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Podcast with 99.9 WFRE. Hosted by one of the DJs.

Podcast with 99.9 WFRE. Hosted by one of the DJs.
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Frederick, MD


Podcast with 99.9 WFRE. Hosted by one of the DJs.






Interesting People #49: Denise Rollins of The Whole Heart Center

This episode features Denise Rollins, Ph.D. the Executive Director & Master L.I.F.E. Coach of The Whole Heart Grief & Life Resource Center. We talk about how grief has affected our lives, how she created the Whole Heart Center, and how her mission has expanded. Facebook: Email: Call: (866) 393-5847 iTunes - Google Play - Every Interview -...


Interesting People #48: Ashley from Indellibelle

This interview covers the wild story of Ashley from Indellibelle, a semi-permanent make-up shop in Downtown Frederick. We talk about her roots in Utah, the time she spent as a photographer, and why she decided to open Indellibelle. Glittery golden door backstory included! That isn't everything! Ashley is also an award-winning bodybuilder. We dive into what it is like to start a business and completely change your body at the same time. You can also hear Ashley on the "I Woke Up Like This"...


Interesting People #47: Kristin Zimmerman & Jillian Joseph

Tomorrow (2/27/18) is National Pancake Day, and you can spend it at your local IHOP with the volunteers and staff of The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society! I pre-celebrated by speaking with LLS's Light the Night Campaign Managers Kristin Zimmerman & Jillian Joseph. We talk about our favorite pancakes, Jillian's experience with lymphoma, and everything The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society is doing to end blood cancer. Event Page: Facebook:...


Interesting People #46: Susanne Seymoure

Susanne Seymoure is the author of My Secrets from Heaven: A Child's Trip To Heaven and Back. Our conversation is about her 45 minutes long near-death experience and how that became her inspiration to bring more joy to the world. We also talk about what it is like to write a book and how it can change your life. You can get a copy of the book on Amazon - iTunes - Google Play -...


Interesting People #45: Surrogate Grandpa Nick

Do you need to hear a happy story? I recently had a chance to chat with Nick Int Veldt, a grandchildless piano teacher that over the years has become a surrogate grandfather for six kids! Nick's story is a beautiful reminder we all surrounded by people that could use a little more love in their lives. iTunes - Google Play - Every Interview -


Interesting People #44: Marvin Ausherman

I would love to be able to see Frederick the way that Marvin Ausherman sees the possibilities of this city. He is the founder of the Ausherman Family Foundation and Ausherman Properties. This interview covers the goals of the Family Foundation, Marvin's background in building, and why he helping to grow the art scene in Frederick. We also touch on the New Spire Arts & Spaces projects. Website: Facebook:...


Collin Moulton Interview

Collin is part of the Boys & Girls Club of Frederick County: 1st Annual Comedy Night this weekend at the Wienberg Center! This interview was a ton of fun, all over the place, and included a baby. Enjoy! Buy Tickets - Check out his act - This show will benefit the Boys & Girls Club of Frederick County! Listen on iTunes: Listen on Google Play:...


Anita Renfroe Interview

Anita is part of the Boys & Girls Club of Frederick County: 1st Annual Comedy Night this weekend at the Wienberg Center! Learn about her style of comedy, a quick story about milk, and her 4H background. Watch William Tell Momisms - Buy Tickets - This show will benefit the Boys & Girls Club of Frederick County! Listen on iTunes: Listen on Google Play:...


Interesting People #43: Billy Griffith "Millennials & Trade Work"

I had a chance to sit down with Billy Griffith from Tri-County Pumps to have a conversation about the state of millennials and trade work. We talk about the lack of respect for trade work, the lack of debt in training for trade work, and how Billy would try to turn this around. We also talk about the fact that retirement is outpacing the training of new trade workers. Don't worry. It isn't all doom and gloom! This is a different style of podcast episode and I hope you enjoy it! Facebook:...


Interesting People #42: Frederick Police & Frederick Freeze

What do the Frederick Police, raising money for the Special Olympics, and First Saturday all have in common? This interview with Sergeant Rebecca Carrado of Outreach Team at Frederick Police Department is all about this weekend's Frederick Freeze event. It all goes down during Fire & Ice on Saturday, February 3rd from 11 am to 2 pm. I will be there too! We also cover a few of the other activities that the Outreach Team has planned for this year. Sign Up:...


