we are dealing with big challenges. I think part of that is the difference between being having change happen to you, and actually being a change leader. And that’s why I had Andy Sheppard, author of The Incredible Transformation of Gregory Todd, and...


1759: Finding Disruptive Innovation Examples Inside A Microbrewery With Henry Schwartz

In my travels, I meet a lot of entrepreneurs that claim to have an idea that is going to totally disrupt their category. Sadly, it's rarely the case — sorry, but it's true. But then I met Henry Schwartz, one of the Founders of MobCraft Beer. Their entire business model is disruptive. He popped by Inside LaunchStreet to talk about how putting the customer in the driver seat has been the secret sauce to their success and how to transform experimentation from something you fear to a part of...


1758: How To Get People To Overcome Their Fear Of Change

How do you get those that want to stay in the status quo see the light of innovation? Why do some people seem like they fear change? That’s the question, submitted by LaunchStreeter Kelly Foster, that we answer today. My co-pilot, Connie Warden and I dig into how to “validate and connect,” the difference between mindful and mindless and how to think differently about driving change. We also discover that Connie once banked a plane and Tamara thinks you are the reason innovation doesn’t...


1757: Find Out What It Takes To Be A Successful Entrepreneur With Joni Fedders

Are you tired of people telling you to be more entrepreneurial or wondering what it takes to adapt in today’s changing marketplace? Me, too! That’s why I had Joni Fedders, the president of Aileron, a national nonprofit committed to helping individuals and small businesses succeed, stop by Inside LaunchStreet. We talk about the power of adding value to the world, the anabolic and catabolic energy it takes to be an entrepreneur and how leaping into the unknown has helped her succeed. Key...


1756: Leading A Change Management Process That Works With Paul Gibbons

Are you as fed up as I am with all the lip service to change management? We keep talking about it yet most change management efforts fail. That's why I hunted down a few leaders, like Paul Gibbons, author of The Science Of Successful Organizational Change, to help us better understand why they fail and how to do it right. Paul came by Inside LaunchStreet to talk about why most efforts fail, how availability bias is our biggest sabotager, the power of questioning literally everything, and...


1755: Organizational Success Starts With Humans With Zach First

It’s as if information overload has taken over and I can’t figure out the difference between the noise and the junk. Know what I mean? And then I wonder, how am I supposed to innovate when I have no time or clarity? Our guest, Zach First, the Executive Director of the Drucker Institute (yes, founded by the management guru, Peter Drucker) talks to us on Inside LaunchStreet about the negative impact of “information obesity” and how having one part of your team or organization working and...


1754: Thinking Like A True Innovator From Serial Entrepreneur Michael Wolfe

Sometimes being an entrepreneur or innovator feels like signing up for a grueling event, day after day. So why do it? And how do you do it in a way that feels rewarding and like you are making an impact? That’s exactly what I asked seasoned serial entrepreneur and co-founder of Gladly, Michael Wolfe, when he came by Inside LaunchStreet. I think you’ll find his comments about why he keeps coming back for more and how he takes “breaks” between fascinating. Also, listen for how he talks about...


1753: Leadership Skills For Maximum Performance That Don't Require A Leadership Title With Jason Treu

Do you ever feel like you are just going through the motions? Or maybe you know there is more potential inside of you that you aren’t tapping. I know we can’t be ON all the time but it wouldn’t it be great to feel energized and at your best at the place where you literally spend most of your life — work? I’m not talking about health, although that's important, I’m talking about leadership potential, the potential we all have in us. Today’s guest on Inside LaunchStreet, Jason Treu, is a...


1752: Business Trends of 2018 That You Should Be Paying Attention To With Rohit Bhargava

Do you ever wish you had insight into those big trends that are going to impact your business before you are talking about them in the past tense? Sometimes I feel like I don’t really recognize the big trends that impact my customers’ world and their expectations of me until I’m seeing them in the rearview mirror. Not in 2018! This time we are going to look forward at the big business trends of 2018 so we can leverage them to outmaneuver the marketplace before it outmaneuvers us. We are...


1751: How I’m Going Achieve 12x Growth At LaunchStreet in 2018

Does telling people your goals make you nervous? Yeah, me too! What if I don’t succeed? What if I do? But, we are in this together and because we are a community of innovators, I’m pulling back the curtain and sharing the big pushes. Where Inside LaunchStreet is headed — what we are going to start, stop, and keep doing. The big dreams and how-tos. My hope in sharing is that you’ll start to think about your goals, what you need to change, and how to take massive action in 2018! It’s game...


