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Ep. 46: Childfree NOT by choice

Heather is the Christina Yang to my Meredith Grey, a true ride or die best friend and she finally gave in and came on the show! We talk all about our friendship origin (spoiler alert: it involves coffee, 90's pop rock and pizza), our very honest dynamic, university days, friend fallouts and her relationship with her husband. More importantly we talk about her struggles with pregnancy, including fertility issues and miscarriage, and how these experiences have shaped her life. Be prepared for...


Ep. 45: Aziz Ansari and enthusiastic consent

This week I gather returning guests Amanda, Shannon and Carmen to drink some wine and talk all about the story regarding Aziz Ansari. We get into the importance of encouraging enthusiastic consent, recognizing entitlement, the socialization of men and women and the unfortunate normalization of sexual misconduct, harassment and assault. Why do we normalize these experiences to be just "bad dates"? Why don't some women "just say no"? Why is consent not always a clear cut verbal...


Ep. 44: A lesson in Grindr

"Grindr is pokémon go...for queers" Returning guest Coal sits down to give me a lesson in navigating the world of Grindr. We chat about the features of the ap that will also help you with the metric system, connecting in various ways via the ap, creating a profile and hookup stories. We also talk about my frustrations with online dating, why it's important to take a break and what makes a good dick pic. Subscribe to InTalksicated Podcast on Apple Podcasts! Make sure to subscribe to...


Ep 43: Stories from a sex shop

"I was a really great dildo salesman". Ed spent a chunk of his life working at a sex shop. He was really good at his job, so good he was employee of the month after a month and a half of working there! Ed joins InTalksicated to drink some CrApple (Crown Royal Apple) and shoot the shit about his days busting shoplifters at the sex store, amosexuals, toxic masculinity, performing in a comedy group called The Dickholes, what has influenced him, and the importance of sex positive...


Ep. 42: The Reputation Rundown

We knew it from the first Old Fashion we were cursed! In a very different episode of InTalksicated, Shannon (plus audience guest Nikki!) returns to the podcast to help me with a bourbon induced track-by-track break down of Taylor Swift's new album Reputation! We drink some Old Fashions and do a deep dive intro the lyrics, discuss our overall thoughts on the album and how each song made us feel. Why is "I Did Something Bad" Taylor's Walter White moment? Why is "Delicate" the most perfect...


Ep. 41: Hear no evil, smoke no Evil Bong

Sarah, Corey, Evan and Jen are back together to reluctantly recap and review the terrible stoner attempt at comedy: Evil Bong. We have a lot of questions and there are no answers. Make sure to subscribe to InTalksicated Reviews on Apple Podcasts or your favourite podcasting ap! Like us on Facebook and follow us on Instagram & Twitter! You can email us at Check out our website


Ep. 40: 2018 Predictions

Happy New Year! For the first episode of 2018 I wanted to take a look at the year ahead with some insight from two different readings. My friend Hannah tells me all about I Ching and does two readings - one about the future of the podcast and one about my love life. Can you guess which one had more negative results? We also have a very frank discussion about dating! As well, I visited Broom Closet Tarot (Located in the Neighbourhood Witch General Store), for a tarot reading from Kelly!...


Just A Shot (Bonus Episode): Corey's Christmas Rebuttal

Corey had some stuff to say in response to the Christmas episode! In a very quick bonus episode we get to hear Corey's thoughts on Christmas and he drops a pretty awesome analogy. Does he hate it or love it? It's likely obvious. Halloween rises again! Sorry Evan and Heather, but not Kurt. Make sure to subscribe to InTalksicated Reviews on Apple Podcasts or your favourite podcasting ap! Like us on Facebook and follow us on Instagram & Twitter! You can email us at...


Ep. 39: 2017 Year in Review ft. Corey from InTalksicated Reviews

2017 has come to an end and despite all the bad, it brought a lot of good as well. A big part of the good was the podcast itself! Corey (good friend, co-producer, co-creator and human "um" button) joins me to talk about the journey that was creating InTalksicated this year, our favourite moments and whats to come in 2018. We also talk about the top tv shows/movies of the year and the #metoo movement. Get ready for an epic episode and don't forget to check out Corey's channel -...


Ep. 38: Fizz the Season (ChristmasSpecial)

Happy Holidays from InTalksicated! Kurt, Evan and Heather join me to drink Bulwark Winter Cider and talk about Christmas traditions, what we like/hate about Christmas, adult Christmas lists and many tangents in between! What's the best gift opening structure? What's our favourite part of turkey dinner (spoiler alert: Kurt's is weird!)? What's the secret to holiday shopping in hot malls? What's the best quality street chocolate? Find out in this special Christmas episode!