Interesting People #41: Miss Maryland's Outstanding Teen 2017

I met Miss Maryland's Outstanding Teen 2017, Chloe Wildman during our sister station's Christmas Cash 4 Kids Radiothon. She brought incredible energy to the radio station, and she let me wear her crown. We chatted about how she got into the pageant scene, her mental health platform, and her love of puns. This interview is a bit of an emotional roller coaster. We get about a 50/50 mix of deep conversation and uncontrollable microphone spiking laugher! I hope you enjoy Chloe's...


Interesting People #40: United Way of Frederick County VITA Program

This episode is a joint interview featuring Malcolm Furgol the Director of Community Impact & Rebecca Full the VITA program manager from the United Way of Frederick County. We take a deep dive into the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) and also get more follow up information about how the United Way is making use of the Alice Report. The goal of this program is to help people/families making less than $54,000 file their taxes. You can call 2-1-1 to book a session. You can find out...


Free Country Lounge #2: Jessie Chris

Jessie Chris stopped by the Free Country Lounge to play us "One More" and talk about the early release of her new album! She just released her 2nd Album "In It For You" - Watch her perform in the Free Country Lounge - Facebook: Website:


Interesting People #39: Jay Day

If you listen to 99.9 WFRE or have been to one of our events, there is an excellent chance that you have heard of Jay Day. I have been working with Jay Day and The Day Home Team, LLC of Real Estate Teams, LLC for a few years now, but never stopped to just chat with Jay about his life. This interview covers Jay's background in Baltimore, his early career helping with the development of autistic children, and the thought process behind his style of real estate! We also trade house hunting...


Interesting People #38: William F. Raub, Ph.D.

This interview started with an email from my father, "I know a guy you should talk to." William F. Raub, Ph.D. is the former head of NIH (National Institutes of Health) along with the many other achievements and roles from his 42-year career in the Federal Government. The interview covers his early research, an overview of pharmaceutical regulations, and how he ended up working with my father. Fun fact: I learned new stories about my father while doing this interview. Being an old school...


Interesting People #37: Jessie Chris

The return of Jessie Chris! I mean...Billard Artist to Watch in 2018 Jessie Chris joins me for a conversation about her experiences with bullying became the fuel for her work. She is working on a children's book on the topic and is part of Disney’s #ChooseKindness Anti-Bullying Campaign. We also check in on her Christmas wishes from her first interview before In the Street 2017. Facebook: Website: She just released...


Interesting People #36: Scott Fowler "Wrestling to Pilates"

I love talking to people who have had to reinvent themselves. Scott Fowler is the General Manager of the South Frederick Club Pilates, but in a past life, he was a pro-wrestler know as The Solution. This interview is a deep dive into his wrestling career and how it lead him to the boutique exercise studio lifestyle. Did I mention that he managed to wrestle on WWE television? Scott's South Frederick Club Pilates is opening this weekend on the 20th & 21th! Website:...


Interesting People #35: Tom and Alyssa Palermo of Light Side Floats

It all started with a broken ankle. I love the story of how Tom and Alyssa Palermo started Light Side Floats and brought flotation therapy to Frederick. This interview covers Tom's history of chronic pain, the care behind the design of LSF, and their plans for expansion. This is the 2nd married couple interview on the podcast! Website: Facebook: My 1st float video:...


Interesting People #34: Janice Ingson & Goat Yoga Returns

"Yoga is for all of us. Yoga is for YOU." The first guest on the podcast is back! Janice Ingson was kind enough to talk to me about Goat Yoga over the phone. That conversation became the first episode of the podcast and an amazing invite to do Goat Yoga. This episode is about Janice and her love of yoga. We also do a preview the 2018 season of goat yoga. Facebook: Website: Yoga Studio she is doing teacher...


Interesting People #33: Miss Maryland Earth United States 2017

Fiona Nagy is Miss Maryland Earth United States 2017. This interview covers the Miss Earth United States platform, how Fiona found purpose in the pageant circuit, and her struggles with depression. The first half of the episode focuses her conservation platform. The second half is her fun retelling of going to the national Miss Earth United States event! Fiona has a fantastic energy! She is also from my hometown of Damascus! Conservation: One Act at a Time, Beautify the Bay -...


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