1750: Top 2017 Innovation Strategy Insights You Should Be Thinking About

Host Tamara Kleinberg pulls out the top insights from her dozens of 2017 interviews with leading innovators. Innovation strategy that includes — embrace change, get emotional, question everything, seek conflict, experiment, learn the language. To close out the year, Tamara digs into all of these key innovation insights on Inside LaunchStreet. Key Takeaways: [2:13] Tamara reflects back on some of the highlights from 2017. [3:31] The first theme Tamara picked out from the 2017 podcasts...


How Fun Builds Collaborative Teams With Shawn Madden

Shawn Madden is a serial entrepreneur in the social sports industry. He is the Founder, CEO, and Ambassador of Fun at Underdog Sports Leagues, League Lab Software, and FunCorp Parties and Events. He stopped by Inside LaunchStreet to talk to us about the power of fun in building cultures of trust, productivity, and innovation. We chat about what happens in teams without a foundation of friendship and why ping pong tables aren’t always a bad idea. Key Takeaways: [1:44] Friend-building is...


1748: Tapping Into The Innovator’s Mindset For Better Leadership Skills with George Courus

George Courus is a leading educator in the area of innovative leadership, teaching, and learning and is the author of the book, The Innovator’s Mindset; Empower Learning, Unleash Talent, and Lead a Culture of Creativity. On Inside LaunchStreet, we talked about the biggest barriers to innovation, why big institutions are so resistant to change and how to become the ripple effect of innovation inside your organization. Key Takeaways: [1:11] George defines the components of an innovator’s...


1747: Develop An Innovation Strategy That Leads To Breakthrough Results With Drew Boyd

Drew Boyd is a 30-year innovation veteran and the co-author of the book, Inside The Box: A Proven System of Creativity For Breakthrough Results. He stopped by Inside LaunchStreet to talk about why going outside the box sets you up for failure, how to innovate against your constraints, and the five patterns of innovation anyone can do. Key Takeaways: [1:22] Drew defines creativity as the cognitive process, the stuff that happens in your head. Innovation is what you do with the ideas to...


1746: How To Become An Entrepreneur And Build A Life You Love with Richard Fertig

Richard Fertig is a master Airbnb lifestyle, money-making machine. He pops into Inside LaunchStreet to share his incredible journey — all the ups and downs. We dig deep into how to become an entrepreneur — something anyone can do. He also shares his strategies for building the global lifestyle you desire and how to turn what you’ve got right in front of you into money-making assets. Key Takeaways: [1:03] Richard shares his personal journey, including some trials and hardships. He had...


1745: 3 Questions That Will Bring You Game-Changing Business Innovation

Tamara knows that these three questions will bring you game-changing business innovation. They are the questions she asked herself that got her business out of the commodity game and into the no-competition growth. As she talks about, these questions led to hockey stick growth at Inside LaunchStreet. A big thank you to Julie Ford out in California for asking this important question. Tamara answers with a discussion around the assumptions holding you back, how customers really see you and...


1744: Marketing Tactics To Position Your Brand And Drive Sales With Sharon Bolt

Sharon Bolt is a publicity expert and founder of Get Free Publicity Today. She has been a business owner and Entrepreneur for over 16 years and she has received over £1.5 million ($2 million) in free publicity and free advertising. She is also the co-author of two highly-acclaimed books called Successful Women in Business and Every Entrepreneur’s Guide: Running Your Own Business. She came by Inside Launchstreet to have a convo about marketing tactics for small businesses, the easiest way...


1743: How To Grow Your Business Into A Global Powerhouse with Jeff Platt

Jeff Platt is the CEO of SkyZone, a trampoline fun park that helped create the active fun category. Under his guidance, the business has scaled quickly and is now a global powerhouse. Jeff chats with me on Inside LaunchStreet about how to grow your business into a global powerhouse, the major hurdles he faced when growing a business, the power of innovation and listening to your customers and why knowing what you do well is key to success. Key Takeaways: [1:30] Jeff shares his...


1742: How To Navigate And Love Your Life

Raluca Comenscu is a performance and results expert, but not in the way you think. She weaves in intention, purpose, and getting rid of all that clutter that gets in the way. She stopped by Inside LaunchStreet to talk about how to navigate your life, your Navigation Tool, and why we shouldn’t borrow other people’s goals or ideas of success. Key Takeaways: [1:51] Raluca defines productivity as the mindset of creating the desired reality. [2:46] Listen in to find out why just getting...


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