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Inspiration Time podcast |The believer unbeliever syndrome

The proof of our believe in God is not just in what we say, but in what we do. This sermon highlights one of the major problems in the Church arena today, which is to do with lack of true belief and understanding of the true purpose of salvation. I hope you will be both inspired and blessed from listening to it.


Beauty For Ashes Talk Show On Inspiration Time Podcast

Christianity is not about religion, but all about relationship with God and through our relationship, transformation from the old self to newness of life. This episode of inspiration podcast is a life changing testimony that will richly inspire and bless you. Be blessed as you listen. Be inspired and encouaged daily with Inspiration Time Podcast.


When Paises Goes Up Blessings Comes Down Sermonette

Worshipping God is not a ritualistic event. It is an expression of His holiness and righteous presence in us. Only the living can worship God and the living worship God not in a state of unconsciousness but in conscious spirit and truth. And when our worship goes up to God, His blessings comes pouring down on us. I hope you will be inspired by this sermonette on worship and be stirred to worship God daily in spirit and in truth. Amen.


Perfection of God Part 3

The Perfection of God is a highly inspiring series that highlights the perfection of God and the validity of His perfect love for us.


Perfection Of God Part 2

Perfection of God is a five part series which looks at the divine perfect ways of God and love for us


State Of Perplexity

As believers the trials and tribulations we face in this world can sometimes make us to be so perplexed and wonder whether God has abandon us. The fact of the matter however is that God is faithful. Yes, we will be perplexed but as long as we remain trusting in His will in our state of perplexity we will by His grace keep marching forward to the very end of the finish line. State of perplexity is a highly inspirational message that will enable you understand the essence of our trials and...