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45 Tim Walters

On this episode we speak with Tim Walters. It's no secret that this podcast is proud to be partnered with Tanduay Rum and Tim Walters is the person that made all of that happen. We talk about how we met and how Tanduay became a partner of the podcast. It's an interesting scenario for both us since both Tim and I were looking for a career change and Tanduay found their way to each of us and pointed us down a path where we could be passionate about something we both enjoy doing. It's a true...

Duration: 00:54:57

44 Jason "Tiki Commando" Alexander

Today we speak with Jason Alexander! Jason Alexander along with his partner Robyn Murphy are the owners of Tacoma Cabana in Tacoma, Washington. If you're a tiki person you've probably fantasised about opening your own tiki bar and in this episode we talk about how Jason and Robyn went from running a coffee shop to owning and managing one of the best tiki bars in the Pacific Northwest. Jason tells the story of how they took Villa Caffe and turned it into Tacoma Cabana! I hope you enjoy this...

Duration: 00:46:34

43 Jeff "Big Tiki Dude" Hanson

On this episode we speak with Jeff "Big Tiki Dude" Hanson. Jeff is a fixture in the Surf Music community. He's not just an enthusiast but he's also a surf music historian and his involvement includes Surfin' Sundays at the Huntington Beach Pier where every summer multiple surf bands come down to the beach and put on a free show. He also organizes the SG 101 Surf Convention every year in which he flies in bands from all over the world for surf music enthusiasts to enjoy. Lots of information...

Duration: 01:27:10

42 Charles Phoenix

Today we chat with Charles Phoenix! Charles Phoenix is a retro-pop culture humorist, midcentury historian and entertainer. If you've ever attended one of his comedic historic tours or vintage slide presentations then you know what he's all about. We talk about what he does, how he got started, his new book, his new clothing line and much, much more. I hope you enjoy this episode as much as we did bringing it to you. And, if you did, help keep us on the air by making a small donation. Go to...

Duration: 00:55:31

41 Randy "Chongolio" Bain

On this episode, we chat with Randy "Chongolio" Bain. Randy is an artist, vlogger, surfer and California native who migrated to the Hawaiian islands and just celebrated 10 years of living on the island of Kauai. If you've ever fantasied of dropping everything and moving to a Hawaiian island, Randy talks about how and why he did it, the pros and cons of living on Kauai and how it changed him and his perspective on life. This episode is sponsored by Tanduay Rum, the world's largest rum...

Duration: 01:14:54

40 Tiki-Ti (the Sequel)

A few months ago we released a podcast with Mike Sr & Jr of the legendary Tiki-Ti in Hollywood, California. It was founded by their patriarch, Ray Buhen, one of the original bartenders at Don the Beachcomber, the bar that started tropical craft cocktail mixology and kicked off a decades long era of Polynesian Pop. I got so much positive feedback from the episode and many requests to do a sequel. Listeners simply wanted more stories about Ray Buhen and the old days of Tiki, so we sat down...

Duration: 04:00:40

39 Mike Shramek Art

On this episode, Boris Hamilton, Frank Bruce and I make a road trip out to Las Vegas, Nevada to have a couple drinks with artist Mike Shramek in his home tiki bar, the Kupa Kai. Mike does some incredible digital paintings that look just like traditional, Polynesian black velvets. We talk about this in additional to some fun, interesting and thought provoking theories about Elvis' death, the first moon landing, mermaid sightings and more! This episode is sponsored by Tanduay Rum, the...

Duration: 01:07:05

38 Jason T Smith

On this episode we speak with Jason T Smith. You might know Jason from the reality TV show Thrift Hunters on Spike TV, Thrifty Business with Jay and Nay on YouTube or as the head honcho of The Thrifting Board on Facebook. We have a spirited conversation about Tiki, Thrifting, Game Shows, Reality TV, Life in Las Vegas and more! This episode is sponsored by Tanduay Rum, the world's largest rum producer and winner of over 170 international medals in the past 4 decades. Check out their webpage...

Duration: 01:59:39

37 Steve "The Madman" Huffman

Today we chat with Steve "The Madman" Huffman. This one is a "hang-out" episode, the kind of episode I enjoy recording the most, in which we just sit down in the Desert Oasis Room and "talk story" about stupid fun stuff like Egg Yolk Mohawks, Pan Am Parties, James Spader Movies and more! This episode is sponsored in part by Tanduay Rum, the world's largest rum producer and winner of over 170 international medals in the past 4 decades. Check out their webpage at tanduayUSA.com or follow...

Duration: 01:07:50

36 The Hula Girls

On this episode we hang out in The Breezeway with Spike Marble and Shorty Poole of Hulabilly band, The Hula Girls. The Hula Girls combines the music of Rockabilly and old Hawaii to form their own unique kind of sound. They've got a new CD out called Jungle Beach Party and so we talk a little bit about that and of course a bunch of other fun tiki stuff. This episode is sponsored in part by Tanduay Rum, the world's largest rum producer and winner of over 170 international medals in the past...

