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Inside People Episode 18: Radical Games with Bradical Taltons (Brad Talton Jr. as Guest)

In this episode, Daniel, Brad, and I talk about civilization progress, Switch info, and gaming stuff, all the while trying to get Brad to get down and dirty. Brad’s purehearted nature eventually won out, and he steered us towards the good stuff - aka board games! Get this podcast: iTunes | TuneIn | Stitcher | Google Play [...]

Duration: 02:28:12

Inside People Episode 17: Three Ways - The Cure For Cancer (Jeremiah Wang)

In this episode, Jeremiah, and I talk about medicine for fucking ever, but it’s good. We also do regular show stuff. This episode is six and a half hours. Get pumped. Get this podcast: iTunes | TuneIn | Stitcher | Google Play Here’s what we talked about: If you HAD to cull 30% of [...]

Duration: 06:25:22

Inside People Episode 15: Gladio and Iggy (FFXV Parting Ways Cold Read)

In this episode, Daniel and I read Final Fantasy XV Prologue: Parting Ways ( ) among other things. Get this podcast: iTunes | TuneIn | Stitcher |

Duration: 02:17:44

Inside People Episode 14: Vader Van Broden (Vader Van Odin as Guest)

In this episode, Vader and I shit talk FFXV a bit (out of love, I swear!), blab about Souls Series Lore for a hot second, and get hyped about Nicolas Cage. Get this podcast: iTunes | TuneIn | Stitcher | Google Play Here’s what we talked about: “Would a unifying Theory for all of t [...]

Duration: 03:13:54

Inside People Episode 10: Inside People Episode 10: WonderJLaw and Politicin’ (Zack Hill as Guest)

In this episode, Daniel, Zack and I talk about Politics the day before Election Day and discuss some games, then Zack had to go, so Daniel and I babbled on about celebrities, got serious about singing Wonderwall. For the record, people definitely mean Jennifer Lawrence when they say JLaw. Get this podcast:iTunes

Duration: 02:19:26

Inside People Episode 5: Picross 3D Act 2 - A Love Story

Scott and Daniel circle up for some fun and discuss some cool topics: Pokemon Sun & Moon Alt Forms, Final Fantasy Brawler, Watchdogs 2, Picross 2,Paper Mario Sticker Star, Witcher, Deus Ex, PS4 Slim and Neo Vs Scorpio, Abyssrium, Adventure of Sinbad, Food Wars: Shokugeki No Soma, Brotherhood: FF, Mob Psycho 100, Re:ZERO - Starting Life in Another World, Re:Life, Pimpnite, Verlisify, Vaati, Dave Control Live, Jwittz, That Justin song, That one band with the two songs, Frnkiero, Gerard Way,...

Duration: 01:50:27