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Even If Faith

People with "Even if faith" believes God can & will do miraculous things on behalf of his children, yet they are able to willingly submit to God's sovereign will. BUT HOW????

Duration: 00:32:03

Ep. 5 - Forgiving Even When it Hurts

It is difficult for us to forgive people who have hurt us or wronged us in some way, but holding on to unforgiveness is a burden weighing us down. In this podcast, we'll discuss how to forgive even when it hurts. Photo Credit: Tirzah

Duration: 00:14:23

Ep. 4 - Experiencing God's Forgiveness

We all have done things in our lives that we are not proud of doing. Often many carry around with them the baggage of guilt and shame. How can we experience God's forgiveness?

Duration: 00:08:44

Ep. 3 - Walking with People Through Their Pain

Pain is an unavoidable reality in the world in which we live. In this episode, we discuss the importance of walking with people through their pain and what exactly it takes to help them through it..

Duration: 00:13:18

Ep. 1 - Watch out for dream crushers

In this episode, The Buzz challenges us to dream big and live out the dream the God has placed in our hearts. He also warns us to beware of dream crushers who seek to discourage us from following the dream that God has placed in our hearts. He instead, challenge us to surround ourselves with dream chasers. These are people who are chasing their dreams and will be a great source for fellow dream chasers. Photo by: SprinterJockey

Duration: 00:15:45

Ep. 2 - Using Your Story for God's Glory

We all have a story. That story begins at our birth and ends at our death, but what happens in between make up the crux of the narrative of our lives. The good things that we experience and the bad things that we experience play an important role in who we are and who we will become. What is your story and how can you use it for God's glory?

Duration: 00:10:54