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Ep. #226: Chad C. Meek, Gary Parker

Why are people being abducted from around a giant rock in California's Mojave Desert? We'll investigate with Chad C. Meek, abductee, author of "Giant Rock: The Greatest UFO Story Never Told" and writer and director of "Giant Rock: The Movie". Are there hidden messages in ancient archaeology? Gary Parker shares the alien message he discovered written beside the Great Pyramid found on NASA's website and what it means. Gary tells us about the July 26th connection and what an alien visitation...

Duration: 02:37:00

Ep. #225: Chuck Bergman, Jacqueline Davieau

Third-generation psychic medium and retired police officer Chuck Bergman enlightens us on the unlimited possibilities of what we face after our release from the physical world. Bergman has had the ability to communicate with the spirit world since childhood. He assists law enforcement across the country with investigations and does individual readings. Chuck is author of “The Everything Guide to Evidence of the Afterlife”. In a strange turn of events, a listener via Twitter asked a question...

Duration: 02:34:21

Ep. #224: Kathleen Marden, Caroline Cory

We discuss the first documented alien abduction of Betty and Barney Hill in 1961 with Betty’s niece, Kathleen Marden, the leading expert on the case and the abduction phenomenon as a whole. Experiencer and researcher Denise Stoner shares her abduction recollections and what she has learned from interviewing abductees. Marden is co-author of “Captured! The Betty and Barney Hill UFO Experience“. Together, she and Denise have written “The Alien Abduction Files: The Most Startling Cases of Human...

Duration: 02:35:38

Ep. #223: True Paranormal, David Meade

We hear from real people with true stories of the paranormal. There is no limits on “True Paranormal” in the second and third hours. Plus, Jeremy talks about the end of the world prediction from David Meade and we replay part of a conversation with Meade talking Planet X and our demise in hour one. Eugene Braxton chatted about Planet X and the weird stuff that happens when we're alone, Dave Cruz of Beyond The Strange shared an experience in a haunted house, Rich Giordano of The Paranormal...

Duration: 02:37:13

Ep. #222: Peter Robbins, Sean Bartok

Jeremy talks about how Facebook, Google and others are listening to our every move and that's not so innocent. Also, insider information on a deadly crash of secret military aircraft in the Nevada desert. First half guest Sean Bartok shares intimate details of his family's alien abduction experiences including documented prints in the snow as told in "Flashbacks: An Artist's Memoir of Alien Abductions, Native Spirits, and Enlightenment". In the second half, UFO investigator and researcher...

Duration: 02:33:43

Ep. #221: Darren Evans, Christopher Garetano

Jeremy talks about the signs that this Monday’s total solar eclipse is one big scam and a misdirection act. Paranormal researcher Darren Evans introduces us to the evil force known as “Zozo” that he channeled with an Ouija board. We talk about some of the theories on what it is, and he tells us of the effects it has had on him and many others. He is co-author of “The Zozo Phenomenon“. Filmmaker and investigator Christopher Garetano talks about The Montauk Project involving secret government...

Duration: 02:37:43

Ep. #220: Dr. Irena Scott, Ken Pfeifer

Dr. Irena Scott talks about investigating UFO’s from a scientific approach, identifying aircraft, visiting Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, hoaxers, the story of a Deputy Sheriff who saw alien bodies at Roswell and more in hours two and three. Johnny from Oregon phoned in to inquire about a UFO crash in Brazil. Scott is the author of “UFOs Today: 70 Years of Lies, Misinformation and Government Cover-up” and has worked for several organizations most heavily involved in the study of UFO’s. In...

Duration: 02:29:46

Ep. #219: Mark O’Connell, Dr. Laurin Bellg

We learn about the life of Dr. J Allen Hynek and discuss near-death experiences from the perspective of a medical doctor. Also, the passing of Jim Marrs, a shock fireball video, NASA hiring a planetary protection officer and more. In the first half, Dr. Laurin Bellg talks about her work with patients who have had near-death experiences. Mark O’Connell, the official biographer of Dr. J Allen Hynek shares Hynek’s life story in the second half of the program. In Parabnormal News at the bottom...

Duration: 02:36:00

Ep. #218: Parabnormal Pandemonium 2

On a night where anything goes, we heard from listeners sharing their experiences about all sorts of phenomena. Jeremy ranted about fake news, the mummies and artificial intelligence. He also spent some time talking about superhumans battling robots and the eclipse. Jim Malliard from the Malliard Report shared his theory that we are helping to program AI and that the robots could be programmed to kill us. Loyal listener Deb in Florida called to ask Jeremy his thoughts on poltergeist and told...

Duration: 02:36:10

Ep. #217: Cynthia Sue Larson, Douglas Robinson

On this episode: Mandela Effect, reality shifts, quantum jumps, vampires, blood drinking and more. Something extraordinary is happening… and the closer you look, the more amazing it gets. Have you noticed things move around mysteriously? Keys don’t stay put, wallets transport to different places, and socks go missing from the laundry. We observe reality shifts when things appear, disappear, transform or transport and when we experience changes in time. In the second half of the program,...