Duration: 00:51:39

35 Tiki Bosko

Bosko was one of the very first urban archaeologists of Tiki and Polynesian Pop starting back in the mid 1980's. His story is unique in that, acting as a "lone wolf" he really had no influences other than himself and what he thought was "cool." He also might have been the first person in the revivalist era to build a home tiki bar space back in the early 1990's, the Kapu Tiki Room, which inspired his design of Taboo Cove, the first real Tiki bar in the revivalist era, once located at The...

Duration: 02:16:59

34 Lost Spirits Rum & Whiskey Distillery

Imagine a small, square, unmarked warehouse building on an industrial street with a single, gated door. It's the speakeasy of all speakeasys because when you enter that gated door, guess what? You're now standing in a small, square, unmarked warehouse building surrounded by cardboard boxes and folding tables. Now imagine, from there, being led behind a black curtain that empties into a dark hallway. And your adventure begins. This is the Lost Spirits Distillery tour. You'll get on a boat....

Duration: 01:09:29

33 Live from Tiki Caliente 2017

On this episode we spin The Wheel of Excitement live from Tiki Caliente 2017 in The Reef at Palm Springs, California. This episode is sponsored in part by Tanduay Rum, the world's largest rum producer and winner of over 170 international medals in the past 4 decades. Check out their webpage at tanduayUS.com or follow them on Facebook or Instagram @TanduayUSA. This episode is also sponsored in part by The Royal Hawaiian in Laguna Beach, California. Stop in for a Lapu Lapu, enjoy their...

Duration: 04:13:34

32 Mike Buhen Jr & Sr of Tiki-Ti

On this episode we speak with Mike & Mike, Jr & Sr, owners of the legendary Tiki-Ti in Los Angeles, California. I first started going to Tiki-Ti somewhere around 1995 or so. It was a great place to grab a strong and tasty tropical drink on my way out to a night of "clubbing" in Hollywood. Back then Ray Buhen was still bartending, the mixology legend who opened it back in 1961. Ray was one of the original bartenders at Don the Beachcomber, documented as the very first tiki bar opening in...

Duration: 01:10:36

31 Jordan T from House of Blues Anaheim

Jordan T is one of my musical heroes. I've been a big fan of his since I first heard his #1 hit single "Sunset Tonight" on Island Radio back in 2014 and started following him on Instagram and eventually became Facebook friends with him. Over the years, I saw several of his shows here on the mainland, which eventually lead up to this day. I reached out to him for an interview and he graciously opened up some time for me and we recorded this from his green room at the House of Blues in...

Duration: 00:32:37

30 - Hasty Honarkar and The Royal Hawaiian

On this episode with speak with Hasty Honarkar, the Creative Director and Co-Owner of the newly reopened Royal Hawaiian in Laguna Beach. Hasty tells us a little bit about the history of the Royal Hawaiian, what happened when the the Caban family retired and sold it in 2006 and what the current owners are doing today to restore the orignal legacy of what Francis Cabang was doing when he starting running the restaurant back in 1947. Later on in the episode we are joined by some of the Royal...

Duration: 00:56:50

29 David "Tiki Chippy" Nelms and Jason Stracener

On this episode we hang out with 2 fans of the podcast, Mr David Nelms and Mr Jason Stracener. While enjoying a gallon of Tiki Ti Rum punch by Mike Sr at Tiki Ti and a couple rounds of Jason's "Rosemary's Baby" we have a fun chat about Prius Crews, Sex at Disneyland, Dream Jobs, CHiPs, Tiki Bob, Limp Mint, 80's Movies, Minuteman Sex and more! This episode is sponsored in part by Tiki Tony. Kick off your deck shoes, grab a bamboo straw and relax in the beachcomber shack with Tiki Tony,...

Duration: 02:39:06

28 Sven Kirsten and Boris Hamilton

On this episode we speak with Sven Kirsten. Sven is widely regarded as the man who instigated the modern tiki revival. He wrote The Book of Tiki, which chronicled the mainland American movement of Polynesian Pop, which is a term that he also coined. He followed that with Tiki Modern, a book that showed the juxtaposition between primitive and modern art and followed that up with Tiki Pop which was also accompanied with an exhibition in Paris, France. We sat down on his patio on a warm...

Duration: 05:04:43

27 Lincoln Kamm

On this episode we sit down with magician, mentalist and public speaker, Lincoln Kamm. Lincoln does some incredibly, mind blowing tricks. His mind reading prowess is simply impressive. You might have seen him at one of his many performances at the Magic Castle or maybe on the number 1 rated news show in Southern California the KTLA News, where Lincoln has read the minds of some of their anchors! We have a fun talk about his creative background, his travels and how he got into magic! This...

Duration: 04:33:14

26 Bamboo Ben

On this episode of Inside the Desert Oasis Room we speak with Bamboo Ben, tiki artist-builder and grandson of the original beachcomber, Eli Hedley. We talk about the many tiki temples he's built, re-built, designed or renovated and we learn which ones are haunted and which ones are not! We recorded this one live from The Royal Hawaiian in Laguna Beach, California. This episode is sponsored in part by Lost on 111 Grill & Art Lounge located in La Quinta, California. Check out their website...

Duration: 02:55:35

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