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Ep.79 - Robert Dixon

Robert Dixon is a retired Special Forces Warrant Officer for the Army Green Berets recently enrolled at Northwestern Pritzker School of Law school pursuing his JD. With a wealth of experience and the ideal background in cross-cultural competency you'll want to hear from this leader about his travels from Miami to Alaska, theaters of war and now as a summer associate of Paul Hastings law firm.


Ep.78 - Kawaii Suga

Kawaii Suga is an artist from the Southside of Chicago. She has a unique style, and as you'll hear a unique perspective. Take a listen as Kawaii delves into how she found her style as a very introverted social butterfly (irony intended).


Ep.77 - Backspace Pt.2

We took an opportunity to check back in with the crew at Backspace, made up of Justin and Matt. Take a listen. We talk of the new endeavor: ...and let's not forget about their original: Get the app for your iPhone here:


Ep.76 - QFest '16 Recap

This was recorded in August of last year as a recap of Quetzal fest 2016. Expo Collective, made up of Kiki, Roho and Naco, in conjunction with The MIracle Center were in their 2nd year of a live visual art festival. It’s a little different of a show as Christina and Gabe provide insights into the QFest and you’ll hear them speak with a sampling of individuals who made the show possible. This year’s Quetzal Fest will be on August 5th @ the SGA Youth and Family Services: 3153 W 47th in...


EP.75 - Angelique Chaser Thomas

Prior to founding Made, “Manufacturing and Design Electronics”, an engineering services firm Angelique practiced law as a trial lawyer and jury consultant. She also provided freelance consulting in the areas of compliance, re-structuring, and incorporation. She is a member of the Business Law Section of the State Bar of Michigan. The daughter of an immigrant mother and a veteran father, Angelique views American citizenship as a privilege that can be leveraged by innovative individuals to...


EP. 74 - Angel Torres

Chief Warrant Officer Angel L. Torres is a native of Chicago, Il. He enlisted in the US Navy on December 20, 1990 and after completing his basic training reported to USS INGERSOLL DD 990 in Pearl Harbor Hawaii. He is currently the Executive Officer of Joint Military Postal Activity Chicago where he overseas the processing of all military mail to 85 countries supporting entire department of defense employees, service members and dependents.


EP.73 Ric Gruber

Ric Gruber Jr. is a co-founder at Brandless Group where he serves as the company's president & creative director. He focuses on the overall management of the company and project direction, as well developing strategic relationships and investing in new businesses. He is also a founding team member and executive producer of FUND Conference, where he develops strategic relationships. Venture FWD Summit for Women and Minority ENtrepreneurs, September 23rd:


EP.72 Jarrad Marcell

Jarrad Marcell is on a mission, and that's to spread the love of science around, along with helping to understand how gut bacteria influences athletic performance. He's the research coordinator at Argonne Laboratory. Listen in as we delve, for the first time, into a scientifically focused discussion. You can find Jarrad's links below:


EP.71 Yvette Mayorga Pt.2

Yvette Mayorga is a Mexican-American artist from IL who's work centers around the idea of the US being "Candyland." She was also Expo Collective's artist of the month this year, and is in the middle of a residency in Chicago. What beauty and ugliness can exist with commoditized products? Listen in and find out. Her Links:


EP.66 - Dominzuelan

The comedic duo of Wendy Mateo and Lorena Diaz make up Dominzuelan, an ode to their Dominican (Wendy) and Venezuelan (Lorena) background. Their stories started in separate parts of the world, but converged in FL than made its way to the improv scene of Chicago. Recently, they've teamed up with Fred Armisen's crew for their own web series. It's time to laugh and understand real woman shit. Their show, Dominzuelan, can be found on the Mas Mejor Youtube Channel:...

EP.64 - Dustin Morby

Dustin Morby is an 11 year vet in the world of comedy. He also has taken his life by the horns and decided to minimize his life, literally. He now resides in a van. Check him out here:

EP.60 - Shaily Baranwal

Shaily Baranwal is the Founder and CEO of Elevate K12 Learning and Classblox an online learning class where children can take a series of lessons with online, live, experienced instructors. Her company was born of a desire to change the educational paradigm of the world, but started in India by way of Michigan. Listen in as we delve into Shaily's background as an engineer and how that led to her path down the realm of teaching. Elevate Learning: Classblox:...

EP.59 - Robbie Abed

Robbie Abed is the author of the book, Fire Me I Beg You, a blueprint for taking hold of your career. As an outspoken proponent of career trajectory and control he's well grounded in the chess game of "playing the game without playing the game". Listen in now. Robbie's Links:

EP.58 - Brian Alexander

Brian Alexander is the owner of CrossFit Illumine, The Fitness Muse and soon to be Hunter's Restaurant and Bar. He's a proven entrepreneur that has found value in his failures and has built upon his success. If there's anyone who embodies the idea of ambition vs greed it's him. Where you can find him: Instagram @thefitnessmuse

EP.51 - Art Boulet Pt.2

The Muddy Monk Trail run series is not only a run through the woods, which is Dope, but it's a community building platform. The only common denominator between that and religion is Art. He's taken his personal experience with a life changing event and been able to inject his training into his outlook as a brand new father. Listen in, and decide if reading the bible can make you less religious.

EP.50 - Joshua Donn A.K.A. DJ Poopy Pants

Josh Donn is The Bro-with-a-Plan. If you know him, than you know his braggadocio self, and if you're around him much, than it's contagious. If you were formerly DJ Poopy Pants and could say it with a straight face then without knowing it you're in the middle of a lesson in confidence. Join us as Josh regales us in stories of growing up in the mean streets of Buffalo Grove, his infatuation with Linkin Park, Limp Bizkit and performing for Three 6 Mafia.

EP. 49 - Bobby Calatayud A.K.A. - DJ Bobby C

DJ Bobby C comes to us with a lifetime of experience spinning records. As part of the of Chicago House music scene he gives us insights that we can't gather ourselves on the outside looking in. Join us on in this episode as we embark on Bobby's beginnings, where he stands with today's new crop and what he doesn't like and loves about being on stage. Facebook Site: Soundcloud Link: Live Shows:...

EP. 48 - Christina Ricardo Erick

The Expo Collective is represented by Kiki, Roho and Naco. This 3 year old artist accelerator has become a job to build and strengthen community amongst all walks of life. They're doing this through a network of artists creating communal art exhibits. Join us as we delve into black roses, being a cholo in MI, and the groups dope quotient. Site: FB: Twitter: Instagram:...

EP. 47 - Eric Brad Gabe Rob

What do you get when you put 4 podcasters in a room? You get a how-to, philosophy driven smorgasbord of shit talking and waxing poetic for the sake of being able to. Join Eric, Brad, Rob and Gabe in this episodic journey where you get insight into each of our respective personalities.

EP.46 - Jonathan Iceberg Pt.2

Iceberg appeared in episode 14 of this podcast, and we can see and hear his team's progression into the PVO movement that he so clearly embodies both in actions and words. Iceberg has one of the more well rounded perspectives of anyone you'll ever meet. How many people can talk about first person narratives of a literal war zone such as the southside of Chicago, but pare that with the strategy of a grassroots movement aimed at elevating peoples' lives?! Listen in as Steve, Gabe and Iceberg...


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