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Into the Cage with Josh and Charlie

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A dark room. A bright light. One man enters. It's Nicolas Cage. He invites you to a Cage Match. Josh and Charlie will be there. Will you?

A dark room. A bright light. One man enters. It's Nicolas Cage. He invites you to a Cage Match. Josh and Charlie will be there. Will you?
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A dark room. A bright light. One man enters. It's Nicolas Cage. He invites you to a Cage Match. Josh and Charlie will be there. Will you?






#38 Captain Corelli's Mandolin

On today's episode of Into the Classical Music with Charlie and Wikipedia, special guest Josh DiCristo stops by to discuss Nicolas Cage's love letter to his own singing voice.

Duration: 00:48:35

#37 The Family Man

Nicolas Cage wakes up in an alternate reality where his best friend is played by Jeremy Piven. It's terrifying.

Duration: 00:48:19

#36 Gone in 60 Seconds

The guys watch Gone in 60 Seconds. I'll be honest, I'm phoning in the description this week. THEY'RE NOT ALL WINNERS, PEOPLE.

Duration: 00:42:42

#35 Bringing Out the Dead

In today's film, Nic plays a melting priest who drives a murder van across New York City in Martin Scorsese's sci-fi dystopian epic, set in the dark and gritty future of the early 90s. Kind of.

Duration: 00:40:12

#34 8MM

This week we take a deep dive into the dark and disturbing psyche of Joel Schumacher as we watch his superhero origin movie/psychological meditation on porno snuff films 8MM. One of these things is true and it's not going to be the one that you want.

Duration: 00:39:21

#33 Snake Eyes

This week we talk about a boxing thriller that contains one hell of a Nic Cage performance for about 20 minutes before it turns into a very different (but still good) movie. But I mean, come on. We want a screaming, coked-out Nicolas Cage for the whole movie or none at all. We also talk about how a lot of musicals have the letter "M" in it. We are not smart people.

Duration: 00:37:17

#30 Con Air

Due to a technical glitch, we re-recorded this episode two months after we originally watched the movie and thought it would be a good idea to not re-watch it. Basically we're as prepared for this episode as Nicolas Cage was for his southern accent. NAILED IT.

Duration: 00:34:29

#31 Face/Off

Face/Off is the greatest movie ever known to man and if any of you disagree, I will literally rip your face off and wear it as a trophy. And in the second half of this episode, we get into the Third Quarterly Cage Awards! Where we talk more about how Face/Off is the greatest movie of all time, but also Nicolas Cage's penis.

Duration: 01:17:52

#32 City of Angels

City of Angels was an odd cookie to be sure but also everyone's internet connection breaks on this episode and nobody knows how to handle it so that's fun. We're somehow adults.

Duration: 00:44:20

#28 Leaving Las Vegas

Nicolas Cage won an Oscar for this movie and Josh and Charlie talk about how New Jersey sucks and if ghosts are real. Also they mention the movie once or twice.

Duration: 00:37:24

#29 The Rock

This week, Charlie watches The Rock for the 38th time and Josh watches it for the first time. They take very different things from the experience.

Duration: 00:38:42

#27 Kiss of Death

Josh and Charlie discuss Kiss of Death, the fact that John Hancock was an asshole, and the secret occult that runs the National Weather Service. 666 ILLUMINATI IS REAL.

Duration: 00:41:36

#26 Trapped in Paradise

The talented Nicolas Cage and his talented comedian friends star in this painfully untalented movie. Can movies really be described as untalented? Probably not but who knows! Listen to the episode and see for yourself!

Duration: 00:53:55

#25 It Could Happen to You

It Could Happen to You might not be one of Nic’s best movies. Could be one of Isaac Hayes’ best movies. Hey, remember when Isaac Hayes was on South Park but then he quit because they made fun of Scientology? Good times!

Duration: 00:36:11

#24 Guarding Tess

Blah blah blah Guarding Tess was bad, these guys were funny, blah blah blah listen to this episode. Or don't. Go outside or something. Join a dating app. I don't know your life

Duration: 00:42:56

#23 Deadfall

I know it's bad form to curse in the description of these episodes but oh my god this movie is so fucking weird.

Duration: 00:38:52

#22 Red Rock West

We see Nicolas Cage's penis in this movie.

Duration: 00:52:52

#21 Amos & Andrew

It's time for the Second Quarterly Cage Awards! For the first half of this week's episode, the guys talk about Amos & Andrew and a litany of other topics and for the rest of the episode, they reflect on the past 10 episodes but mostly on how bad The Boy in Blue still is.

Duration: 00:52:05

#20 Honeymoon in Vegas

Before he left Las Vegas... he... had a honeymoon? Sorry, that was stupid. Much like this movie. Much like this episode. Much like this entire podcast.

Duration: 00:38:56

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