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Inspired Journeys: Overcoming Adversity and Thriving

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Lisa Ferentz interviews authors, clinicians, and everyday people who have experienced or witnessed adversity and all of its life changing consequences. We will explore the impact that sexual abuse, domestic violence, bullying, physical disabilities, panic, depression, self-destructive behaviors and addictions have on individuals, families and our society. Lisa will talk with guests who demonstrate the resiliency of the human spirit and have helped others achieve true healing.




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When Psychotherapy Doesn't Work: Why it Happens and What to do About it

In this hour we will explore the many reasons why psychotherapy might feel ineffective, leading people to terminate from the process prematurely or to seek out treatment somewhere else.

Duration: 00:57:13

“What Happens If.. Dealing Compassionately with Life's Challenges."

In this hour, my guest, Betsy Otter Thompson, will inspire and motive you with her personal story of overcoming near homelessness and creating a hugely successful and meaningful life driven by spirituality, a sense of newfound purpose, personal responsibility and accountability. She will share the philosophy that she has written about in several of her books. You will learn how her mindset can allow you to work with and through many cognitive, emotional, and behavioral roadblocks. We will...

Duration: 00:56:26

Making Peace with Food and Your Body

In this hour, you will learn about the difference between compulsive and intuitive eating, how to let go of dieting and reach a place of genuine acceptance about your body. If you are like countless others who struggle with issues related to food and body image, our guest will offer you concrete and effective strategies to help free you from the cycle of “yo-yo” dieting and bingeing, and the unnecessary guilt that comes from labeling foods as “good” or “bad,” “safe “ or “unsafe.” We will...

Duration: 00:56:33


Why is it that some people can pick themselves up after a traumatic experience and move forward in life, while others remain stuck and unable to move on? In this hour, my guest, Linda Graham, will define resiliency and explain the role that our brains play in allowing us to compassionately “bounce back” from traumatic and stressful life events. We will also explore how to get our brains back on-line and restore a sense of equilibrium after an overwhelming experience occurs. We will discuss...

Duration: 00:56:12


In this hour, Dr. Kevin Ferentz will discuss why people begin smoking, and who is most at risk to pick up the habit. We will also explore the various reasons why it is so difficult to stop smoking, and look at the most common kinds of “quit histories” that people share. We’ll explore the marketing and packaging of cigarettes and the impact that has on encouraging people to quit. We will look at the numerous medical complications that smokers are vulnerable to developing when they continue...

Duration: 00:55:26

When Love Turns to Hate: Managing Divorce While Keeping Kids Out of the Mid

In this show, Dr. Silberg will explain how some people who are domestic abusers can use the children in a form of domestic violence by proxy, hoping to hurt their ex, by physically, sexually, or emotionally by abusing the children. Many domestic violence perpetrators threaten their spouses by using their children as pawns, convincing their partners that will never see their children again if they leave the marriage. As we explore this dynamic, Dr. Silberg will explain how courts sometimes...

Duration: 00:54:55

The Challenges and Rewards of Raising a Special Needs Child

In this hour, we will talk with Dr. Wayne Evans and his wife, Reverend Robin Williams Evans about their journey in raising their now 6 year old, Wyatt. After a normal pregnancy, a birth trauma left their newborn without oxygen for 17 minutes. As a result, Wyatt is a “severely special needs child” requiring ongoing medical care. We will explore the impact that raising a special needs child has on a marriage, as well as the physical, emotional, and financial challenges. Wayne and Robin will...

Duration: 00:54:46

How to Manage a Narcissist

A shockingly high number of successful people meet diagnostic criteria for narcissism. In this hour we will explore the traits found in people with narcissistic personality disorder and process some of the more common red flags that indicate we are interacting with a narcissist both in the workplace and in our personal relationships. We will explain how narcissists often acquire high levels of success and power while still experiencing a sense of emptiness in their lives. My guest will...

Duration: 00:55:25

Why We Love People Who Hurt Us: The Human Magnet Syndrome

In this hour we will discuss the dynamic of dysfunctional relationships and why some people have successful and mutually satisfying romantic relationships while many others do not. We will explore the reasons why people repeat their hurtful relationship patterns over and over again, looking at the attraction of polar opposite personality types and how their unhealthy “dance” keeps them stuck. Our guest will explain how people who are co-dependent and those who are emotional manipulators...

Duration: 00:54:49

Overcoming Self-Criticism through Self-Compassion

In this hour I will explore and challenge the cultural belief that says we can and should motivate ourselves through internal bullying, relentless pushing, embarrassment, and shaming. You will learn how these forms of self-criticism actually hold us back, preventing us from achieving ours goals. Based on Richard Schwartz’s Internal Family Systems model, we will process the ways in which the Inner Critic can manifest in our thoughts and behavioral choices. We will discuss the research that...