Duration: 02:36:04

Ep. #216: Richard Estep & Vanessa Mitchell

A paranormal nightmare living with angry ghosts inside a haunted medieval prison and Haunted House Calls… Vanessa Mitchell and paranormal investigator Richard Estep tell us about “The Cage”, a haunted cottage in England where those accused of witchcraft were imprisoned in the 1500’s. We learn about the history of the location, hear of Vanessa being attacked while living there, what may be behind this force and listen to an EVP that appears to be that of an old woman. Then during ‘Haunted...

Duration: 02:35:48

Ep. #215: Paul Blake Smith, Carlo Armenise

The 1941 Cape Girardeau UFO crash, tales of the bizarre and unusual, and Jeremy outlines the June 24th Connection... April 12th, 1941 at sundown, three gray aliens are said to have crash-landed their circular spaceship in a field outside of Cape Girardeau, Missouri in what is believed to be America's first UFO crash. In the second half of the program, we recount the events with Paul Blake Smith who was born and raised in Cape Girardeau and documents the case in "MO41: The Bombshell Before...

Duration: 02:11:41

Ep. #214: Christopher O'Brien, Annette Munnich

We document stories of personal encounters with the paranormal including haunted objects and cattle mutilations. And here comes the summer of UFO’s. Christopher O’Brien has investigated more than 1,000 paranormal events, UFO reports, unexplained livestock deaths, haunted sites, Native American legends, cryptozoology, secret military activity and folklore. He is author of “Stalking the Herd: Unraveling the Cattle Mutilation Mystery“. Annette Munnich has documented a wide array of true...

Duration: 02:30:04

Ep. #213: Dr. Michael Salla, Alan Wright

We discuss secret space programs, extraterrestrial visitations, contact with the dead and Jeremy eats crow for reporting an item that appears to be fake news. Dr. Michael Salla shares evidence for the existence of secret space programs, technologies, Nordic ET's and more in the second half of the program. In the first half, we talk with empath, sensitive, healer and passive medium Alan Wright about his out-of-body experience, the time he went to hell, spirit attachment, living in a haunted...

Duration: 02:38:45

Ep. #212: Grant Cameron - Presidential UFO Disclosure

So you think the government is about to disclose what it knows about UFO’s? We discuss what’s really happening and who’s behind it. Also Jeremy is fed up with how the media continues to fall for fake UFO news, and is a message of nuclear war taking over prime-time television another sign of what’s to come? Grant Cameron reveals who's behind the disclosure game including the "14 Magicians” and Messiahs, and says we are closer than ever. He also talks about a president being abducted, the...

Duration: 02:36:25

Ep. #211: Rev. Michael J.S. Carter, Jaclyn Gutleber

We dive into extraterrestrial visitations contained in religious writings, contact stories, angelic communications, telepathy and more. Ordained Interfaith Minister, Rev. Michael J.S. Carter in the first two hours discusses his encounters with grays, reptilians and Nordics and how these events healed him. Also, what the Bible and Koran say about aliens and UFO's, Christianity, disclosure, end of the world, fake news and more. Rev. Carter has written four books including “Alien Scriptures:...

Duration: 02:36:40

Ep. #210: Sylvia Shults, Stephanie Sutera - Spook Night

On a spooky Saturday night, we talk about demons, ghosts and more until we can’t sleep. Also Nomophobia, photographing UFO's, and a threat of World War III. Ghost hunter Sylvia Shults discusses demons and the story of possession told in “Hunting Demons: A True Story of the Dark Side of the Supernatural“. We also revisit Rhoda Derry and the hauntings of the Peoria State Hospital. Stephanie Sutera, Associate Director of the Thames Society of Paranormal Investigations shares her method of...

Duration: 02:21:38

Ep. #209: L.A. Marzulli, Ken Pfeifer

On the three-hour debut, we discuss UFO accounts, discoveries on Mars, Nessie and voice manipulation. Investigator Ken Pfeifer details reports of 'alien craft' from Oregon, Washington and California, and a possible craft on Mars. He also discusses the story of former NASA Administrator Charles F. Bolden that led to his resignation. Author, lecturer and filmmaker L.A. Marzulli talks about how religion is dealing with UFO's, a connection to end times, the "cat and mouse" game of disclosure and...

Duration: 02:05:29

Ep. #208: Dr. Joseph Felser – Myth of the Great Ending

Why do we remain obsessed with doomsday myths even when they fail to materialize? What if we haven’t recognized the true message? Also, Jeremy outlines more of a disturbing trend and connects the dots that others are avoiding. We discuss the psychological, historical, religious and philosophical aspects of end times with Joseph Felser, Ph.D. He suggests that our obsession with doomsday events hides a repressed, healthy longing for reconciliation with our inner and outer worlds, nature and...

Duration: 01:45:37

Ep. #207: Gary Campbell & John Jeter

Could the Loch Ness Monster be real? And where have the sightings gone? Also, we’ll learn about the legend of the Gray Man. Jeremy educates us first on a very disturbing trend. What’s going on right under our nose? Is it preparations for something? And if that doesn’t scare you enough, just wait until the end! Nessie sightings date back to 565 A.D., but it wasn’t brought to worldwide attention until 1933. Gary Campbell and his wife have tracked every single one of those reports. They live in...

Duration: 01:45:28

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