Ep. 37: Slursery Rhymes with Allison Tyra

Allison Tyra joins InTalksicated all the way from sunny Australia to talk about her self-published E-book "Mother Booze" - a compilation of 50 "slursery rhymes"! Despite not being a drinker herself, Allison took your beloved childhood nursery rhymes and added a boozey twist with a hint of feminism! We talk about how the book came about, the process of creating it and the themes behind the re-written rhymes! You can purchase Mother Booze on Amazon and Etsy! About the Author: Allison Tyra...


EP. 36 Pt. 2: Murder Mystery Ad Libs & 2 truths and a lie

Part 2 of our episode with Krista and Lilly of 36 times podcast! We test our knowledge of grammar while doing murder mystery ad libs and get to know each other with 2 Truths and A Lie. Was I ever Student Body president? Does Krista drive motorcycles? What is Lilly's fear? And most importantly: what celebs do we like enough to hug twice and risk sweating on? Make sure you subscribe to 36 times wherever you find podcasts (Apple podcasts link here) Follow 36 times on social media: Facebook...


Ep. 35: Let's talk about Asexuality & Body Dysphoria

Did you know there are different types of Asexuality? Brenda identifies as Placiosexual. Placiosexuality is "when one feels little to no desire to receive sexual acts but expresses interest/desire in performing them on someone else". She joins InTalksicated this week to talk shed light on the asexuality spectrum and how it has impacted her life. We also talk about her struggles with body dysphoria and her journey to becoming more confident! Make sure you are following us on social...


Ep. 34: 30(ish) truths about being 30

Turning 30 doesn't bring instant empowerment, but it does bring a lot of honesty! Two of my best friends - Andrea and Danielle are on this week to talk about turning 30 this year! Is it everything all the buzz feed articles tell us it will be? Not really. But also kind of. It just doesn't happen as fast as the articles say it will! We discuss friendships, hormones, caring less, "knowing what you want", accepting yourself, feeling the pressure, how we have changed and our goals for next...


Ep. 33 Birdemic: Shock and Terrible

We are finally back with another monthly movie recap and review! This week the movie group talks about Corey's pick - Birdemic: Shock and Terror. With a score of 19% on rotten tomatoes, this movie is described as a "low budget romantic thriller", this movie was so bad we struggled to stay on topic. Our tangents are our coping mechanism to deal with the train wreck that is this movie.


Ep. 32: Us Too - Part 2

This podcast contains discussions of personal experiences that may be disturbing and triggering for some listeners. Sarah, Carmen, Shannon and Amanda are back with Part 2 of our Us Too episode, discussing the #MeToo movement and our various experiences with sexual harassment, assault and abuse. We pick up where we left off in Part 1 and hear from Shannon and Amanda, as well as dive deeper into various aspects of sexual assault (including minimizing, psychological manipulation, toxic...


Ep. 31: BOOs and Brews

IT'S A HALLOWEEN EPISODE!! This week welcome Earl and Darcy from Paranormal Investigations Nova Scotia and Haunted Nova Scotia to InTalksicated to talk about everything paranormal over some pumpkin ale! We discuss paranormal investigating (is it really like the tv shows?), shadow people, orbs, attachments, the equipment they use and their various experiences with spirits! We even run a mini investigation at the end! Be sure to like Paranormal Investigations Nova Scotia and Haunted Nova...


Us Too: Part 1

I am honoured to have 3 amazing women on the podcast to discuss the #MeToo movement. Myself (Sarah), Amanda, Shannon and Carmen also talk about our various experiences with sexual harassment, assault and abuse - and how these experiences impacted our lives. In this brutally honest episode we speak openly about an issue women around the world face everyday. We talk to each other, learn from each other and most importantly - support each other. In part 1 we focus on the movement itself,...


Ep. 29: From karaoke to cohabitation

Longtime friends of mine Amy and Brent join InTalksicated for some pre-Thanksgiving beers and to talk about their relationship compatibility, living together and more importantly - whether or not they would eat each other in a do-or-die situation.


Ep. 28: Polyamory is trendy AF

Coal joins InTalksicated for one hell of a "friendship first date". After only meeting once before and bonding over our mutual love of podcasts, we say "fuck it", cut right to the chase and talk about all things sexuality - growing up, coming out, polyamory, pansexuality, bdsm and so much more! And this time - without the social lubricant of alcohol (well, for Coal at least)!


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