Duration: 00:54:24

How Did One Glass of Wine Become A Bottle Every Night?: Women and Addiction

In this hour I will discuss with my guest, Denise Tordella, some of the challenges and barriers that are unique to treating women with addiction issues. We will explore the physical, emotional, and behavioral red flags that indicate the possibility of a substance abuse problem, as well as the slippery slope that quickly brings women to a place of being out of control with alcohol. We will process the relationship between addiction and trauma as well as other factors that may contribute to...

Duration: 00:55:45

Post-Traumatic Growth: From Heartache to Hope

In this hour I will talk about the exciting and optimistic concept of Post-Traumatic Growth. This theory states that traumatic life events including medical diagnoses, transportation accidents, childhood abuse and neglect, acts of terrorism, divorce, and loss can all be transformed into experiences that yield a higher level of self-actualization. We will explore how actually struggling with these experiences can help us reach this higher plane. We will process the arenas that become...

Duration: 00:55:37

Understanding and Overcoming Shame

So many people go through life burdened and overwhelmed by feelings of shame. In this hour our guest will define the concept of ”shame,” distinguishing it from guilt and other emotions. We will look at some of the ways in which shame effects our thoughts, feelings, inter-personal relationships, workplace and school performance, and behavioral choices. We will explore the life experiences and relationship dynamics that can evoke a sense of shame, and whether this is a feeling that always...

Duration: 00:57:36

Understanding and Overcoming Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

In this hour our guest will make the distinction between obsessions and compulsions and describe the red flags that indicate if someone is suffering from OCD. We will explore the specific kinds of impairment that people experience in the workplace, at school, and in their personal relationships. We will talk about the assessment tools that are used to make the diagnosis and whether people with OCD have additional diagnoses such as depression, anxiety, or addictions. We will explore the...

Duration: 00:53:25

Understanding and Working with Childhood Dissociation

In this hour we will define and explain the dissociative process, and distinguish it from other confusing or perplexing childhood behaviors. We will explore the emotional, cognitive and physical symptoms that parents, teachers, and mental health professionals are likely to see in kids and adolescents who use this coping strategy. Our guest will explain why kids dissociate, helping listeners understand the connection between dissociation and a variety of traumatic experiences. We will also...

Duration: 00:43:55

Sexually Transmitted Diseases and Women’s Health

In this hour, listeners will learn about the prevalence of STD’s as well as the physical symptoms and psychological impact they have on those who suffer from them. We will discuss how these infections are transmitted and what can be done to prevent the spread of HIV and other STD’s. We will explore the impact that this diagnosis has on relationships and one’s sex life. We will also look at the ways in which society views women with STD’s and how we can help those who suffer to feel less...

Duration: 00:53:30

What Me Worry? How to Transcend Anxiety, Panic and Fear

In this hour, we will describe the main symptoms associated with anxiety, panic and fear and look at both the productive and debilitating impact that these experiences have on us. Our speaker will share his personal struggles with panic and how his healing journey led him to create a highly effective treatment model that has changed his life and the lives of his clients. We will discuss why people grapple with these emotional states and how they influence our thoughts, feelings and...

Duration: 00:55:01

Life Lessons Learned from my 98 Year Old Grandmother

In this hour, Lisa will share stories and words of wisdom from her remarkable 98 year old grandmother, Faye, who endured many hardships throughout her life, but always maintained a remarkably positive outlook, and a deep understanding of human behavior despite her limited formal education. As the matriarch of her family, Faye touched the lives of several generations, shaping and changing family dynamics in positive and important ways. We will explore issues including the importance of...

Duration: 00:35:08

Prescription Drug Abuse

With prescription drug abuse reaching epidemic rates, we will look at the most commonly abused medications and learn about the stressors and influences that seem to drive so many kids to the behavior. We will identify the red flags that are indicative of possible misuse and abuse. We will discuss whether or not parents are unwittingly enabling the problem, and dispel some of the myths associated with prescription drug use and abuse. Our guest will discuss a specific initiative called The...

Duration: 00:55:18

The Impact of Bullying on Children

We will explore the many ways in which kids are physically, emotionally and psychologically bullied and the impact that bullying has both in the short-term and the long-term. We will look at the role that families, society, and our culture inadvertently plays in modeling and enabling bullying behaviors. We will explore why certain kids are more vulnerable to bullying, and if being bullied affects girls differently than boys. We will compare the differences between face-to-face and...

Duration: 00:52:40

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